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5 Perks To Get From Boscov’s Credit Card

Store-exclusive credit cards have been gaining popularity over the past years, and one of the most sought after in several states in the US is Boscov’s credit card. It is very common among shoppers in Connecticut, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Rhode Island. Those living in other states can also take advantage of this credit card by shopping online and shipping their purchase to their address. It allows people to purchase anything from clothes, fashion accessories, cosmetics, and other fashion accessories. It can also allow you to buy any items for the family.

Having a Boscov’s credit card has plenty of perks for all its users. Here are some of the most beneficial advantages of signing up for this store-exclusive credit card that could convince you to sign up right away.

#1: Get Additional Points Upon Signing Up

As soon as you sign up for a Boscov’s credit card, the department store chain will allow you to get an extra 100 points right away. You can use these points to buy different items from the store.

When using this credit card, you will have the chance to accumulate points depending on the item you intend to buy. Once these points piled up, you will be able to purchase any items without paying a single dime.

#2: Get Exclusive Discounts


Aside from giving you bonus points, you will also enjoy a 15% discount on every item that you will purchase during the day you signed up for the credit card account. It will result in a significant price reduction if you purchase more than one item since you will save a lot of money.

#3: Birthday Treat

Not all credit card companies remember you during your birthday. But Boscov’s will not only send a greeting on your special day, but they will also give you a special gift or let you enjoy an additional discount to buy something nice for your birthday. You can choose anything you want from the store’s aisles or their online shop.

A Boscov’s branch in Birmingham, New York, where Boscov’s credit cardholders can use their cards to shop for any items from the store.

#4: Receive Cash Back

Some credit cards offer a 1% cash back on all purchases. But at Boscov’s, you will get a 4% cash back. If you combine both your cash back rewards and your bonus points, you may be able to buy something for free several times a year. It makes the credit card stand out against the others.

#5: Offers Amazing Customer Service

You do not have to worry about having several queries or send a complaint to the store because their customer service personnel are always happy to assist you. They can provide answers to all your questions anytime. But compared to the other credit card companies with an automated customer service system, Boscov’s have a real human team to answer your calls.


Boscov’s credit card also allows you to look into all your transactions and pay dues online. This convenience makes this credit card one of the most reliable shopping buddies in some areas of the US.


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