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How to Build an Emergency Fund Fast?

Here’s how you can build an emergency fund fast

Anyone can be in a situation where they need  an emergency fund. You never know when an emergency might come about and ruin your plans. An emergency fund will give you a cushion whenever life throws these curveballs at you. A good emergency savings account could help turn something major into just a slight bother.

This article will tell you how you can build an emergency fund quickly.

Ways You Can Build an Emergency Fund Fast

The purpose of an emergency fund is to help you in times of unexpected expenses. An accident, a sudden medical emergency, or a natural disaster can occur at any time, and an emergency fund can help immensely in those dire times.

Make Saving your First Priority

The first and most important factor in building an emergency fund quickly is to have saving as a first priority. Whenever you receive your paycheck or salary, the first thing you should do is put aside a predetermined amount and put it towards your emergency savings account.

You shouldn’t wait till the end of the month to see how much money you have leftover to save. Always save first, as when you put money into your emergency fund, you won’t get tempted to spend that money on other things. Waiting till the end of the month to save could end up in you not saving anything at all if you have nothing left over.

Reduce your Expenses

Cutting expenses seems like a very obvious thing to do. If you don’t already, you should start tracking and budgeting your expenses to know exactly how much you are spending. Look at and calculate your monthly spendings and see what you can cut out.


Cut out all your unimportant and low-value spending and instead put it towards your emergency fund. It can be surprising how much you can actually save up by just scrutinizing and keeping track of your expenses.

Try and Increase your Income

Look for ways you might be able to increase your income. Maybe work overtime for some extra cash or try and get a ‘side hustle’ to earn more money. There are lots of different sides hustles you could work on if you try and get creative. You need to save whatever extra money you make from these side hustles and try and not to spend anything.

Being careful with all the extra cash you earn and putting as much as you can towards your emergency fund will grow your fund significantly. Also, you should always have a separate account for your savings so you don’t use these funds freely.

Let Your Money Grow to Create Your Emergency Fund

Always put your money into an account where it keeps growing. Putting your money into a money market account or a high-yield savings account would mean it will keep growing just sitting there. You always want the money you are saving to work for you and not just exist.

Every dollar counts, and the interest you earn in these accounts will start adding up a lot. One thing to keep in mind is to make sure these accounts are liquid accounts so that you may be able to withdraw from these accounts easily and quickly in case of an emergency.


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