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Financial Goals You Should Have in 2022

Budget and Plan your Finances with these Financial Goals You Should Have in 2022

Before you go about setting financial goals you should have in 2022, think about your earnings and your expenses and avoid creating goals that are, basically, unachievable. Setting unrealistic goals will leave you feeling helpless for not hitting the goals.. Your goals should be practical, but they should still push you to be better. You also need to accept that financial surprises are always around the corner, and any emergencies or mishaps can ruin your goals.

Your financial goals can be long-term or short-term. Maybe you want to save up some money to travel or go on vacation, or maybe you have a long-term goal like saving a certain amount in your retirement account. Goals are personal to you and depend on your finances, objectives, aspiration, and what stage of life you are in.

Financial Goals You Should Have in 2022:


Investing your money into stocks, bonds, or real estate is the best way to make your money grow. It is better than letting it sit in a savings account with low interests. Of course, there are risks involved, but high and calculated risks can result in highly profitable endings.

An Emergency Fund

This is a short-term financial goal everyone should have. Start an emergency fund that you can use in times of, well, emergencies. How big of a fund you want to save up is completely dependent on you, but it is recommended that your emergency fund be equal to or higher than three months of your income. An emergency fund is a short-term goal. And once you reach this goal, it can help you out in the long term.

Pay Off Debt

Debt is the biggest stress anyone can have in their life. It holds a person back from investing in or buying things they really love. If you don’t have any debt, that’s amazing, and you can work on reaching other goals! You can start by paying off debts with the highest interests or paying off debts with the lowest amounts first.

Make a Savings Goal

Consider your income and set a savings goal for yourself. The earlier you start saving, the more you can save. Also, the money you save starts multiplying and compounding if you invest or save it well. Make a realistic savings goal and calculate how much of your monthly income you need to set aside to reach that goal. Try and always set aside the money you need to save first before going out spending your paycheck!

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Improve Your Financial Literacy

This is one of the most important goals you can set for yourself. Even though you might think you know everything there is to know about money, investing, and saving, there is always more you can improve on. Try and educate yourself on things you might not know of to be as financially stable and financially independent as you can be!

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Travis Barnett is an expert in finances backed by 10 years of experience as a financial analyst at CNB. He graduated from UCLA's Anderson School of Management in 2010 and has been in the field ever since. Travis now enjoys sharing his business experience with others as a financial writer in San Diego. In his spare time, he enjoys hitting the links and working on his golf swing.


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