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4 Ways You Can Earn Money from Playing Video Games

Yes, you can now benefit from your favorite activity by earning money through it. Read more to find out four ways you can make good money from playing video games.

Playing video games of any sort is a great way of passing your time. They keep you super entertained while also helping you increase your strategic skills at the same time. Especially now, video games offer most realistic visuals, special effects, and thrilling storylines.

If you’re a big fan of playing video games, wouldn’t it be great if you could use your leisure time as a way to earn money? Yes, you read that correctly. It is possible to make money off of playing video games. Let’s take a look at a few ways you can do that.

1. Professional Gamer

Professional gaming is surely a thing and is now becoming quite a lucrative field. The thing is, gamers exist all across the world. Passionate gamers who are the best at what they do. So, good news for all video game fanatics – you can now make a career from it. Gaming tournaments are held worldwide at arenas where gamers compete against each other for a huge chunk of money. Those tournaments include video games of all kinds and are live-streamed for people to watch as well.

2. Game Reviewer

You know how food and fashion blogging is a thing? Well, game blogging or vlogging is one, too, now. How it works is that you play a certain game and then make a video to review the game. Tell your viewers about your experience with playing the game. From talking about the story to discussing characters to reviewing the gameplay and its visuals – you cover every aspect of the game. When your video reaches a certain viewership, you will start receiving money for it.

3. Tester for Video Games

Game testing might just be the most fun thing one can do, especially if they’re a sucker for video games. Being a game tester requires you to literally “test” a game and check if it’s playable. See if the gameplay has any flaws in it. Since developing a game is based on advanced technology, it’s important to see if there are any loopholes while playing the game. Game companies are now hiring more and more game testers as many games are being developed, and all of them need to be tested before they hit the market.

4. Game Tutorials

Gamers often tend to get stuck on a certain level they might find difficult. Thanks to the internet, where there are answers to everything, you can also capitalize on some good cash. What you can do is, create video tutorials of actually playing the game. Film yourself doing a play-through of the whole game and upload it for people struggling through the game to watch for guidance. If you’re a great player yourself, more people will start watching your tutorials. At a point, you’ll see an increase in your views and will start getting paid for your tutorials.


Start Making Money from Video Games!

Playing video games might often be considered a waste of time. However, some games increase your knowledge and also enhance your strategy and communication skills. What adds to the list of benefits of playing video games is that you can start earning money through them. As a gamer, this is an opportunity you shouldn’t dismiss. If you have refined skills when playing video games, put them to use and make some profit.


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