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Alone But Happy: How To Keep Your Life On Track

Many people equate being alone to being lonely. They feel sorry for themselves if they have to spend some time without another person. Now that most of the world has to be in isolation due to the COVID-19 pandemic, people who feel sad and desperate have increased significantly.

It is understandable. After all, humans are naturally social creatures.

While no one will blame you if you feel sad during your time of solitude, it does not mean that you will never find happiness during this stage in your life.

Here are several tips to get out of your dark place and start feeling happy, even if you have to live independently.

#1: Embrace Your Alone Time

Psychologists believe that your time alone is crucial for your “restorative solitude.” According to the experts, it will let you reclaim your lost energy, get in touch with your feelings, and reflect on your life’s purpose.


You may put your reflections into writing while you have no one but yourself. It will help you look back on your thoughts and emotions and analyze if you need to do some changes to improve. It will also help you remove some stress and trauma.

#2: Hold On To Your Faith

If you believe in the existence of a higher being, you must cling to your faith so you will never feel alone. Christians often find it easy to endure the negative feelings of loneliness because they believe that God is always with them. They feel comforted with the thought that God will never leave their side.

Because of your faith, you will never feel abandoned. You have a strong being to turn to each time you feel that you are in a slump because you have to live by yourself.

Being alone is not an excuse to be unhappy. Embrace your solitude to get your life back on track.

#3: Avoid Thinking That You Need To Be With Someone To Be Happy

Plenty of single people do not acknowledge the beauty of single blessedness. If you often feel sorry for yourself if you are not in a relationship, it will only force you to stay with someone even if your life with that person is already toxic.

You will have adequate time to do something you love without thinking about what the other person will feel by being single. It will also let you experience better personal growth. Some people are more determined to work harder when they are not with another person.


#4: Find Your Purpose

If you just got out of a relationship, you need to start looking for your new source of meaning, especially if you give your all to the person you once loved.

It is important to look for a new meaning to help build yourself up from the loss and pain. This step will also allow you to get over that person faster. You may try to learn new things, volunteer for a worthy cause, or join a fitness program.

Most importantly, you need to love yourself more to avoid feeling sad. It will let you appreciate yourself more.


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