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Waiter Says Group Wanted $1,100 Meal Comped for Being Public School Teachers

Source: chocolatemilkbrothers/TikTok

You’d be surprised at the number of interesting things that happen every day in restaurants across the world. From ill-mannered customers to the ones with ridiculous food requests, poor management, etc., trust us when we say that servers have seen it all. But nothing could have prepared this waitstaff for the encounter he had with a group of public school teachers at the restaurant he worked at.

@chocolatemilkbros is a pretty popular TikToker whose content centers around exposing strange experiences he had working as a waiter. He once shared the story of a kid who didn’t even look old enough to drive that gave him an ID saying he was 25. 

There was a similar story of a kid of about 15-year-old who came in with his school uniform and presented a fake military ID. Weird, right? But we’re used to fake ID stories already. 

What we didn’t think we’d ever hear is the story of a group of public school teachers who amassed a whopping $1100 food bill but didn’t want to pay for it. But it did happen, and @chocolatemilkbros took to his TikTok page to tell us all about it.

“The start of summer is always my favorite time of the year working in the service industry because I always get a group of teachers that would come in and try to get free food and drinks just for being teachers and today is my new favorite attempt,” he began. According to him, the teachers rang up a bill of $1100, and he asked them how they wanted to split it as they were finishing up. One of the ladies asked him to do whatever was easiest for him, and they all agreed.

“So I bring one bill and I’m like if you want to split it evenly, just leave your cards and I’ll make it happen,” he said. But to his greatest surprise, one of them slides the bill to him, saying that they’re public school teachers and the bill should be on the restaurant. He responded that their job doesn’t make it the restaurant’s responsibility to foot their bill. “And one of the ladies goes, ‘whatever, we’ll figure it out’.”

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After paying with her card, one of them, a math teacher, called him to ask how much she left as a tip. He told her it was $100 and it was generous of her. But she picked up the receipt, tore it in half, threw it at him and said, “good luck getting it now.” It was a laughable act as that was a receipt, not a cheque and ripping it in half didn’t change anything.

The video went viral with way more than a million views, and commenters were astonished by the teachers’ behaviors too. One person wrote, “Public Teacher here and I’ve never heard of any teachers doing that!” However, another commenter seemed to corroborate the story by saying, “I waited tables for years and teachers were always AWFUL to wait on.”

Do you agree that teachers shouldn’t have to pay for their meals, or do you think it’s ridiculous for them to make such a request?

Written By Mark Smith


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