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Popular Social Media Personality Tai Lopez Net Worth 2020

If you are well-engaged with the Youtube community and enjoy using the platform to learn new things, you may have stumbled upon the Internet sensation Tai Lopez a few times or more. Known for his quest towards the “Good Life,” Lopez is a successful entrepreneur and investor who rose to fame due to his grit and mindset, both of which he talks about in his Youtube channel. Today, the social media personality has a net worth of $60 million at 42.

Viewers who tune in to Lopez’s videos would be familiar with his ad, which starts with the tagline “Here in my garage…” and proceeds to flash his new Lamborghini. However, beyond the glitz and glamor seen behind the camera, the true contributor to Lopez’s success is the wealth of information that he willingly shares to his audience. Through his social media platforms and programs, he educates his viewers about various things and teaches them to develop good entrepreneurial habits.

Growing Up

Lopez was born in April 1977 in Long Beach, California, and was mainly raised by his mother and grandmother as his father was in prison throughout his childhood. At the early age of six, Lopez had already developed an interest in entrepreneurship, and took his first step when he sold cherry tomatoes for his mother. Upon seeing that no one was interested in tomatoes, he switched his tactics and began selling lemonade instead. It was through this experience that Lopez learned to take risks.

Living in a neighborhood filled with gangs, Lopez found solace in his books and was particularly drawn to Aristotle. Through this habit, he started learning about the “Good Life” and further developed his knowledge through the help of books sent by his grandfather. Lopez later dropped out of college and worked various jobs to earn money to travel to different countries.

Becoming an Entrepreneur


After some time, Lopez realized that his travels were not giving him the skills he thought he would get. He thus found Mike Stainback who would later become his mentor, teaching him how to cold call and sell. Even with his mentor, Lopez continued to educate himself by reading even more books and attending seminars. After learning how to use Google AdWords in its early conception, Lopez achieved much success as the Certified Financial Planner of GE Capital.

With his growing popularity, Lopez began to run online mentorships and established his iconic 67 Steps Program. The program was designed to simplify the journey of attaining personal profit to achieve the “Good Life.” If you have stumbled upon his In My Garage ad and clicked the link in the video, you would be redirected to the program. Given Lopez’s social media following, it was no surprise that his brand and program quickly gained global attention.

Today, Lopez acts as an advisor to over 20 multi-million companies and runs a book club, where he teaches people how to attain the “Good Life.” Even so, he continues to expand and promote his brand to reach a larger audience and educate them about his philosophies.


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