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Cashback Apps That Can Save You A Lot Of Money:

How to save money with Cashback app?

Frugality is the key to felicity and serenity in life. A world heavily enmeshed in the labyrinth of consumerism and capitalism, thriftiness seems to be a lost cause. But don’t forget to toggle to the other side of the coin!

There is an overwhelming amount of Cashback apps that can save you money. Let’s have a quick look at the list of best cashback apps we have gathered for you:

1. Fetch rewards:

If you are a regular shopper and spend the lion’s share of your spending on groceries, this app will help you save a decent amount of money. All you need to do is submit a snapshot of your receipt, and you will earn points for that. These points are redeemable in the form of gift cards.

User review: User-friendly app; however, receipt submission condition of 14 days was a turn off for most users. 

What it offers: Redeemable points. 

Download: Android, iOS


2. RetailMeNot:

Formerly a website, RetailMeNot, came to the fore as an app to provide its client location-based discount offers and coupon codes. The app offers both options of scanning the barcode and uploading a snapshot to avail the discounts.

User review: Users have been bragging about the app’s simplicity and authenticity on multiple online platforms.

What it offers: location-based discounts and coupon codes.

Download: Android, iOS

Cashback apps that can save you money

3. GetUpside:

Not only limited to the grocery stores, but this app also provides discount offers at restaurants and gas stations. You can upload a picture of your receipt or attach your credit card to the app to avail the coupons and discounts.

User review: A mixed response from the users has been observed as gas stations and restaurants’ options are limited. 


What it offers: Cashback at restaurants, grocery stores, and gas stations. 

Download: Android, iOS

4. Receipt Hog:

This app is pure fun! Why? Because other than offering cashback service, this app gamifies the entire process of coin collection by introducing sweepstakes and bonuses that let you earn coins. You can also amplify your coin collection game through Hog slots spins. Once the rewards are made, they can be redeemed for Amazon gift cards or simply transferable to your PayPal account.

User review: Users are so caught up in this app due to its reward system. 

What it offers: A unique, playful reward system. 

Download: Andriod, iOS


5. Dosh:

This app comes in handy for shopping and for users who love dining out a lot. By linking your cards (debit/credit both works), you keep depositing your points to Dosh wallet, which later can be cashed out through PayPal.

User review: This app will charge a maintenance fee to its inactive users.  

What it offers: You get rewards without scanning receipts.

Download: Android, iOS

Happy saving!


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