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Lowe’s Staff Describes Getting Fired By Manager Who Didn’t Know Her Name

Source: @user3812126841522/TikTok

A Lowe’s employee has been left distressed after getting sacked by the company. Even more heartbreaking was that her employer didn’t know her name. 

Jamie, the former Lowe’s employee, published her displeasure via a now-trending video on TikTok. The video included an on-screen caption that read, “Lowe’s fired our whole department didn’t even know my name. I worked for 7 years for Lowe’s, no other jobs offered.”

Jamie disclosed that she was one among a group of 50 staff that were laid off in a shocking move by the home improvement retail company. No one amongst them knew the reason they were let go. 

According to Jamie, none of her colleagues who got fired ever missed a bonus or day of work. They hadn’t ever gotten a bad review as they conducted their work as knowledge support professionals at the company’s training department with utmost professionalism. 

“We were the perfect department because we had to be. We were not allowed to go ahead and be anything but perfect,” Jamie said in the video. She also said that most of the affected staff were parents, making the decision even more devastating. “How can Lowe’s who said that we were family, do this to us,” she added. 

Jamie lamented about another shocking aspect of the layoff. During her telephone call with the Lowe’s rep, they didn’t know her name. “Is this Joshua,” the caller asked. When Jamie responded with, “Who is Joshua?” The caller then asked her name. After responding with her full name, the caller simply went ahead to announce that she’d been fired. 


For a staff like Jamie, who had worked faithfully and diligently for seven years, a recognition was one of the least of her expectations. “To call me and not even know my name, not even call me by my correct name or apologize for that, was pretty horrible. She just doesn’t care about anybody but herself. Lowe’s doesn’t care about anybody but themselves,” she lamented. 

“I just can’t believe Lowe’s just did this to us, and we just don’t have any backup plan or anywhere to go. Just gonna try to find the next job. It’s horrible. I’m just so upset,” Jamie said. 

The video, at the time of writing, has attracted over 35,000 views and 241 comments. An overwhelming number of the comments were empathetic to her plight. Some also narrated similar experiences, including those from Lowe’s. 

One comment read, “You got this Sweets. Something better will come. Your feelings are valid. Remember your worth.” Another said, “I was fired from Lowe’s after 7 years also (2 years ago). You’ll get unemployment and be better off.” 

One other comment offered her some legal advice. “Go and consult with a labor attorney. It can’t hurt, and it may be that you have a claim against Lowe’s.” “Companies that say they are like family are toxic from the gate.” another person said. 

Lowe’s has struggled to stay away from the layoff wave that is sweeping the American retail industry. But industry watchers have noticed a significant decline in their sales for the past few months. Hopefully, no other staff will have to go through Jamie’s ordeal.


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