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Singers Who Made More Money With Just One Hit Song

Everyone dreams of making it big in an instant and earning more than enough money to last a lifetime. Some of these people hope to win the lottery, while others hit the jackpot with a single act that makes them famous for years.

Some people who have tons of musical talents can achieve this dream with a single song. Often called “one-hit wonders,” these musicians could earn millions after releasing one song. While they cannot replicate their first hit’s success, the amount that they earned from their lucky song may be enough to make them reach for years to come.

Here is a list of the most famous one-hit wonders who became rich.

#10: Taylor Hicks – earned $3.3 million

Taylor Hicks earned the public’s love and respect when he joined the fifth season of “American Idol.” It catapulted him to win the top prize. But despite the success of his finale song “Do I Make You Proud,” he was not able to sustain his popularity and slowly went out of the limelight.

#9: Bobby McFerrin – earned $4 million


Mcferrin’s song “Don’t Worry Be Happy” became the anthem of the year in 1988. It even won 10 Grammy awards. But his follow up songs were not able to reach the same status.

#8: Sir-Mix-A-Lot – earned $6 million

Anthony L. Ray, better known as Sir Mix-a-Lot, became a household name in 1992 because of his song “Baby Got Back.” It even peaked at the top spot of the Billboard Hoy 100 during that time. But his popularity was short-lived. However, he could sustain his riches because he made his record label and produced his own music before launching the hit song.

#7: Sinead O’Connor – earned $6 million

In the 1990s, everyone knows the song “Nothing Compares 2 U.” It made Sinead O’Connor one of the most popular singers. While she was able to release ten other albums during her career, no other song achieved the same fame.

#6: Vicki Lawrence – earned $8 million


While everyone knows Vicki Lawrence for her roles on TV, she first established herself as a popular singer when she released the song “The Night the Lights Went Out In Georgia” in 1973. While her musical career ended as fast as it started, she was able to leave a mark as a successful comedienne.

#5: Everlast – earned $15 million

While Everlast was able to get a Grammys in 2000, he first established his name as the lead singer of hip hop group House of Pain. They were able to come up with the hit single “Jump Around” in 1992, but none of their songs replicated that success.

#4: Beck – worth $16 million

It might be a surprise to see Beck in the list of one-hit wonders, but no other song after 1994’s “Loser” made a mark on the music industry. But he was able to win awards without having new hit songs.

#3: Linda Perry – earned $18 million


Linda Perry is the lead singer of the 4 Non Blondes, who were responsible for another 1990s anthem, “What’s Up.” But after she left the band in 1994, she only got contented by writing hit songs for other artists like Christina Aguilera, Alicia Keys, and Gwen Stefani.

#2: Billy Ray Cyrus – earned $20 million

Before Miley Cyrus became a musical icon, her father, Billy Ray Cyrus, held the title as one of the most popular country music stars in the 1990s. His hit song “Achy Breaky Heart” became a global phenomenon. Sadly, he was not able to sustain success.

#1: Psy – earned $25 million

In 2012, every person in the world knew “Gangnam Style.” It even became one of the most-watched videos on YouTube. But South Korean star Psy was not able to transcend his popularity beyond his country with his succeeding songs.


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