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The Reason A 115-Year-Old Chocolate Company Altered Its Logo

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Toblerone, the famous Swiss chocolate brand that has been around for over a century, is getting a total makeover. You probably know the chocolatey, nougaty brand for its famously unique triangular shape and distinctive Matterhorn logo, which features the iconic Swiss mountain.

However, Mondelez, the bigwigs behind the brand, is shipping some of their production over to Slovakia to save on production costs. But here’s the kicker, this move means they’ll have to dump their emblematic Matterhorn logo! Apparently, this is a well-known consequence of Swiss Law.

Due to a Swiss law known as the Swissness Act, Toblerone can no longer use the majestic mountain on its packaging. This law, enacted in 2017, aims to prevent imposters from selling counterfeit Swiss products.

In other words, Toblerone is not technically Swiss enough anymore since it’s moving some of its production to Slovakia to save some dough.

In turn, the Matterhorn mountain, which has been a staple of the Toblerone brand since 1970, has to be removed from the packaging. Looks like the chocolate bar will have to rely on its delicious honey-infused flavor and chewy almond nougat to win over customers now.

Beyond its bid to stop fake products from flooding the market, the Swissness Act was also aimed at preserving products that are unique to Switzerland’s geographic region. It appears that Toblerone has fallen victim to this regulation.


To comply with Swissness legislation, not only does Mondelez have to remove the iconic mountain from the packaging, but it also has to change the wording from “Swiss chocolate” to “Established in Switzerland in 1908.” But hey, at least they can still boast about being established in Switzerland, right?

Despite all the hoopla about Toblerone’s packaging changes, the chocolate bar is still raking in the big bucks for Mondelez. In fact, the company took in around $400 million in net revenue in 2018.

Theodor Tobler may have created this sweet treat in Bern, Switzerland without plans for worldwide domination, but people all over the world can’t get enough of it. Luckily for Toblerone fans, even though the logo’s getting a facelift, the taste of this classic chocolate will stay the same. You can still indulge in that deliciously nutty and honey-infused flavors. The makeover is underway as we speak.

According to a spokesperson for the company, the new packaging will have a “funky fresh” Toblerone typeface and logo. Have no fear, though, as they’re doing all they can to retain their unique identity!

And though, sadly, the iconic Matterhorn mountain will no longer be featured on the packaging, the brand is working on modernizing the factory to keep up with consumer demand. Beyond that, real Toblerone loyalists can rest easy knowing that the hidden bear, a clever nod to the Bern coat of arms, will still be lurking on the packaging.

We know that even with the packaging facelift, Toblerone will remain a beloved chocolate brand with its signature pyramid shape and irresistible honey-infused flavor, as well as its Swiss roots. So go ahead, indulge in a bar or two, and bear witness to the deliciousness that is Toblerone!


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