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7 Awesome Fire Pits You Can Get For The House

Nowadays, more contemporary homeowners are looking for ingenious ways to widen their living space by turning their backyard into an extension of their receiving area. They turn the vacant space into an area of relaxation that replicates a luxury resort’s look and feel.

To update the look of the house, they would veer away from the traditional wooden deck and conventional backyard grill but search for a more creative and fun way to add more accent to the space.

One of the preferred outdoor space fixtures is the fire pits. While these are not a recent innovation, the new fire pit designs are becoming conversation pieces in most modern houses.

Fire pit with semi circle bench

Here are the latest fire pits that have the coolest and most visually appealing designs.

#1: The Third-Rock Fire Pit

Who would have thought that the cool, large orb can keep you warm during a cold, windy night while hanging out in your backyard? Inspire from the fiery hot core of the Earth, this spherical fire pit is the perfect centerpiece during a night out with your loved ones.

#2: The Autumn Sunset Leaf-Shaped Fire Pit


Relieve the wonderful moments that happen every fall by installing this intricately designed creative fire pit. The glowing fire within the leaf-shaped cover of the pit makes an interesting focal point in your backyard.

#3: Patriotic Fire Pit

Show your patriotic spirit each time you hang out on your lawn using the fire pit designed with the symbolic Bald Eagle. It is the perfect furnace to use during the Fourth of July celebrations.

#4: Cowboy Sphere Fire Pit

If you are a country person who has to begin a new life in the city, you can relive your childhood memories by investing in this cowboy-inspired fire pit. You may even tell stories about your days in the rodeo while you and your kids surround the fire.

#5: Dragon Fire Pit


Are you a fan of “Game of Thrones?” You can look back at the intense events during the HBO series’s penultimate episode, when Daenerys set the King’s Landing on fire using her only surviving dragon, Drogon.

#6: African Safari-Inspired Spherical Fire Pit

You can bring the wilderness in your backyard through this elaborately designed sphere that showcases a signature African landscape. It will make you look forward to the day when you can finally see the roaming animals in real life.

#7: Fire Pit Tables

Are you the type of person who wants to get the most value for your money? Then try out this three-in-one device. It features several outdoor essentials, including the fire pit, grill, and outdoor tables. With this in your backyard, you can host the best barbecue parties anytime you want.

These are some of the most interesting fire pits you can choose from if you want to update your backyard’s looks. These outdoor fixtures will continue to keep you and your loved ones warm while making your backyard area look like a five-star resort for your ultimate relaxation without leaving your property.


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