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World’s Richest YouTube Stars Who Ended Their Careers With One Mistake

Plenty of people became rich and popular without leaving their own homes by posting various content on their YouTube channel. They only need their creativity and a good camera as their means to earn fame and fortune.

Since their rise to fame must be credited to all the support that they get from their subscribers, they need to keep a clean and wholesome reputation all the time. A single mistake makes cost them their brand endorsements and lead their followers to unsubscribe to their channels.

Earning tons of money is very easy for an established YouTube star. But it is also easy to lose everything with just one mistake. Here is a list of some of the most popular YouTubers whose careers were destroyed due to wrongful acts or offensive content.

Rawvana’s Fishy Blunder

Documenting a vegan lifestyle appears to very popular on YouTube, which is why people like Yovana Mendoza decided to get a slice of the pie by launching her “Rawvana” channel. She became one of the most popular vegan influencers during that time. She even went to sell diet plans intended for vegans on her website and amassed 2.5 million subscribers during the peak of her career.

But everything came crashing down when her fellow YouTuber Paula Galindo accidentally vlogged their trip in Bali. In that video, Galindo’s camera showed Mendoza’s plate with some servings of fish in it. She attempted to hide the fish, but eagle-eyed fans had already seen the plate. It prompted her to apologize on her blog and admitted that she is no longer vegan. Because of that mistake, her subscribers dropped significantly. At the moment, Mendoza only has 482,000 subscribers.


Bashurverse Says Bye

Brandon Ashur was once a very popular guy for gamers. His YouTube channel called Bashurvers featured gaming content, particularly Minecraft videos. Because of his fame, other sought-after YouTube gamers like JeromeASF, CaptainSparklez, and SkyDoesMinecraft made collaboration videos with him at some point.

But his fame and glory suddenly disappeared in 2017 when rumors about him raping a 10-year-old girl circulated online. It led to his depression and made him suicidal. He decided to shut down his social media accounts, including YouTube. Some people thought that he actually committed suicide because of his disappearance, but he updated his fans by posting a new channel called Toasty in February 2020 and said that he would move to Australia to begin a new life.

Anthony Fantano Drops More Than Needles

Anthony Fontana is one of the pioneers of music review channels. His YouTube account called Needle Drop is one of the most visited channels due to his insightful music video reviews online.




But in October 2017, a report from The Fader revealed that Anthony was also keeping an alternative channel known as thatistheplan. It featured several satirical videos and alt-right content. After the report’s release, most of his “The Needle Drop” tour schedule got canceled. It also caused him to lose hundreds of thousands of subscribers in his main account.

These are just some of the once-famous YouTubers who lost their career because of a mistake. They serve as a lesson to other YouTubers to be careful with their actions to avoid losing everything that they worked hard for.


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