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Discovering How To Live With Passion and Purpose

There are several tips that teach how to live a fulfilled life. A general advice is to live with passion. However, for someone who is still figuring life out, they tend to be curious about the difference between passion and purpose. These two are correlated and essential ingredients to having a good quality of life.

But the questions remain, what is the gap between purpose and passion. How are these two related, and why are they essential to make a person feel fulfilled in life. Every person exists with a particular purpose. This is totally different from passion. However, these two elements of life work in synergy. Perhaps a brief discussion on the disparity and a couple of tips may clear out your confusion.

The difference

When talking about purpose, it means the basis of a person’s existence on earth. This covers several elements like the reason for waking up in the morning. It also combines all the strengths, values, skills, and talents of every person into a single ball that pushes them to coexist with the people around them.

Passion, on the other hand, is the thing that ignites the person to fulfill their tasks or goals. Different characteristics define passion, which includes motivation, enthusiasm, inspiration, and creativity.

It is through the passion that drives the person’s purpose and acts as a guide throughout the process. When a person seems lost, passion becomes their purpose since their mind works like a ball of inspiration. It can drive them to wake up in the morning just by thinking of their passion alone.


Why do people have to know the difference

Every individual must know the difference so they can successfully reach the stage of fulfillment in life. As soon as you figure out your purpose in life, everything else will fall into place. Passion, by itself, can’t make that work.

Understanding why you do such a thing will grant you perpetual peace of mind and ultimate happiness. It alleviates the anxiousness when everyday pressure creeps up and paves the path when the unavoidable life struggle happens.

Discovering passion

When a person realizes the importance of the elements of life, they start to be passionate about it. Passion acts as a guide that will guide them in, using their instincts to help them understand the things around them. It blatantly informs them which element of life matters the most.

Moreover, passion triggers energy and motivation to keep them going. When people find their passion, they are enthusiastic about fulfilling their tasks relevant to what they love most. This drive is also the reason for the common confusion between purpose and passion.


Life’s purpose helps motivate and compel someone. The huge distinction is that when in terms of passion, it can be completely self-satisfying.

Finding the purpose for your existence can be challenging if you’re misguided by your beliefs. But with a couple of reading about hacking life, you can gradually realize the reason for your existence. From there, you can seamlessly discover passions, and everything else will work together to help you live a fulfilled life.


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