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4 Small Steps To Start A Minimalist Lifestyle

Minimalism had been going around for ages. But the current changes in today’s landscape turned it into an international trend. Most people are aiming to go “back to basics,” not only for aesthetic purposes. The majority of them are also choosing to become minimalist for better mental health and more sustainable lifestyle choice.

But embracing the minimalist lifestyle is not as simple as getting rid of all your belongings. You need to develop a strategic plan to ensure that minimalism will suit your way of life.

Here are several tiny steps to help you ease through the minimalist style of living so you can completely sustain it for the rest of your life.

Step #1: Make A List

Write a list of reasons why you are planning to live a simpler, clutter-free life. You may write anything under the sun. It can be anything from wanting to have more time with the kids, breaking free from debtors, or dreaming of a better job. You may look back on this list from time to time to remind you why you want a minimalist life so you will not veer away from it.

Step #2: Get Rid Of Any Duplicates


Walk around the house with a box and look for any items that come in two or more. If you have two copies of the same book, place one of them inside the box. Do it for any extra object or set in your household. Once the box is filled, label it as “Duplicates” and hide it for at least a month. If you will not reach out for any of the contents or do not remember what was in it, then donate everything inside the box so you can eliminate it completely.

Step #3: Designate A Clutter-Free Area

Any area of your home can be your official mess-free place. It can be anything from your nightstand, kitchen table, kitchen drawer, or countertop. You may use the assigned clutter-free area as your visual inspiration to live minimally. If you find yourself enjoying that neat and orderly area, you may start expanding it further every day. You will soon find yourself having a clutter-free room, then a completely spotless, minimalist house eventually.

Living a clutter-free, minimalist lifestyle comes with plenty of perks. But you need to take baby steps to maintain this way of life.

Step #4: Travel Light

You may also embrace minimalism while traveling. Every time you go on a trip, you must learn how to pack for half of your total travel days. For example, you will pack clothes for two days if you will have a four-day trip. You only need to wash your clothes so you can wear them twice during the trip. This method can help you carry lighter baggage.

You may also lessen your clothes by picking staple pieces and finding ways to maximize their uses all the time. It will allow you to reduce your time choosing which clothes to wear for every occassion, and save up more space in your wardrobe at home. Try these tips one at a time until you master the art of minimalism.


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