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How Much Is A Cord Of Wood And How To Buy One

If you plan to buy a new home with a fireplace, you must start thinking about how much is a cord of wood to maximize the use of that part of the house. Using the fireplace can be a charming and comforting way to produce heat and set-up a romantic ambiance at home. It may also help you reduce your overall heating consumption.

Buying firewood needs several considerations. You also need to know what is a cord of wood and how to measure it. Learning what a cord of wood is would help you determine how much firewood you need to purchase to keep the fire burning inside your property.

What Is A Cord Of Wood?

A cord refers to a unit of measurement used for firewood. To measure it, the firewood must be piled up in the tightest way possible, with the wood stacked parallel to each other. Once the wood is neatly arranged, you may begin to measure it with a measuring tool.

In the US, a cord of wood is usually four feet wide, four feet high, and eight feet long, or a volume of about 128 cubic feet. But there are various regulations about cord size by state and country.

What Is The Average Cost Of A Cord Of Wood?


The cost of a cord differs across the US. You may generally expect to pay for a full cord of seasoned and split wood for about $120 to $180.

However, the prices of wood may increase during the peak season, particularly during the winter. Some states in the US may sell a cord of wood for as high as $220 to $400.

Prices also increase depending on several factors. You must expect to pay more if you want the wood chopped in shorter lengths or cut in uniform sizes due to the labor involved. Clean and dry firewood also costs more. But these conveniences can assure you of having a strong, steady fire at home.

A cord of wood can be valuable to American households with fireplaces, especially during the cold winter months.

What Are The Types Of Wood Used For Fireplaces?

There are various types of wood available in the US. Some of these make better fire compared to the others.

The best types of hardwoods for burning at home include maple, ash, oak, walnut, and black birch. These wood varieties burn slowly. They also emit less smoke and cause fewer sparks.

How To Get The Most Value For A Cord Of Wood?


When buying a cord of wood, you need to know more information about the wood as possible. You may ask the supplier to show you the quality of the wood before you make an order.

Always look for seasoned wood when buying cords of firewood for your home. It means that it was left to dry for a long time. Seasoning the wood removes the moisture trapped in the trees’ cells, and the sap has already evaporated. If the firewood still looks green, it means that it is still moist. You must avoid it because it cannot start a fire.


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