Walmart’s New Carts Have Left Customers Very Unimpressed

By: Lauren | Last updated: Oct 22, 2023

Almost 50 million people shop at a Walmart store every single day. Although many love its low prices and wide variety of products, Walmart has certainly experienced its fair share of criticisms over the years.

And Walmart’s newest decision to roll out newly designed shopping carts has sparked a serious debate among its millions of shoppers, and most report that they’re quite unimpressed.

Classic Shopping Carts Get a Makeover

While shopping cart sizes and styles can vary marginally between companies, the general design has stayed the same for decades. Realistically, the only reason stores purchase new shopping carts is to replace those that have worn down.


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However, Walmart recently decided to change the classic style cart for a new and supposedly improved model at a few of its stores. But while usually, replacement carts with functioning wheels and plastic handle covers are appreciated by shoppers, Walmart’s carts have received a less than stellar response.


New Walmart Shopping Carts: What’s Different?

The new shopping carts at Walmart have three distinct differences from the previous design: They are much taller, they have cup holders, and each cart has a phone holder installed on the handle.


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While these may seem like minor changes, apparently, they have made a big difference for shoppers, but not in the ways Walmart had hoped they would.

The Biggest Problem? The Carts Are Too Tall

The height of the new carts seems to be the biggest issue for Walmart customers. People have reported that they are much too tall to push comfortably, especially for those who are shorter than average height.


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One Walmart customer wrote on the company’s Facebook page, “As a short person, these are terrible,” and another commented, “Walmart did not think about short people before getting these carts,”

Walmart’s New Carts Aren’t Ideal for Shopping with Children

Because of the immense height of the new carts, parents are also complaining that they make it extremely difficult to shop with young children.


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One customer reported, “I can barely pick my 3-year-old up as is, but trying to put him in this buggy the other day was hard,” and another said, “I had to lift the 9-month-old baby I sit for up over my head to get him in.” Even once parents successfully sat their child in the seat, they said that it’s challenging to see around their children as they’re essentially sitting at eye level.

Elderly Customers May Not Be Comfortable with the New Design

Shorter adults and parents are less than impressed with Walmart’s new tall carts, but one demographic of customers may not be able to use the carts at all.

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Walmart sees a large number of elderly shoppers every day, and senior citizens, whether because of their height or physical capabilities, simply won’t be able to push these new giant carts.


People Aren’t Even Using the Phone Holder

One of the new features of Walmart’s carts is a phone holder installed on the handle of each and every one. However, Walmart customers have reported that they have no interest in using the phone holder for two reasons.

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First, some worry that they would leave their phone in the holder when they exit the store and figure the convenience isn’t worth the risk. Second, many shoppers are worried about phone theft; they say that leaving your phone in the holder and stepping away from the cart to grab something off the shelf is essentially inviting a thief to steal the phone.


The Cup Holder Has Received Rave Reviews

Realistically, the only feature of the new carts that has been praised across the board is the built-in cup holder.

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Most people shop with a to-go coffee or water in hand, so having a cup holder in the cart is certainly convenient. Although, cart cup holders are for sale in a wide variety of retail stores and it seems this one benefit isn’t worth a whole new fleet of carts that have several other downsides.


There Are Some Customers Who Appreciate the New Carts

It’s important to note that while the response to Walmat’s new carts has been overwhelmingly negative, there are a few customers who like the new style.

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One Walmart customer wrote on Facebook, “Kudos on making improvements to the carts and store! Well done,” and another wrote” “Personally, I love them.” However, these positive reactions seem few and far between.


Are the New Carts a Way for Walmart to Make More Money?

It seems that though Walmart is claiming the new cart design was made specifically with the consumer in mind, there could be another reason that benefits the company, not their customers.

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Many people are wondering if the new, taller and, therefore, bigger carts are a way to subtly encourage customers to purchase more items during their shopping trip. One customer wrote on Facebook, “Higher carts mean larger carts, which means more space to put more items in. More money for Walmart.”


Not All Walmart’s Ideas Have Been a Slam Dunk

This isn’t Walmart’s first idea that has received negative backlash. The company also struggled after removing employee assisted checkout counters from several of its locations, leaving only self-checkout registers.

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In fact, so many customers complained that Walmart was forced to go back to the old system and ensure that there are at least some associate organized checkout lines in every store.


Will Walmart Roll Out the New Carts Across the Country?

One customer suggested, “I think the ones they just had before they got these should be an option as well. Have the regular ones for the shorter customers and elderly, and the taller ones for the taller folks.” However, that plan would likely be a logistical nightmare and wouldn’t be worth the cost for Walmart.

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Because the new carts have been received so poorly, it’s unlikely that Walmart will roll out a whole new fleet of the design in its thousands of stores around the country – Walmart customers will just have to wait and find out if the company plans to do so!