Walmart Caught Throwing Away $200,000 Worth of Food

By: Riley Brown | Last updated: Oct 15, 2023

Walmart is undoubtedly the largest big-box retailer on the planet, and though billions of people shop there, it is more commonly featured in the news for its mistakes rather than its triumphs.

This time is no different—because of a Walmart employee’s TikTok video released in June 2023, the company has been caught red-handed throwing away an almost unbelievable amount of food.

Trashing $200,000 Worth of Food

In a now-viral TikTok video, @impicklerick408 shows an entire aisle worth of grocery carts filled to the brim with Walmart produce on its way to the dumpster, stating, “Crazy Walmart throwing away over 200k worth of food in 1 night.”


Source: @impicklerick404/TikTok

It’s safe to say the incredible video has incited a huge reaction from the millions of people who saw it.


A Comment Section Divided

Most viewers are distraught over the immense waste that the video shows and are arguing that the food should have been donated to charity rather than disposed of. On the other hand, many have actually come to Walmart’s defense.


Source: @Vicksprings/Twitter

They contend that because the food was said to be expired, it couldn’t be donated as it would not only be a liability for the company but could almost make people seriously ill.

Is This Standard Procedure?

Apparently, this kind of thing happens all the time— not just at Walmart but at grocery stores around the country. And while some people are furious about this reality, others see it as an inevitable aspect of food sales.


Source: @The_Eli_Bee/Twitter

It is still unknown whether the food was thrown away because of the expiration date, freezer malfunctions, electricity loss, or general poor planning from Walmart. But that hasn’t stopped people from arguing about what can be done to change the system.

What Does Walmart Have to Say for Itself?

So what does the company have to say for itself? Though Walmart hasn’t responded directly to the video, the corporate empire clearly states on its website that any unused edible food is supposed to be donated to “food banks and charities,” and the rest is supposedly made into “animal feed, compost, or energy.”


Source: Imgur

Though as we see, that isn’t what happened last time. And although Walmart has vowed to be completely waste free by 2025, it seems like it has a long way to go to achieve that lofty goal and live up to its word.