Woman ‘Not Built for 9-5’ Quits on Fourth Day of Work

By: Lauren | Last updated: Oct 23, 2023

A TikTok video from user @sarasn99 has gone viral, as she tells the world that she’s planning to quit her job after only four days.

The video has sparked a huge debate on TikTok, and even within the media as to whether or not the 9-5 workday is actually as miserable and impractical as Sara and others claim it is.

What Sara’s Video Really Says

The TikTok clip is only a few seconds long, and while @sarasn99 doesn’t actually say anything, the text across the screen reads, “when it’s ur 4th day at a new job and ur already planning how to quit.”


Source: @sarasn99/TikTok

Her facial expression is clearly one of extreme frustration, and although you cannot see where she works, it certainly looks like an office setting.


Let’s Let @sarasn99 Explain

In the caption for the video, @sarasn99 states, “I used to think I just hadn’t found my “calling” yet but yall I’m just not built for a 9-5 no matter what it is.”


Source: @sarasn99/TikTok

Sara also adds several hashtags that explain she’s working in #corporatelife, but also that the video is meant to be funny with the tags #lol and #humor.

What Does the World Have to Say?

As with any viral TikTok, the world is certainly responding with their opinions in the comments section.


Source: @sarasn99/TikTok

While there are a few comments that state working is tough, but you’ve just got to do it, the majority of people have responded with resounding support for @sarasn99 to quit her job as soon as possible!

Sara’s Not the Only One Who Thinks 9-5’s Are the Worst

In addition to the thousands of comments that agree with Sara about how horrible 9-5 life really is, there are plenty of other TikTok users who are making similar videos themselves.


Source: @allyallyk/TikTok

User @jraexx10 posted, “I refuse to believe anyone enjoys working a 9-5. I feel dead inside, like I lost all my happiness.”

Does Anyone Enjoy a 9-5 Job?

Of course, there are also some people who disagree with @sarasn99 and @jraexx10, stating that 9-5 jobs are actually great!

Source: @guacandr0ll/TikTok

A recent video from @guacandr0ll stated, “I luv getting paid to dress in cute business casual outfits, drink iced coffee, and just type all in a heated building and comfy chair.”


Two Sides of the 9-5 Debate

Many are arguing that many members of the Gen-Z generation and even some Millennials are finally getting it right and that work-life balance is much more important than working a job you hate.

Source: Ian Forsyth/Getty Images

However, many argue that the new generations are simply spoiled. Because for many people around the world, the stability and security of a 9-5 job is a dream, not a nightmare.


What’s the Bottom Line?

Millions of people learned to work from home instead of in an office in 2020, and a wide range of workers are now wondering if we can change the system again to allow for a better work-life balance.

Source: Geoff Doran/Getty Images

Though it’s too soon to tell if the 9-5 corporate workday will really ever change, it seems that the debate on social media is here for the long haul.