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A Karen Named Linda Didn’t Contribute to the Office Gift. The Office Got Revenge

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Collecting funds for purposes like get-well gifts within the workplace is a widely practiced tradition. In this particular scenario, one colleague decided not to contribute to a fundraising initiative, yet still insisted on being part of the planning process. However, as shared by a Reddit user, this ‘Karen’ faced the consequences when they encountered a dose of small-scale revenge.

Admittedly, navigating politics in the office can be a daunting task. Recognizing that the office is not only a professional setting but also a social structure has long been a familiar concept. This notion has been a source of inspiration for various forms of entertainment, ranging from comedy and drama to even musicals.

Dunder Mifflin, anyone?

However, despite spending years working remotely and potentially losing touch with office etiquette, certain social norms of office life still hold true. Although there are ongoing discussions about whether we are obligated to have fun when in the workplace, certain expectations remain intact. For instance, if you choose not to put in money when a gift fund comes around, you may not have the opportunity to participate in related conversations or decision-making.

It seems that “Linda” conveniently overlooked that aspect. In a subreddit post shared on r/pettyrevenge, Redditoer u/worldworn recounted an incident involving a coworker who appeared to desire recognition without actually contributing anything substantial.

According to the account shared by World-worn, one of their managers at their workplace was facing severe medical challenges. Given the manager’s popularity, it was expected that a collection would be organized. Taking charge of the task, world-worn decided to synchronize the gift-giving with the manager’s upcoming birthday.


The majority of office colleagues promptly contributed to the collection, and world-worn diligently maintained a record of the contributors, ensuring they would have the opportunity to add their signature to the birthday card once they procured the gift.

However, one individual chose not to participate:

“One coworker, Linda, mentioned that she wanted to contribute at a later time, though she didn’t have the necessary cash at the moment. It struck me as peculiar since many people don’t keep cash on them, and there wasn’t any reason to fuss about it. Typically, these contributions are not substantial amounts, and considering Linda’s financial situation, she definitely had the means to contribute. Nonetheless, I decided not to pressure her into participating if she didn’t wish to do so.”

Naturally, it wouldn’t be a significant issue in itself if someone chose not to contribute to a cause. Sometimes people are unable or unwilling to participate, and that’s understandable. No harm done. However, “Linda” couldn’t simply leave it be and move on.

Several weeks prior to the gift purchase deadline, World-worn talked to their colleagues to gather opinions through a voting process on what gift to buy. It was communicated that those who contributed would have the opportunity to vote.

This is where “Linda” comes into the picture:


She decided to take charge and began dictating what gift should be purchased, despite not making any financial contribution herself. Not only that, but her suggestions were quite inappropriate.

Reluctantly, world-worn decided to include one of Linda’s suggestions on the choice list and distributed it to all of the people that donated.

To make matters worse, after World-worn purchased the card and gift, it was passed around for everyone to sign. However, to Worldworn’s dismay, “Linda” not only signed the card (what audacity!) but also decided to write an extensive message that occupied a significant amount of space.

Fueled by a sense of pettiness, world-worn decided to purchase a new birthday card and discreetly collect signatures from everyone except Linda. Without her knowledge, the revised card was circulated among her colleagues.

Eventually, the gift was presented to the manager on the first day back.

The manager opened the birthday card with the entire group in the room, and the surprise on Linda’s face, upon realizing it was not the card she had signed, was gold. Reportedly, she contemplated filing an HR complaint they advised against it.


Indeed, “Linda” made a significant error in judgment that day, and we hope she’s learned her lesson.


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