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How to Save Money on Central Air and Its Installation

In choosing central air conditioners, the best systems are high-quality and energy-efficient ones. The type of unit you choose determines the central air cost, and the overall price of the project includes installation, ductwork repair, among other additional items. If you have a large home, the ductwork can be complex and extensive, thus, increasing the cost you pay.

Using Central Air Size Calculator

Typically, one ton of AC can cover up to 500 square feet. But the calculation you get also depends on your contractor and home. When you hire a cooling professional, they will perform many calculations to get the right central air system for your residence. Besides the square footage, the calculation includes your home orientation, shape, and size, as well as the climate in your area. The contractor will also factor in your flooring, walls, windows, insulation, and compositions in your house. Moreover, they will look for exiting vents or ducts, leaks, and seals.

Performing various computations helps assess the characteristics of the central air conditioning unit and find out the amount of air it may lose. Your installer can determine the best AC system for your home by also including environmental considerations such as solar rays and geography. This methodology is referred to as Manual J load analysis. There are two ways of doing this load calculation:

• Room by room. It calculates the load of each room in the house to determine individual duct system layout and duct sizes.

• Entire house. It determines the summation of the loads of the entire house that has a duct system.


Your central air project may take 1 to 5 days for the cooling professional to complete the installation. It requires more time when you need an AC unit replacement, including major ductwork repairs. This extra work may need another day or a week to finish.

Central air cost

DIY vs. Professional Work

While the installation of central air conditioning is not always complex, one way to guarantee that it is done correctly is to hire an AC contractor. This type of work usually requires permits, and a licensed contractor can obtain the necessary documents for you. Also, attempting to do the job by yourself is risky as it involves handling refrigerant chemicals, which entails a license as well. The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) implements a guideline that only licensed professionals can handle this harmful refrigerant.

However, the homeowner can do maintenance work of their central air conditioning unit after its installation. If you want to save money on maintenance service, you need to dedicate some time to this chore and buy some cleaning products. But if you have no time for it, you can always pay the central air cost of professional cleaning, including the vents and ducts.

Considering your household needs for cool air and the local housing market, the amount you pay for the central air cost is worth it in the long run. Aside from enjoying comfortable air temperature inside your home, the AC unit can also prevent illnesses from occurring during extremely hot weather.


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