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College Student Uses Life Savings Of $100K To Earn Degree, Only To Have Her Graduation Walk Sabotaged by A ‘Karen’

Source - @nessieshawty / TikTok

Some people believe that we pay way too much for college for what we get out of it. Even more so, the vast majority of people believe that the only way to achieve a high-paying salary is to spend four years getting a degree and paying the high price for it, when in fact, there are several different in-demand trades and certifications you can get qualified for, many of which take less schooling time and have better job opportunities down the line.

When you start to look at how sky-high some American college tuitions are, there isn’t a wonder in the world why people that attend universities are very serious about their time and experience there. If you’ve put in tons of hard work to pay for and secure a degree, you want to bask in every moment possible.

And what better moment to celebrate your achievements and have all eyes on you than the day you graduate?

With that in mind, it’s easy to understand why a recent University of New Hampshire graduate, Vanessa, was a bit upset when she had her special moment ruined by someone else.

Vanessa, who goes by @nessieshawty on TikTok, posted a recent video of her walk across the graduation stage, which was blocked by someone else’s family member who decided to stand in front of the ramp and take photos.

Vanessa deemed the woman a “Karen” in this now-viral TikTok, noting that her camera obscured the diploma that she would have liked to get photos of.


The woman in the video was following another graduate in front of Vanessa, snapping photos the entire time. While we can see Vanessa walking down the ramp after getting on stage, we’re unable to see the moment she received her diploma from the dean on stage.

Plenty of people in the comments had things to say.

“If I was $100,000 in debt, then yes, someone blocking me like this would be a serious offense,” commented one user.

Another commenter noted, “I think it’s the school’s fault for having the walk set up like that.”

Vanessa added in her caption, “Someone come get this lady!”

While there were other people in the comments that didn’t think this woman getting the “Karen” title was necessarily fair, and she just looked like a mom who was proud of her child’s accomplishment, others said that she should have just sat down and taken pictures like everyone else.”


“This is a sense of entitlement at a very inconsiderate move,” said one user.

So did this “Karen” breach graduation ceremony etiquette rules, stopping other proud parents and family members from seeing their loved ones walk across the stage? The verdict seems pretty clear, though, whether it is the fault of this woman alone or the fault of the school for coordinating the graduation ceremony in such a way that allowed for this is a question all its own.


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