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Companies That Received A Thumbs-Up From The Royal Family


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It is safe to assume that the British Royal Family endorses safe and quality products. They do this by giving the manufacturing companies a royal warrant as a form of quality assurance. Over 500 companies have had the privileged to receive the royal warrant. 

Royal warrants are given when royal family members or heads use a product consistently for at least five years. Here are 10 companies that have been lucky to receive the honor.

Hunter Boots

The Hunter Wellington Boots are handmade products and the preference of the British Royals. The footwear company was founded in 1856, in the UK. They hold royal warrants as the supplier of waterproof boots which serves the royals especially well during rainy seasons. 

They were granted royal rights by the late Queen Elizabeth II in 1986 and HRH, the Duke of Edinburgh.

Jewelry Fit For A Royal 

The House of Cartier is very famous for being luxurious and beautiful. The company was established in Paris, in 1847 by Louis-Francois Cartier. They make pieces of jewelry and wristwatches with precious stones, especially diamonds. 

The company was issued a royal warrant in 1904, by Kind Edward VI, who ordered 27 tiaras for his coronation in 1902 and since then, they have been one of the go-to places for British Royals to purchase pieces of Jewelry. A popular Cartier piece is the Halo Tiara worn by Princess Kate on her wedding day. 

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Elizabeth Arden Beauty Brand Is A Queen’s Favorite

Elizabeth Arden is known for producing luxury skincare, fragrances, and makeup products. The company was established in New York, in 1910, and has had its beauty products endorsed by the British royal family for over 50 years. 

The royal warrant was given to the company in 1962. The late Queen Elizabeth II who is a fan of bold lip colors, especially pink, can be seen in some public appearances, touching up her lipstick with the Elizabeth Arden brand.  


This may not come as a surprise, considering how popular the Coca-Cola brand is. The company was established in Georgia, in 1902. The company is also the owner of the popular Schweppes soda which also got its own royal warrant in 1836. 

This makes Coca-Cola the holder of two royal warrants. Coca-Cola products are one of the Queen’s favorites and they have been supplying their products to the royal household.

Samsung Electronics For Royal Establishments

Samsung is the first of its kind to be awarded the honor of the royal warrant. The company which was established in South Korea, in 1969, is popular for quality electronic products such as televisions, mobile phones, air conditioners, humidifiers, etc. 

The Samsung company was granted the royal warrant in 2012 and has supplied about 100 televisions and audio-visual appliances to the royal household.

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Weetabix; A Royal Favorite

The Weetabix is believed to be a favorite choice for the late Queen when it comes to breakfast cereals. The company was established in 1932 in the UK by Bennison Osbourne and Malcolm MacFarlane. 

The late Queen Elizabeth II loved her cereal kept in a plastic container as she believed it keeps the cereal fresher for longer. The company was given the royal warrant in 1973. 

Jaguar Land Rovers; Official Vehicle For Coronation Festivals

The Jaguar Landrovers are believed to be one of the Late Queen Elizabeth II’s favorite car brands. The late Queen had been driving land rovers before she became coronated and has about 30 in total. 

The company was established in 1922 in the UK and received its royal warrant in 1951.  They hold three warrants from the Late Queen and Prince Consort to the newly coronated King Charles. They are also the official vehicle partner for coronation festivals.

The Hardy Brothers Gold Plated Cups

The Hardy Brothers are the only Australian jewelers to be lucky enough to hold a royal warrant. They have been serving the British royals since King George V and were responsible for making the first King’s Cup in 1927. 

Kate Middleton was lodged in the hotel around her wedding to Prince William. The hotel was granted a royal warrant in 2013 and is the only establishment in the service industry to receive this warrant.

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Armitage Pet Products For The Royal Corgis

The late Queen Elizabeth II is widely famous for her love for Corgis and owns about 30 of this dog breed. When your owner is the late Queen Elizabeth II, you are sure to receive the best treatment there is. 

The Queen patronizes Armitage pet products. They produce pet accessories as well as healthy and tasty treats for pets and were honored with a royal warrant in 1976.

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