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Wendy’s Customer Becomes Self-Sufficient, Creates Her Own Sandwich In The Kitchen

Source - @the0nlyNaza / TikTok

Sometimes, if you want something to get done right, you have to do it yourself. No one person better exuded that mindset than a recent Wendy’s customer who decided to make a TikTok of herself stepping behind the counter and into the food prep station to make her own chicken sandwich.

If only trips to Wendy’s we’re always this freeform.

The video has amassed almost 300,000 views since it first hit the TikTok sphere on June 16th, and the video creator, Nazayah Perkins, aka @the0nlynaza, is pretty proud of her DIY attitude. She captioned the video saying that she decided to take matters into her own hands since the employees at Wendy’s were taking forever to make her meal. 

In the now-viral video, Nazayah placed her phone in position next to the prep counter and hit the record button before taking the audience through the numerous steps to concoct the perfect Wendy’s chicken sandwich.

Of course, there were many TikTok users who were shocked and had questions.

One person noted, “LMAO, we need to know how this happened. Give us a story time!”


Luckily, we got our story time, as Nazayah posted a follow-up to her chicken sandwich video, noting that the employees at Wendy’s took almost 45 minutes to make her some chicken nuggets and fries. She said that because she was hungry and pretty drunk at the time, she decided to head into the back and make a chicken sandwich for herself.

Nazayah even responded to one comment from a viewer that noted, “You should have at least put some gloves on first.”

“Everybody in the comments that are saying how I should have washed my hands or put some gloves on should mind their business! Trust me, I didn’t touch anyone else’s food besides mine.” 

What was even funnier is that she said she decided not to eat the sandwich she made anyway.

She also responded, “I guess,” to a commenter that noted how nasty it was that she wasn’t wearing gloves, as cross-contamination still exists, and she should definitely know better. 

As with anything that appears on the internet, people had split feelings regarding her shenanigans.


“She went in there like if you’re not going to do it, I will,” said one user. Someone else threw some laughing emojis in the comments saying, “girl filmed herself doing an actual crime.”

However, there was another commenter that was with her all the way, saying that if they were drunk, they would probably do this too.

Now, we definitely can’t say that we’d ever be in a position to hop behind the counter and start making our own meals if the employees were taking a long time, and we surely can’t support antics like this, though we suppose Nazayah’s little rendezvous is not the worst thing late night fast food workers have ever dealt with. 

About a year ago, a Florida Chipotle customer got so fed up that her order was taken so long that she decided to take matters into her own hands, jumping across the counter to ring herself up. The TikTok user, who goes by the name “Nikki,” posted a video of her friend in her car wash company uniform behind the counter of their local Chipotle.

Apparently, no one said anything. Nikki noted that her friend was told to hop behind the counter by another group of impatient customers who were sick of waiting around in the clearly understaffed fast food joint. Some people in the comments of this video noted that the manager on duty that day was probably let go after this video appeared, while another said that after being a Chipotle worker for five years, they weren’t surprised that this happened, especially considering how understaffed many of the restaurants are. 

As for whether or not Nazayah got in trouble for concocting her own chicken sandwich, we’re still unsure. Let’s just hope that this restaurant DIY trend doesn’t start taking off anytime soon.


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