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Learn About Five of the Most Expensive Wood in the World

Wood has long served as a staple material for many industries, specifically in construction. You often see it used in furniture and decoration pieces, and if you have ever shopped for these before, you may have noticed how variable prices can be. The range in prices comes from the fact that there are several wood variants, which differ in terms of how easy it is to procure them and work with them.

While you can expect products made from rarer types of wood to be more expensive, they may also be more durable and last a long time. Continue reading to learn more about five of the most expensive woods in the world to see why they are priced much higher than more common kinds of wood.


Dalbergia can be found in South America, Africa, and other tropical regions, but it mostly grows in India. This wood grows in dense forests that are difficult to navigate, so they can cost up to $16 per board foot. Aside from the fact that dalbergia is difficult to get, it is also challenging to work with, which explains why it may not sound too familiar to you. However, products made out of this wood turn out to be extremely beautiful, making the cost well-worth it to some.

Pink Ivory

Pink ivory is an exotic wood type found in South Africa, particularly in Zimbabwe and Mozambique. Its name stems from its beautiful color, which comes in varying shades of pink like a faded rose, sometimes with purple undertones. It costs about $7 to $8 per board foot and can be used for various products like furniture and trinket boxes. Pink ivory is more expensive than other wood types because of its unique look and because it is extremely durable but low in supply.



Also known as black wood, ebony is one of the most expensive woods globally, costing about $10,000 per kilogram due to its rarity and slow growth. However, its high price is matched with valuable benefits, including its striking texture and appearance and extreme durability that can withstand much punishment.


Sandalwood is also used for high-quality furniture and pieces, and it is one of the kinds of wood that rivals the price of ebony. At about $20,000 per kilogram, this wood is rare and contains a unique aroma due to the natural oils in its genus. Compared to other aromatic woods, sandalwood can hold its fragrance, which resembles the smell of pine and cedar, for much longer.

African Blackwood

African Blackwood is also called grenadil and falls within the same price range as ebony at about $10,000 per kilogram. It grows in Africa’s dry regions like Tanzania but takes 60 years for a tree to mature into an adult. Out of all the woods mentioned in this list, this variant is perhaps the five rarest as it is now considered an endangered species. It is commonly used for musical instruments, but you can expect the instrument to cost a hefty sum, given how scarce and rare the wood is.


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