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How Dependable Accountability Helps You Reach Your Goals

Like most people, having several solid goals is necessary to keep you inspired and motivated to keep pushing in life. But it is inevitable to find yourself regress and get off track after a while.

Besides having a specific set of goals, you also need to have solid accountability to remain focused and dedicated to reaching your goal.

There are four ways to help you boost your accountability to inch your way towards your primary goal in life.

But before you boost your accountability, you need to learn two things to help you achieve your objectives. First, must know what your SMART goals are. It should be specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound. Then, you need to identify your “How.” You should have an idea about what you need to do to achieve those goals.

After learning these things, here are four ways to help you develop accountability to attain your goals without any distractions.

1. Set Challenges And Have Consequences – It is important to set a goal and push yourself to achieve it by setting a time limit for motivation. You must have a timeframe to monitor the progress of your goal. If you fail to achieve any breakthrough based on the time limit you set, you must pay the consequences you set on yourself. Your timeframe must be realistic, but you must make it a bit tough to encourage you to work for it.


2. Reward Yourself – Nothing motivates people more than getting a little treat at the end of hard work. If you achieved little milestones on your way to reaching your goal, you must give yourself something as your sign of appreciation for working hard. Those little rewards can help you avoid getting bored and uninspired as you work your way to get what you want. It will also help you commit to your goals.

3. Have The Right Accountability Pal – When times get rough, and you feel extra unmotivated, you must find a buddy that will push you back to the right track. Your accountability buddy should be as committed as you are to reach the goal. You must be on the same level of dedication. You should also set a non-negotiable check-in day when you discuss your progress weekly when you discuss what you have achieved so far, and make sure that you will be as honest as possible when talking about your milestones. You may either delegate a friend or family to be your accountability pal or hire a life coach for this purpose.

4. Set A Harsh Deadline – For an added pressure and motivation, you must set a tough deadline for yourself and ensure that you will stick to it by hook or by crook. By setting a deadline, you have no other choice but to do everything so you will meet your target time. If you put more stress on yourself, you can develop the much-needed accountability to help you reach your goal.

By following these steps, you can assure that you will stay on track and reach your goals based on the timeline you set for yourself.


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