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How Much Do Dentures Cost

Dentures to some, but to the majority, they’re simply called false teeth. These are prosthetic teeth to replace the original ones and can easily be removed when needed. Nowadays, ordinary dentures use regular plastic prosthetic teeth, which are cheaper than the porcelain cosmetic types.

Setting an estimate on how much roughly dentures cost will depend on various factors like the clinic’s location, dentist’s fees, and the kind of denture needed, and the type of material you prefer.

Advantages Of Using Dentures

Most people who use dentures aim to enhance their appearance and improve chewing activities, and mount function. Since these enhancers are removable, several individuals find it easier to maintain.

False teeth can fill the gaps in between teeth so you can be more comfortable to smile. Furthermore, they prevent the teeth from moving side to side, which is the typical cause of the spaces. Hence, individuals look better when they can project a natural smile and not be conscious of how their teeth look. Chewing activity is a lot better with dentures. And for people who used to have difficulties in speech due to missing teeth, putting dentures on those spaces will improve such a condition.

Teeth replacements

The Cost

In some countries, the health insurance policy covers the cost of dentures. But several individuals opt to use pricier cosmetic dentures. These types are expected to be a lot higher-priced than the ordinary ones. Hence, patients make use of dental financing alternatives to cover for the price.


Cold Cured

A complete set of ordinary dentures, up and down, will cost you about $800-$1,000. These false teeth are cold cured, which means they are made of low-quality materials, appearing to be artificial. Most people prefer to look as natural as possible, so they’re willing to pay extra bucks for higher-quality dentures.


The heat-cured dentures will cost you up to $3,000 for both up and down teeth replacements. These still belong to the mid-range, but they already appear to be more natural and durable than the low-priced kinds. Despite the extra zero on its price, the quality is worth it.

Generally, users put them on before the product is finished to ensure that every tooth lines up to its original place. For other dentists, the follow-up services are all added up to its overall price.



The most expensive dentures are the premium that can reach up to $8,000 or more for a set. These are usually customized according to the user’s preferences. The procedure to make such premium dentures involve good-quality and high-tech material. These will help mimic the appearance of natural teeth and gums of the patient. The durability of these materials is excellent, allowing the dentures to last about ten years. Also included in the price for the complete set are the follow-up appointments and services.

When you’re a meticulous user, your regular dentures will last for about eight years. But they have to be regraded or realigned regularly due to the daily wear and tear of the item. If by any chance, there are changes in the shape of the mouth, this will require shaping too.


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