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Michigan Man Finds $43k Hidden Inside a $70 Ottoman Cushion

Source: The Little Things

Have you ever stumbled upon a hidden treasure?

Well, a man from Michigan certainly did when he purchased an old, uncomfortable ottoman from a thrift store for a mere $70. What he likely did not know was that the worn-out piece of furniture would turn out to be a veritable gold mine, revealing a whopping $43,000 hidden inside its cushion!

It seems that one man’s trash can truly be another man’s treasure!

When Howard Kirby purchased a secondhand couch from an Owosso Habitat for Humanity ReStore, he didn’t think much of the accompanying ottoman.

Sure, it might have been a bit uncomfortable, but he figured that was just par for the course when it came to thrift store furniture. He’d soon find out that the real reason for the ottoman’s discomfort was because it was hiding a secret: $43,000 in cash stuffed inside its cushion.

Who said secondhand shopping couldn’t be profitable?


Kirby thought he had found the perfect addition to his “man cave.”

However, he also noted that there was something that just didn’t feel right about the furniture, specifically the hard foot cushion. When his daughter-in-law decided to investigate the unusual stuffing, she made a jaw-dropping discovery: a hidden box containing a staggering $43,000 in bills.

When Howard Kirby stumbled upon a hidden fortune inside his thrift store ottoman, his first thought was that he would hold onto the money. He even consulted a lawyer to confirm his right to claim it as his own.

However, Kirby’s faith compelled him to do the right thing and search for the couch’s original owner. As he explained to MLive, he had a powerful moment of clarity where he felt guided by God — “No, that box really is not yours.”

Kirby’s decision to follow his conscience would ultimately lead to an incredible turn of events.

He decided to take action and contact the thrift store. The store’s staff went to work and eventually found the rightful owner of the couch and ottoman — Kim Fauth-Newberry.


Thanks to the store’s efforts, Kirby got the chance to meet with Fauth-Newberry and return the money to its rightful owner.

When Kim Fauth-Newberry’s grandfather passed away, she donated his furniture to Habitat for Humanity ReStore, not realizing that his frugal nature had led him to stash a small fortune inside the ottoman.

Thanks to Kirby’s honesty and the store’s efforts, Fauth-Newberry was able to reclaim her family’s money. Kirby expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to do the right thing, telling MLive that his faith played a role in his decision to return the money:

Kirby’s decision to return the $43,000 he found earned him high praise from Habitat for Humanity. The organization has dubbed him a hero for his selfless act of kindness.

His story serves as a reminder that even the smallest actions of honesty and generosity can make a big impact on those around us.


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