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How To Find Your TD Bank Routing Number

TD Bank is one of the oldest and most reliable banks operating in North America. This US-based national bank established in Portland, Maine, in January 1852 is a subsidiary of Canada’s Toronto-Dominion Bank. Today, it ranks seventh in the list of the largest US banks based on deposits. It is also the eighth biggest bank in the country based on total assets.

Since there are other large banks in the US today, some people find it hard to find out what their TD Bank routing number is. Knowing your TD routing number is necessary for a myriad of financial transactions.

So if you need to know what your routing number is, read through the article to determine which among the series of numbers in your bank statement reveals your TD Bank routing number.

What Is A Routing Number?

Before you find out your TD routing number, you need to understand what this series of numbers stand for.

A routing number is a set of a nine-digit code representing the bank where you opened an account. It is often required each time you make different transactions like bank transfers or remote deposits.


Unlike a bank account number unique to your account, the routing number represents the entire branch and financial institution. It means that the number is location-based. It is also not something that you must keep private for security since all bank accounts from one branch have the same routing number.

Put your dollars at the bank conveniently without any hassles using your TD Bank routing numbers.

How To Look For Your TD Bank Routing Number?

There are three easy ways to find your TD routing number if you need to make transactions outside the TD banking hours.

#1: Finding Routing Number By State

The routing numbers for your TD Bank account are based on the branch it is located. If you know which state you opened your bank account in, it would be easy for you to find your routing number.

#2: Finding Routing Number On Your Checkbook

If your bank account comes with a checkbook, it would be simple to find your routing number.


All the checks issued by your bank contain the necessary information to let you fro a bank transfer. Look at the bottom of your check. You will find two numeric codes. The series of numbers with nine digits show the routing number of your bank.

#3: Contact Your Bank

If you cannot find your routing number based on the two previous options, you still have another chance to learn your routing number by reaching out to the bank.

You can inquire about the TD routing number through their customer service hotline. You may also send an inquiry through the website of TD Bank or send them an email. A representative will answer your question.

Learning what your TD Bank routing number is will help you make bank transactions anytime, anywhere. So learn how to find your routing number today to avoid the usual hassle of going to the bank physically for simple transactions like bank transfers or direct bank deposits.


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