Stunning Videos Taken With GoPro And Drone Footage Showcase Our Beautiful World

By: Lauren Wurth | Last updated: Oct 18, 2023

Amazing technology like drone cameras and GoPros allow us to capture incredible scenes from almost every angle. 

Drones give a bird’s eye view without disturbing the scenery. Body cameras like the GoPro let us shoot from a first-person perspective. GoPros have become the go-to gadget for recording the adventures of adrenaline junkies. We’ve gathered some awesome photos that are sure to give you chills.

Living on the edge

Today, anyone can shoot extraordinary footage, just like the pros, with a GoPro. Thrill seekers like travelers, bikers, surfers, and mountain climbers use it to capture amazing action. 


The first-person point of view gets even more exciting when daredevils and thrill seekers bring their cameras to cool places. The adrenaline junkie who took this picture was kind enough to bring us to the very top of a high building. Be careful when looking down! 


In the blue shallows

On a whale-watching trip, a boatful of tourists in Mexico got a lot more than they bargained for when this happened. Images like these make you appreciate the beauty of our world. While at the same time fearing just how powerful it can be.


Pictured above is a humongous gray whale beneath a boat of tourists. Of course, it could quite easily flip the vessel if it wanted to, but luckily, this sweet animal only gave the boat and its passengers a tiny love tap before going on its way. 

Oceanic family

This playful orca and her offspring are pictured swimming alongside a woman. The female killer whale suddenly started circling the swimmer. Thanks to a perfectly-timed drone shot, we can see how this possibly scary encounter turned into an awe-inspiring moment in nature.


The juvenile whales watch their mother splash around with the woman. These “killer” whales are actually sweet when interacting with humans. This woman has a fantastic story to share, with an equally impressive photo to back it up!

Mind the hammerhead!

This chilling drone footage shot in Miami shows a large hammerhead shark swimming below a man. The man seems relaxed while floating on his back, unaware of the giant shark just inches below him.


The hammerhead swam near the man for a while before heading off. Fortunately, the shark doesn’t seem to have minded the man in the water. With a bird’s eye view, it’s easy for us to think of what could have happened. We can’t even imagine how shocked he was when he saw this footage.

Predators in action

Crocodiles are some of the deadliest predators around. They have mastered the art of stalking and eventually killing their prey, so it is best to steer clear of them. However, thanks to this drone footage, we are allowed a closer look at these crocodiles and their hunting habits.

In the shot above, a drone catches the perfect shot of six crocodiles. These crocs have all arranged themselves in a circle, facing toward the middle. Whatever prey is in the middle of this deadly formation, we wish them luck getting out of it.


Fresh from the farm

An enormous crocodile celebrates scoring a fresh meal in Papua New Guinea. Drone footage shows a colossal crocodile enjoying an entire pig in the water. How did this pig get there? We don’t know for sure.

What we do know is that it is one unlucky pig. But, on the other hand, the photographer is lucky to have captured the exact moment that the crocodile floated to the surface with the poor pig. The croc will undoubtedly enjoy this delicious meal after a long day of playing predator.


Survival of the fittest

Just off the coast of California, a group of great white sharks was feeding on a dolphin. For the swimmers who were mere yards away from the scene, this was a terrifying experience to witness.

The photo above gives meaning to the term “survival of the fittest” in action. Of course, the firsthand experience of this wouldn’t be possible without the incredible technology of drone photography. Still, seeing this spectacle from boats that were close enough must have been an experience to remember.


Shark friends and their food

Another rare sight captured by a drone camera is one sight we are happy to see from the safety of the internet. Drone footage can capture incredible scenes, especially regarding sea life.

What’s scarier than one shark? Seventy sharks swarming below you in a feeding frenzy. With this crystal clear water, you can see just that. Seventy sharks gathered around a large whale carcass. Luckily no one on the boats fell into the shark-infested waters below.


A friendly hello

A hunter found a lost GoPro that had been lost months before. When he charged the camera and took a look at the footage he was in for a surprise! A bear had found the abandoned camera and decided to say hello!


Not only did he turn the camera on himself but he curiously inspected the object before moving on and leaving it behind. Lucky for us, the hunter shared the incredible footage of the bear playing with the camera online.


Careful where you step

This one is sure to make your skin crawl. A hiker in Hawaii took a terrifying slip down a waterfall. The entire incident was caught on her GoPro camera. She lost her footing and fell a whole 50 feet into the water below.

unofficial networks

She had turned her camera on only moments before the fall to capture the beautiful waterfall. Her misstep cost her broken ribs and a collapsed lung. Fortunately, she did make a full recovery!


Upside down

In this incredible GoPro footage, a diver swims upside down against the top of a frozen lake. He drifts across it with ease, but it sure gives us goosebumps. What if he gets stuck under there?


You might also notice an ominous-looking figure in the background. While it might appear like a secret sea monster, it is actually just another diver exploring the great blue sea. No mermaids here!


Any fear of heights?

One of the most common uses for GoPro cameras is to record parkour tricks. This man records as he climbs on top of a bridge and looks down below. He drops something into the water which makes a splash and shows you just how high off the ground he is!

make use of

We’re not sure we totally understand the thrill seekers who live this close to the edge. This camera angle is enough to make us want to take a step back to safety.


A dangerous hangout

A thrill seeking daredevil hangs from scaffolding in Europe in this viral footage. In this terrifying image he hangs from a single hand and dangles 250 feet above the city. While it might have been fun for him, it almost makes us feel sick!

The adventurer said that he chose the location because of how high it was. He could not pass up the opportunity to climb the crane and film some footage from high above. He’s either very brave or very stupid. You decide!


A horrifying surprise

While looking for lionfish, a swimmer gets a surprise from a shark. It appears to come out of nowhere and sets its sights on the swimmer. The camera strapped to his body catches the entire incident.

Reef sharks are relatively small (but no less terrifying) than other species of shark. They grow to be about 10 feet in length. That’s definitely big enough to give you a frightening shock! He fights the shark off with a spear which you can see in the image.


Good angles

There is no shortage of daredevils seeking thrills and bringing their camera along to record the adventure. With a GoPro strapped to his head, the man launches off a cliffside and glides through the air.


You can almost feel your stomach drop from free fall by looking at this photo. He’s not the only one enjoying the fall. You can see another thrill chaser in the background enjoying his own flying experience.


Take a hike!

This bridge hugs a tall mountainside in China. The bottom of the bridge is entirely glass so you can see the 1,000 foot drop below your feet. This tourist attraction is not for the faint of heart.


The bridge is the longest glass-bottomed trail in the world and it wraps around the mountain in a spiral. While there’s no denying the stunning scenery, we prefer to experience it with our feet planted firmly on the ground.


Just keep swimming

Sharing the ocean with sharks must be scary! We can see these fish have the right idea: give them some room. When it comes to these predators “power in numbers” isn’t all that effective.


You can see the school of fish perfectly avoiding the shark so they don’t become today’s lunch. It’s fascinating to watch them evade the predators from above.


Feeding Frenzy

Here you can see survival of the fittest playing out on-screen. A small pod of killer whales feasts on another ocean mammal. It looks like a parent Orca brought dinner home to the younger ones.


We are fortunate that a drone from above caught this family feast on camera. This is the kind of scene marine scientists and researchers long to see for their entire careers. Drones allow for incredible footage of wildlife without disturbing it.


Down below

Shipwrecks can be very mysterious. Think about all of the lost treasures that could be lying on the bottom of the ocean floor right now. Why didn’t the ship make it out? What could be hiding in there?

yahoo news canada

A combination of excellent drone cameras and clear water allow for us to examine this sunken ship from above. It makes you wonder what the story surrounding this mysterious ship is. What might divers find there if they were to explore it.


Risky handstand

For some parkour fanatics, doing a handstand just simply isn’t enough. They have to stand on their hands on the edge of a building. This particular man brought his camera up to the top of a 500 foot building in Tel Aviv, Israel.


He sets up the camera on the edge of the building and starts doing insane stunts. One small move could mean falling over. Even a light breeze could knock him over. It makes us cringe to watch but he seems to know what he’s doing.


Watch behind you

One of the most incredible things about whales is their sheer size and without something to compare them to, it is difficult to really appreciate how big these creatures are. This camera caught a truly amazing scene in which a whale looks to be following a boat.


The boat is maybe half the size of the humpback whale behind it. It gives us that familiar feeling of fear and awe at the same time. Like so many other drone photos, it’s stunning and terrifying all at once.


Don’t swim here

Drones are often used to study sea animal patterns and learn from them. One such camera catches a huge group of stingrays migrating together. At first glance you might not even be able to tell what they are.


It’s pretty incredible to see this many stingrays moving in such close quarters together. But can you imagine accidentally swimming into this group? Their barbs can be fatal. Ouch!


Two on one

Standup paddle boarding is a serene activity that allows you to enjoy the water from the comfort of a paddle board. But how much comfort does that floating device give you when faced by 2 giant whales?


We’re sure this man was completely shocked (and probably frightened) when these 2 beasts swam directly under his board. He’s lucky they didn’t make too many waves as they passed. They’re probably more interested in the fish than the man, but we sure wouldn’t want to come face to face with these animals in the deep blue sea alone.


A whirlpool of terror

Naturally occurring things in nature can be simultaneously beautiful and freaky. This sink hole is one such example. Imagine swimming around and being suddenly sucked into this vortex. It looks like some kind of passage to the underworld.

daily express

It is actually a perfectly normal sinkhole that can result from unstable ground. But if you didn’t know that, you might be absolutely terrified at the sight of this daunting opening in the water. The lesson here is “watch where you swim” unless you want to be sucked into inner earth.


Bubble hunting

This is a really incredible image of humpbacks hunting food. Without context you might not even be able to tell what you’re looking at. Two whales are blowing bubbles in a cyclone pattern to capture krill.

cosmos magazine

The two are working together to capture the krill coming to the surface of the water and enjoying their catch. It’s a beautiful example of natural feeding processes that we don’t always get to see so close up.


Gulliver the Giant

Google Maps satellite features captured this strange and mysterious formation in Scotland. The structure raised many questions and concerns about where it came from and what the point of it is.

daily express

The limbs appear to be disjointed and it’s just all around creepy. If that wasn’t enough for you, the creator turns out to be a convicted murderer. It’s decayed over time because it was a popular children’s playground and time has not been kind.


Killer clowns

2016 was a strange year. Clowns were going around tormenting and terrifying people for seemingly no reason. Some people speculated it was a marketing ploy for the upcoming clown film, It.


A drone camera caught this chilling scene of a clown lurking in a field. It’s a bone chilling scene because the clown stares dead into the camera with a curious head tilt. It feels like he can see us!


Tallest building in the world

If standing on the edge of a building wasn’t enough to thrill you, try this picture on for size. The Burj Khalifa in Dubai is the tallest building in the world standing at over 2,700 feet.


We’re not sure what inspires a person to stand on the very edge and look down, but it sure makes for a goosebump-inducing photo. We sure hope this person is strapped in because at a height like that, there’s no surviving a fall.


Strength in numbers

In another incredible example of sealife up close and personal, we see thousands of fish and a few sharks just below the water’s surface. You can clearly see at least 3 large sharks swimming around, probably looking for a snack.


The fish are too smart to put themselves in the sharks’ path so they create these interesting shapes as they avoid them as a group. It’s an unbelievable scene to watch from above.


Fluffy pink bunny

On a mountain side in Italy, you’ll find a giant decomposing pink bunny sculpture. This plush rabbit is completely out of place against the lush green countryside of Italy. You might be wondering, “Why is this thing here?” and you’re not alone. We wondered the same thing.

history a2z

As it turns out, the answer is simple. It’s art. A group of artists created this 200-foot long creature. But they didn’t plan on it eroding away so quickly. What was once a giant pink bunny is now a gray-ish decayed piece of fabric.


Too close for comfort

Dubai has tons of incredibly tall buildings, including the Burj Khalifa, which is the tallest building in the world. Parkour is popular in the city because of the landscape that allows for people to creatively move from one place to another.

men_s journal

This man obviously likes to live on the edge (literally). We don’t think he could be closer to falling even if he tried. It looks like he’s not even holding onto anything because his one hand is visible in the image and we assume the other is holding the camera.


Deep dive

In a 1983 diving competition that took place at Seaworld, people gathered to see 6 divers perform the highest dives of all time. They created a 172-foot high platform, which the divers climbed up and dove off of.


It gives us the chills to see the distance between this man and the water below. While these brave men were all professionals, dives from these heights often result in injury.


Walking the line

This death-defying photo makes our stomach turn. Tight rope walking is no easy sport. It requires complete concentration and balance. One tiny mismove means you’re falling over and at a height like this, the result could be dire.

bored panda

Fortunately, it looks like this woman has herself strapped to the rope so she won’t fall to her demise. But not only is she walking the line, she is doing yoga on the line. We’re impressed but also very on edge.


Sweep it away

Sharks are usually not that interested in eating us, but they are curious about humans and often will approach boats to see what’s up. In this example, a shark swam up to a fishing boat to investigate.


When he gets a little too close for comfort, the fisherman decides he needs to fight him off before he ends up in the water. His weapon of choice is a broom that happened to be onboard. Thankfully, it was effective.


Spider’s high dive

In another example of diving from incredible heights, a man stands above an 80-foot drop in Jamaica. This man’s name is Spider, which is fitting of a man who jumps off cliffs for fun.


From this angle, you can even see the jagged rocks that litter the water below. Not only is this location one of the craziest high dives we’ve ever seen, but Spider has an interesting take on life-threatening jumps. Right before he dives, he simply says, “No problem”.


Free solo

Rock climbing requires a ton of talent and free solo climbing is one of the most difficult and dangerous ways to scale a mountain. It is basically just you and the mountain out there with little to no safety measures to fall back on.

moments journal

The climber uses crevices and cracks in the face of the rocks to climb. A mountain like this is especially shocking, because it is basically a vertical straight up climb to the top. You can imagine what happens if one rock comes loose or one hand is placed incorrectly.


Helmets on

This photo really gives us the chills. If mountain biking weren’t enough, you can bike on a narrow, uneven cliff against the side of a mountain. As you can see, there’s no safety net if an accident happens.

bored panda

A fall would certainly be fatal based on the height of the cliff and the jagged nature of all the rocks below. Those helmets probably aren’t going to be enough to protect from a fall like this. We’ll stick to the regular bike paths, but to each their own!


The new way to camp

Mountain climbers and free solo climbers occasionally need to stop and rest. But where can you rest when you’re hanging off the side of a mountain? This is how they do it.

bored panda

Climbers hang their belongings and tents from hooks in the side of the mountain to take some time to sleep! I’m not sure how much rest I’d get hanging above a drop this high.


Cliffside charm

Polignano a Mare is where nature’s beauty collides with human creativity. Just as this town is perched on the edge of this cliff, it offers those looking to enjoy a breathtaking view – a mix of adventure and grandeur. 

Source: Getty Images

This drone image captures a wide view of the town, offering a glimpse into the beauty of a cliffside charm. You can almost hear the sound of the water thrashing against the edge of the cliff.


The balancing act

While we believe that many daredevils are made, this GoPro image shows that some had to have been born daredevils; this guy surely belongs to the latter. 

Source: 3runTube/YouTube

Doing a handstand on a ledge is certainly daring. But we have to hand it to him; it takes a whole lot of skill to perform a balancing act like this in a place like that. This is one guy who definitely takes his core exercises very seriously. 


A leap Of faith

While in life, we have to take a leap of faith from time to time, we never really think of it in the sense of this drone image. 

Source: Pinterest

This man is on a ledge, looking ahead onto another ledge across from him. He has a stance like he is about to jump, or maybe he is only contemplating what step he wants to take. Either way, we wonder if he did jump; who knows, maybe he made it.



Anyone who has taken a plane ride knows how it feels when the plane slightly drops suddenly. It mostly feels like your insides are a tad bit slow to move or react with the rest of your body. Now, compare that feeling to actually freefalling from the sky. 

Source: Pinterest

One thing is for sure, the man in this GoPro image is one brave soul. With one hand holding on and the other poised for a shaka sign, it captures the true meaning of a shaka sign which means to “hang loose.”


Memories and moments

While we know that it is always a good idea to live in the moment, we also agree that the beauty of some moments is being able to look back on them. 

Source: Getty Images

This man was able to capture a beautiful moment by the waterfalls with his GoPro cam; this way, he has something to look back on whenever he thinks back to this exact memory. On your next vacation trip, be sure to get yours to capture your special memories.