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Abandoned Receipts Turn into Jackpot: Woman Creates Casino Game to Score Big

We guess it’s time for slots and cards to move over because this woman has a game that’ll blow your mind! Introducing: the abandoned receipt collecting extravaganza!

That’s right, this savvy New Yorker has figured out how to make a fortune without spending a dime. She scours the casino floor for forgotten cash receipts and tallies up her winnings at the end of the night. It’s a game of skill, strategy, and a bit of luck.

Are you ready to play what this woman refers to as the brand new casino game, “Scored”?

If you’re ever in a casino and you see someone scurrying around like a raccoon, it might just be Ileana. She’s not searching for discarded french fries, though. Instead, she’s collecting cash receipts that people have left behind.

These little receipts are like casino leftovers that most people just throw away without a second thought. But not Ileana! She’s on a mission to collect these forgotten scraps of paper and turn them into something more substantial.

She then takes her loot to the cash machine and turns the scraps of paper into cold hard cash. In one of her recent TikTok videos, she proudly declares that her haul for the night is a whopping $7.28.


While it may not be enough to retire on, as far as Ileana is concerned, it’s all free money and a victory well earned.

Ileana was excited to share her casino “game” tip on TikTok, hoping to get high-fives from other casino-goers. However, she was surprised to see some negative reactions from the comments.

One person who claimed to be a casino employee cautioned her to be careful, while another accused her of “silver mining,” which apparently isn’t allowed.

One commenter even labeled her a “ticket miner” and claimed it could get her kicked out of the casino. And if that wasn’t enough, someone else chimed in with the claim that the money left behind belonged to the casino. But Ileana wasn’t worried, and clapped back with her lawyer’s seal of approval, stating that it was legal in the state she was in.

In fact, Ileana even argued that there are bigger fish to fry, such as customers who count cards or harass others. Despite her lawyer’s assurance that it was legal in her state, some commenters shared stories of people getting in trouble for doing the same thing.

One person even claimed that their sister-in-law was surrounded by four burly security guards for picking up a measly 10-cent ticket off the floor.


Luckily for Ileana, there were as many defenders on her TikTok.

“People will find anything to complain about,” one commenter defended Ileana. “If they’re leaving the ticket behind, they’re forfeiting it. Keep doing you, girl!”

Another defender added, “If it’s not against the rules and it’s free money, why not? The casino makes enough already.”

If we had to top this story off with anything else, it’d be, well, attempt at your own risk.


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