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From Poverty To Prosperity: Powerball Winner Edwin Castro Buys $4 Million Second Home Shortly After Winning $25 Million Jackpot!

Source: MarketWatch

Looks like the Powerball winner Edwin Castro is putting his massive fortune to good use! First, he snagged a swanky $25 million bachelor pad in Hollywood Hills, and now he’s just bought another home for a “modest” $4 million in Altadena.

It seems he’s found the perfect spot, as it’s just a stone’s throw away from the gas station where he struck it rich. With all this spending, we can only hope that he’s not blown all his winnings on fancy homes and still has enough for some decent lottery tickets.

This recently-snagged new pad in Altadena is around 4,300 square feet and comes with five bedrooms, five bathrooms, and a fancy midcentury-modern design with a hint of Japanese flair.

Edwin Castro’s new purchase is a slice of Zen paradise.

Beyond its massive size, it sits on almost three-quarters of an acre, complete with a pond, a saltwater pool, and a Japanese-inspired zen garden. Beyond that, the ’50s-era abode was recently renovated with modern amenities such as a studio, a theater, and an electronic vehicle charging station in the two-car garage.

Oh, and let’s not forget about the “oversized, pivoting front doors” and “floor-to-ceiling windows throughout,” perfect for a quick escape when the in-laws come to visit.

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Edwin is also the proud owner of a massive Hollywood Hills mansion with five bedrooms, seven bathrooms, and more than 13,000 sq. ft. of living space, which was built in the past year by Roman James Design.

If you look at the recent listing for this Hollywood Hills home, you can see that it sits pretty above the Chateau Marmont and comes with enough bells and whistles to make James Bond jealous. There’s a gaming room for all your poker and pool needs, a wine cellar for your vintage grape juice, and a movie theater for those Netflix and chill nights.

And, whenever Castro is feeling a bit flabby, he can hit the fitness studio, sauna, and steam shower room. This place has it all!

If all of that wasn’t enough, the living room comes with a cozy fireplace, perfect for roasting marshmallows, while the kitchen is packed with high-end Thermador appliances for all Castro’s cooking needs. Oh, and don’t forget the jaw-dropping views of the garden and mountains!

Plus, two of the bedrooms have been transformed into a soundproof cinema and an art studio. So, whether Castro is in the mood for a movie or feeling artsy, this home has him covered.
The winner of the humongous $2 billion Powerball jackpot was M.I.A. for months, and everyone was wondering who the lucky dog was. But on Valentine’s Day, Edwin Castro came out of hiding and revealed himself as the golden ticket holder, raking in a staggering $997.6 million after taxes.

Apparently, Castro had been holding back from the limelight, claiming that he preferred to stay out of the public eye.

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