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How to Apologize Sincerely After Making a Mistake

Everyone tries to live life with good intentions, but no matter how hard we try, it is a fact that humans are imperfect and can thus make mistakes. Failures and mistakes are an inevitable part of life, and in some cases, these will not only affect us but also the people around us. Thus, learning how to apologize sincerely is a life lesson that we must learn to take accountability for our wrongdoings.

Making sincere and authentic apologies may seem easy at first glance, but the task is much more challenging than it sounds. To do it would require the vulnerability to admit your mistake, but ignoring the aftermath can lead to more painful consequences. How, then, can you apologize sincerely and effectively? There is no fixed method to doing it because ultimately, it is your intention that counts the most. However, if you are unsure of how to approach a situation after doing something wrong, here are a few things to consider when apologizing.

Understand Your Reason

Before the apology, you must understand why you are apologizing or what you are apologizing for in the first place. You can start by writing down the facts without any biases, and list down all the important points that occurred in the situation. Once you finish this, you can then think about how you contributed to the mistake.

In doing this step, your goal is to figure out what you are sorry for, so knowing how you feel can help you convey your message more objectively. Doing what is called the Voice Body Connection process, where you identify what physical sensations you feel, your emotions, and your ideal outcome from the situation, can help you find your voice when making the apology.

Owning up to our mistakes is not always easy, but learning to apologize helps us repair our relationships and allows us to move on.

Acknowledge Your Mistake

The most important part of an apology is acknowledging your mistake and the hurt that you caused. It is essential that you can communicate the fact that you are taking responsibility for what you have done, but also feel regret about it. Expressing regret shows the other person that you also feel bad about your actions and did not intend to cause them the distress.


Say Thank You

People may respond differently to apologies, and at times, the outcome may not always be desirable or what you were hoping for. However, this is something beyond your control, and your goal is not to prove that you are right but to ask for forgiveness and listen to them. Thus, no matter how they react to your apology, do not forget to thank them for being truthful and for being part of your life.

Ask for God’s Forgiveness

In making apologies, we tend to forget about God and focus more on the people directly affected by our mistake. However, we must also remember to seek God’s forgiveness by admitting our wrongdoings and saying that we are sorry. A prayer can be a powerful way to ask for forgiveness.


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