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Best Free Online Resources to Help Manage your Finances

Free Online Resources to help manage your finances

If you’re looking for sites to help you with your personal finances, here are some online resources to check out!

Mint is our number one resource to help manage your finances. It is easy to use and offers a lot to its users. The personal financial management website lets you track your cash flow and budget. The website also analyzes your finances as a whole and suggests how and where you can improve your savings. Mint is free to use and offers mobile apps to track, budget, and save on the go!

Mint continues to improve its AI or machine learning technology to provide better and wiser suggestions. Creating an account on Mint also gives it access to your financial history, which it uses to analyze and track spending habits and trends. You can also set your savings goals on the website, which Mint will help you reach.

Credit Karma

Credit Karma is one of those online resources that helps you with anything to do with your credit. It keeps you updated on your changing credit score, and it monitors and alerts you of potential credit breaches. The website also offers personalized recommendations on managing your money better depending on the information you provide.

With Credit Karma, you also get access to a no-fee checking account, and it recently introduced a new feature called the relief roadmap. You can also use the tool to search for and secure the best deals on credit cards, insurance, auto and house loans, and more.

SoFi Relay

SoFi Relay is another budgeting app like Mint. It allows its customers to link their bank accounts and track and review their balances. It also lets users set spending targets and saving goals. You can link all your external accounts to the SoFi app, which helps keep all your finances in one place.

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SoFi Relay organizes and separates all your finances into different categories to make it easier to manage and track your budget. The app also lets you check on your credit score without any additional costs.

For people who want additional advice on achieving their financial goals, SoFi has an educational finance blog called SoFi Learn. The app also provides its user with a financial planner to help manage and budget their finances in the best way possible.


PocketGuard is one of the best free online resources for those who spend a little too much. Developers created the site to aid people in controlling their spending to save more. You can connect and link all your credit and debit cards to the PocketGuard app to track all your purchases and spending.

You can add savings goals to the app, and PocketGuard will provide suggestions on how you can stay on track. The app also provides suggestions and offers for saving on services you use, like online subscriptions and bills. It helps make sure you aren’t spending on things you don’t actually use.

Personal Capital

Personal Capital is a resource that is a little different from the ones above. While Personal Capital is free to use, it is mainly beneficial to people who have high net worths and are looking to invest. It offers thorough investment management tools, retirement planning, and cash flow management tools.

While most of these tools are free, you need a minimum account balance of $100,000 to get access to its team of financial advisors. $100,000 might seem like a lot, but the minimum might look a little more reasonable if you compare it to hiring a traditional certified financial advisor. Instead of hiring personal financial advisors, investors can talk to Personal Capital’s team to help with investment strategies, minimize taxes, and improve their investment portfolio.

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Lori Abagony
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Lori is a writer for YourMoneyMagic. She holds a masters degree in business journalism and literature from the University of Oklahoma. She enjoys reading a good science fiction novel and is often found hiking on the weekends.


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