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Expectation vs. Reality: McDonald’s Revamped Burgers Fail to Impress Customers With One Major Flaw

Source: Know Your Meme

For those who love all things McDonald’s, the current moment is nothing short of thrilling. In the span of a single week, the fast-food titan has achieved a trifecta of successes: reintroducing their beloved Spicy Chicken McNuggets, teasing a forthcoming launch of their legendary Big Mac sauce in dip cups, and perhaps most notably, introducing significant enhancements to their classic burger lineup.

Their efforts include using freshly baked buns that are fluffy and soft, melting cheese to gooey perfection, and generously slathering Big Macs with their signature sauce. However, one modification involving the sautéing of onions atop their burger patties has resulted in a less-than-appetizing outcome for some of the fast-food chain’s patrons.

McDonald’s decision to fuse white onions with their beef patties for a “juicier, caramelized flavor” has sparked a backlash from certain quarters. Though the fast-food giant argues that the alteration is a much-needed upgrade, disgruntled customers who abhor onions are livid that their preferred burgers will now be garnished with them by default.

On a Reddit thread discussing the change, a vociferous commenter declared, “I loathe onions. My stomach churns just thinking about them. If McDonald’s goes ahead with this in my area, they’re essentially dead to me.” Meanwhile, on Twitter, a similar sentiment was expressed by a disgruntled user who remarked, “Looks like McDonald’s doesn’t care about my patronage anymore.”

McDonald’s latest burger upgrades involve cooking diced onions atop their beef patties, rather than integrating them within the meat. This technique is not entirely novel, as White Castle has long used a similar method, whereby their signature sliders are placed directly onto a bed of diced onions while cooking to infuse them with flavor.

McDonald’s fans are also raising concerns about the potential impact of their new burger preparation on those who suffer from onion sensitivities or allergies. While some customers have proposed ordering their burgers sans onions as a workable solution, this suggestion has not fully allayed concern.


A concerned patron took to Twitter to inquire whether McDonald’s would be taking extra measures, such as cleaning and sanitizing grills, to ensure that those with onion allergies and sensitivities can safely consume their burgers.

For some customers, however, the new burger preparation has already forced them to confront the likelihood that they will have to bid adieu to McDonald’s.

One Twitter user revealed that they suffer from a severe onion intolerance that triggers a rapid onset of illness within about 20 minutes of consumption. Upon learning about McDonald’s new onion-laden burger recipe, they expressed dismay, stating, “I guess that means no more burgers for me at McDonald’s.”

At present, McDonald’s has yet to respond to requests for comment on the matter.

McDonald’s intends to introduce the enhanced burger recipe across all its American restaurants by 2024, although some West Coast locations are already offering the revamped burgers. However, these changes will only affect the hamburger, double cheeseburger, cheeseburger, McDouble, and Big Mac.


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