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5 Rarest And Most Exclusive Pokemon Cards That Can Help Pay Off Your Student Loan

Kids from the 1990s loved collecting toys, hoping that it could be worth more than their actual value in the future. One of these collectible items is the Pokemon Trading Card Games. It is considered one of the most unique and fun card games released in the past decades.

Over the years, Pokemon ensure that these widely popular cards will become extremely rare. It helps in increasing the value of the cards and boosts their prices.

Pokemon handed over most of the rarest cards to some of the top master trainers who won tournaments. But if you also want to include one of those cards in your collection, you need to spend quite a sum of money to get your hands on these items. However, you must never disregard those that come with misprints or those released as free promotional movie cards that were never seen by the public since they were one of the rarest cards today.

Three rare Pokemon cards in protective cases

Here are some of the highest-priced Pokemon cards that you can find today.

#5: Parent-Child Holographic Kangaskhan
Estimated value: Around $1,500, but may sell thousands more.

Media Factory only issued this rare Pokemon card in Japan in time for the 1998 Parent/Child Mega Battle Tournament for teams that obtained a specific number of wins. It has a Pokemon set symbol located on the right portion of the card, which only the rarest ones have. It means that it can still increase its value in the future.

#4: Magikarp Tamamushi University Promo Card
Estimated value: Approximately $2,000 to $4,000


While Magikarp is mostly known as the weakest Pokemon in the card game and the most incompetent side character in the animated series, this card became very expensive because of its rarity.

Reports claimed that about 30 to100 pieces of these cards are in existence. Only the top qualifying participants present during the second day of a Pokemon event held in Osaka, Japan, were given this card.

#3: Master Key Prize Card
Estimated value: As much as $8,799.96

Only 34 pieces of this rare Pokemon card exist globally. But The Pokemon Company never sold it in public since only the participants of a 2010 trading card game competition in Japan were able to get this card. It is the reason why its value reached thousands of dollars.

#2: Holographic Shadowless 1st Edition Charizard
Estimated value: Can reach as high as $11,999

Error cards are extremely rare in the Pokemon Trading Card Game, which is why the value of these cards can cover the total amount of your student loan debt. This particular one becomes even more special because it comes from a holographic base set. Since the card manufacturer fixed the error abruptly, only a few flawed ones exist. It is the reason why this card is very costly.


#1: Pikachu Illustrator
Estimated value: Approximately $195,000

This extremely rare and expensive card came out during the CoroCoro Comic Illustration Contest back in January 1998. But only about 20 to 39 winners of the event were able to obtain these cards. Its price also surged since only 10 of these cards are considered in mint condition. If you have one of these, you must ensure that you will keep it in its prime form to preserve its value.


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