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10 Most Ridiculous Items Neil Patrick Harris Ever Bought

For decades, actor Neil Patrick Harris lent his exceptional talent on the screen to entertain the viewers. He initially made a mark as a genius teenage doctor in Doogie Howser, M.D. The 47-year-old actor also appeared as the slick but funny Barney Stinson in How I Met Your Money and then became the ruthless Count Olaf in the TV adaptation of A Series of Unfortunate Events. He also wrote several books, including the very popular The Magic Misfits, where he displayed his love for magic.

Aside from his talent, Harris is also known for having a highly interesting and complex personality. The fans are always in awe when it comes to his achievements. Apart from his craft, people are also curious to know the extravagant purchases he made over the years. Here are some of the posh possessions of the multi-awarded celebrity.

#10: Harlem Townhouse Residence

In 2016, Harris and his husband David Burtka purchase a four-story townhouse in Harlem. The 8,000-sq.ft. property has an estimated price of $4 million. They started using it as their main residence since they bought it until today. Based on previous interviews, the couple decorated the townhouse with plenty of valuable artworks and other belongings. It is just one of the properties that the couple bought together.

#9: Estate In East Hampton

After buying the Harlem townhouse, Harris bought an East Hampton property that reportedly costs $5,500,000. The 3.5 acres lot contains a four-bedroom house with 5.5 bathrooms. It looks like the perfect place to raise the couple’s children, twins Harper Grace and Gideon Scott. Aside from the spacious area, the twins would love to spend time in this property because of its lavish pool.


#8. How I Met Your Mother’s Iconic Booth

While it may not be considered purchase, the actor managed to “stole” the famous booth used in his hit TV sitcom set. It is the area where Harris’ character Barney regularly met with his friends Ted Mosby (portrayed by Josh Radnor), Lily Aldrin (played by Alyson Hannigan), Marshall Eriksen (played by Jason Segel), and Robin Scherbatsky (portrayed by Cobie Smulders). In an interview with Vogue in 2016, Harris mentioned that he got the booth after the series wrapped up.

#7: Plenty Of Red Bull

While the energy drink may not be something that Harris would always include in his grocery list, cans of Red Bull must be mentioned in this list. The manufacturer offered Harris a lifetime supply of Red Bull after seeing him taking a sip in most of his public appearances. It can be a form of free publicity for the brand.

#6: Black AirPods

When Apple dropped the AirPods in the market, almost all the celebrities hurriedly got a pair. But Harris did not want to get the generic variety. Instead, he ordered a pair of custom-made black AirPods. He said that his pair looks much better than the regular white ones.


#5: Figure From Haunted Mansion

Harris is notorious for his love for all holidays, including Halloween. He collects various spooky characters to decorate their home during this fun occasion. One of the items that he showed his fans includes a bust figure of a scary toothless man.

#4: Popcorn Maker

Everyone knows that Harris is a man who knows exactly what he wants. Since he loves to entertain, it is not surprising that he acquired a popcorn maker for his family to make movie nights more enjoyable. It sure beats leaving their Harlem home each time the twins ask for a tub of popcorn while watching a film in their TV room.

#3: Typewriter From L.C. Smith

Harris has a well-decorated work area in his Harlem home. It may be the place where he reads his scripts or has other tasks done. One of the most notable items in the room is the posh vintage typewriter made by THE L.C. Smith & Bros. While it remains unknown whether he uses the typewriter, it remains a good focal point that provides more character to the room.


#2: A Full Bar

While mere mortals need to get out of the house each time they are craving a good drink, Harris has the privilege to stay indoors and make a glass or two of his favorite cocktails. In a previous interview, he mentioned that he loves entertaining guests inside his home, so he had a bar built on his property. He also filled the bar with a wide range of liquors so his guests can choose what they want all the time.

#1: Painting Of Gideon Rubin

Harris is very vocal about his admiration for the famous painter Gideon Rubin. He even based the name of his son on the Israeli artist. He and Burtka also acquired one of Rubin’s paintings and strategically placed it on top of their staircase. They also have plenty of other precious artworks from various artists in their homes.


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