Woman Explains the Real Reason Why Gen Z and Millennials Don’t Want to Work Anymore

By: Ben Campbell | Last updated: Mar 21, 2024

A young woman has taken to TikTok to share with the following the actual reason Gen Z and Millennials no longer want to work.

According to the TikToker, she believes there are a few primary reasons behind this, some of which may surprise you.

Advice From a Leader

Elizabeth Lotardo is the vice president at the leadership development consulting firm McLeod & More.

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She said, “We have an inherent desire to be part of something that’s bigger than ourselves. When you can see the impact that you have on another person, another community, on the world, that carries a lot of weight.”


We Need a Sense of Purpose

Elizabeth went on to say that everyone wants to work, but without a purpose, it will be hard to motivate yourself each day.

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She said, “Obviously, we are toiling under a capitalist machine, but our brains also want to be productive. We want a sense of meaning and direction. It keeps us going.”

A Message for TikTok

This is why one woman has taken to her TikTok account to address the idea that millennials and Gen Z don’t want to work.

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According to @thatginger4567, Gen Z and millennials do want to work; they just don’t want to work without a purpose.

Gen Z and Millennials Want to Work

Mik, otherwise known as @thatginger4567 on TikTok, makes it clear in her video that she wants to work.

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She claims that most of Gen Z want to work, as do the Millennials. If she didn’t have to work, she firmly believes boredom would consume her.

During the Height of COVID

During the video, Mik speaks on her employment during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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She said, “I was unemployed for 15 months. I was more stressed than bored. I recall finding ways to break up the days that somehow made me feel busy. Still, I do prefer to work.”


Find What You Love to Do

Unlike the vast majority of people in the States, Mik loves her job. She believes if you are passionate about your work, you’ll also be motivated.

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She said, Once upon a time, people were working hideous hours in dangerous factories. While those conditions have improved immensely, one thing remains the same. We are all working in order to make money.”


Working a Full-Time Job Isn’t the Same

Sadly, for Gen Z and millennials, working a full-time job no longer holds the same promises it did over half a century ago.

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Mik said, “Gen Z was sold a bill of goods that is simply not possible. Going to college and getting a degree doesn’t guarantee you’ll be able to secure a job that allows you to live.”


Prices Are on the Rise

According to the TikTok star, prices continue to rise, yet the salary from a full-time job remains more or less the same due to inflation.

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She said, “Everything is so expensive right now, and wages are not keeping up with the cost of living. This is the source of [our] generation’s frustration and, in all honesty, most people’s.”


Working to Survive

Another disheartening part of working today as a young person is it’s impossible to save, according to Mik.

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She said, “Everyone deserves to have a nice time, but no one has the extra money needed to spend an evening out. It’s depressing and frustrating. We can barely afford to pay our rent and buy food.”


Side Hustles

She finished by speaking about the younger generations who work two or three jobs.

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While many refer to these gigs as side hustles, it’s more likely a person is working a second job on top of a full-time job just to get by.


The Older Generations Have Given Up

So, according to Mik, there are numerous reasons why Gen Z and millennials are pulling away from full-time jobs.

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It doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t want to work. Instead, many are just unmotivated due to forever increasing prices, which they simply cannot afford even with a full-time job.