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How You Can Avoid Online Scams

tips to stay safe from online scams

Millions of people lose their money to online scams every year. The internet is full of hackers and scammers defrauding and stealing personal details, money, and more from innocent people globally.

Scammers keep getting more sophisticated and use the newest tech in their attempts to steal, which means nowadays, you need to be on your guard at all times online. This article will tell you a few tips on how you can avoid online scams.

Update Your Devices to Avoid Online Scams

Make sure to update the devices you use to get on the internet. Your mobile phone, laptop, and PC should all have the latest updates installed to have the best defense against new malware and viruses. To make this easier, you can switch on the automatic updates option on all your devices to keep them updated at all times.

Do Not Open Links

Make sure you know the contact before clicking or opening any links or attachments sent to you. Any links or attachments can contain malware or be a phishing link that can steal your personal information and private data. Even if the email or message is in the same thread as a legitimate contact, it could be a scam.

If you aren’t sure about a sender’s identity, you can always google them or search for them in directories. But a good rule of thumb is to not click on anything that looks suspicious. Instead, just delete it and move on.

When Shopping, Only Use Trusted Sites

Hundreds of thousands of fake shopping websites pop up regularly, especially during the holiday season. You must have noticed emails popping up with shopping deals and offers whenever Christmas comes around. These stores are designed to take advantage of unaware customers to steal their credit card information and money.


Whenever you shop online, make sure to research the website you use. If you get an email containing offers or discounts, google the website and verify if it is legitimate. Go through reviews but keep in mind that even reviews and comments can also be fake. Just do your thorough research before making any purchases or entering personal details in online stores.

Check the URL to Avoid Online Scams

Make sure whatever website you are using has a URL beginning with ‘HTTPS’ and the address bar contains a padlock. This means the communication between your device and the website is encrypted and secure. This is especially important when making online payments where you have to enter your credit card or bank information. If the site isn’t secure, your data can easily be intercepted, read, and stolen.

Too Good to be True

If someone sends you something that looks too good to be true, there is a 99% chance it is a scam. Any offer that guarantees huge profits and gains for a small cash investment without any risks is a scam. Any product you see that is half the actual market price is probably a scam.

Even if the deal seems entirely legit, you need to google it, research it, read through comments, and ask questions before you do anything else.

Final Thoughts on How You Can Avoid Online Scams

Scammers keep looking for new ways to confuse people, and you have to stay on top of all the latest technology and new methods they use to remain safe. These were just a few tips on how you can avoid online scams. When in doubt, don’t click, buy it, or interact with it.


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