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How To Become The Best Batman In ‘Arkham Knight’

Avid video game veterans know how challenging the “Batman: Arkham Knight” game is. The fourth installment of Rocksteady Studio’s action-adventure introduced a new batch of abilities to add to the already long list of revolving mechanics. It makes it easier to become confused with the total number of options that you can have when you start playing the role of Batman in the game.

Batman flying over destruction

To help you deal with the difficulties, here are several spoiler-free tops that can allow you to properly launch the game. Or, if you are already in the middle of the game, you can use this guide to put you back on the right track.

Tip #1: Avoid Button-Mashing

The combat expertise used by Batman will encourage you to punish your enemies as fast as possible. But it will not help you win the game since all “Arkham” games prefer to give points on accurate moves and property timed instead of your ability to press the button rapidly.

You need to have proper timing for your attacks using the individual button taps at the end of every successful strike or counteraction. This move will help you survive the combat with more health and have a larger experience boost. It would also help if you use the “Critical Strikes” combat upgrade to increase your multiplier boost that you will get from the properly-timed hits.

Tip #2: Attack The Most Dangerous Enemies First

The “Batman: Arkham Knight” adds some new dangerous enemy types aside from the usual foes that emerge in every battle. At the beginning of any combat stage, you must attack any medics in the fastest possible way to stop them from healing their teammates.


It is also crucial to get rid of all the armed enemies to have no chance to attack you. After eliminating these enemies, you can begin to take down anyone you want. You only need to remember that the larger enemies usually take a long time before you can finally beat them, which means there is a huge chance that you will get attacked by their friends. So eliminate those allies before they can attack you.

Tip #3: Take Advantage Of The Remote Hacking Device

One of the most useful additions to the arsenal that you can use for Batman is the Remote Hacking Device. You can utilize this “Batman: Arkham Knight” exclusive feature to blind your enemy drones and turrets. It will allow you to have the drop on any foes that they could be protecting.

However, you must also keep in mind that you need to be patient to use one of the Remote Hacking Device’s most powerful applications. You must start by segregating a drone operator then surprise him with an attack from behind. Instead of doing a silent takedown, you must take advantage of the Remote Hacking Device to generate the drone’s data. This move can allow you to confront the enemy safely.

These are some of the moves that you can use to help you succeed in your mission as the Caped Crusader in “Batman: Arkham Knight.” Use these tricks properly so you can finish the game in the shortest possible time.


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