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4 Best Discount Apps And Websites 2021:

Discount apps and websites you should use in 2021

According to a recent TechCrunch report, more than 80% of Americans actively engage in online shopping; it was only 22% in 2000. Online retail businesses are expanding, consequently escalating the competition and multitude of buying options for the customers. However, online shopping without discount apps and websites becomes expensive considering the additional packaging and delivery charges.

The good news for frugal consumers is that countless websites and discount apps are on the move with unlimited compelling discount offers, deals, and coupons for budget-conscious physical and digital shoppers.

Let’s be honest, don’t you want to spend less and save more?


If you are a regular online shopper and looking for the best discount app, Swagbucks should be on top of your list.


  • It has a custom search engine akin to Google
  • You get points for searching
  • If you shop from Swagbucks partner stores, you get extra points
  • You can earn additional points by filling out online survey forms

What it offers:

  • You get actual cashback on a certain amount of shopping
  • Cashback can be transferred from PayPal to your bank account


With ‘Honey,’ you can access a wide range of coupon codes available online.


  • It is a browser plugin, works effectively on Chrome, Safari, Opera, and Firefox.
  • It automatically procures all available coupon codes on the internet before you know it.
  • Disclaimer: Internet Explorer doesn’t support this extension

What it offers:

  • You can earn ‘Honey Gold’ points if you keep shopping from partner stores (more than 30,000 stores) of Honey
  • ‘Honey Gold’ points can be redeemed for gift cards.


Shopkick can save you from forking over money on shopping with its attractive discount offers and point system.


  • It entertains both online and offline shoppers.
  • You can get the benefit of its reward points called ‘Kicks.’
  • You need to upload your receipt once you are done shopping
  • For earning extra kicks, you can watch sponsored videos.

What it offers:

  • You can earn gift cards for stores such as Amazon, Starbucks, and Target.


For digital shoppers always on the lookout for daily direct sales, discount deals, and time-limited coupons, Groupon is the best discount website to visit.


  • It offers daily discount deals and coupons on several products and services ranging from home goods to recreational activities and substantial discounts on electronic goods.
  • The Groupon promotional value has an expiry date, so make sure you avail it before the deal runs out.

What it offers:

  • Group-on extends deep discounts, mostly around 90%.

Other options:

For your convenience, we have listed down other sites and apps that could help you save money.

  • Overstock:E-commerce site
  • Capital One Shopping:Free browser extension
  • Ben’s Bargains:E-commerce site
  • Slickdeals:Website
  • Dealnews:Website
  • TechBargains:Website
  • Ibotta:App
  • Coupon Sherpa:App

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