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Express Yourself With Confidence

You may know people who speak their minds like it is nothing for them. They do not fear getting judged by others because they know that what they say is true. But others have a hard time expressing themselves because of what they went through. One possible reason could be because of the popularity and norms before social media existed. Nowadays, millennials would call people born in the ’80s and before as “boomers” because they are resistant to change and think that expressing yourself is considered disrespectful and rude.

It must have been tough to talk back to some of them even if they knew you were right. However, the modern age has given everyone social media that allows one to express anything. This had slowly built up the confidence for others, which they could not do when living on someone else’s roof. If you want to express yourself without feeling any guilt or being judged freely, you simply need to keep in mind three things.

Expressing yourself might be difficult to do. But as long as you put your mind to it, it will become easy over time.

Be Honest and Relatable

When you are honest and relatable, you can form strong and healthy relationships with ease because you have nothing to hide from the other person. If you focus on being relatable with the other person, the trust between you and them will gradually increase, and it is something you can do to anyone important in your life.

It is also a great way to resolve conflicts with one another since both can understand what each feels. You may see someone become depressed because they could not do the things they want. You can initiate a conversation and tell them that you feel the same way, instead of telling them that they have no other choice but to live in the moment.

Expose Your Vulnerable Side

You have probably seen the phrase “be vulnerable” on some social media platforms, which is true. Nowadays, no one likes to have a relationship with a person that acts like someone that they are not. Being fake is one way to lose meaningful friends and loved ones as quickly as possible.


If you want to create a strong bond with another person, you have to open up your feelings to them and show who you are. Whether you share the best or worst moments in your life, it will give you an idea whether you go along together or not. However, it may take some practice as it is not easy being vulnerable.

Confidence is Key

What you need to know about confidence is that nobody is born with it. You might feel as if you do not have the confidence now, but it will come to you later. Confidence is what will keep you from losing yourself and eliminate the fear of getting judged. When you have confidence, consider yourself as a fearless person.

Take the time to assess yourself so that you can build up the courage to express yourself confidently.


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