Uncovering the Secrets of Amazon Warehouses

By: Riley Brown | Published: Jan 19, 2023

Discover the hidden world of Amazon warehouses! Learn all the behind-the-scenes secrets from warehouse workers who are finally sharing the truth. 

Get ready to find out how Amazon can deliver items so quickly to your doorstep! Uncover the mysteries of Amazon and find out the answers to all your questions.

Bring a Smile to Loved Ones with a Personalized Gift Note 

Make gift-giving extra special with a personalized note! When you order from Amazon, you can include a note to the recipient, which is printed out and placed inside the package. An employee named Alex shared a little secret with Mental Floss. 


Source: TWiT Tech Podcast Network/YouTube

Alex explained that “We have a gift note printer for any item that includes one that we have to grab and then toss in the box. I dont read them. But I know others do.” So, keep in mind that note your sending off to a loved one sometimes gets read by an amazon employee!


Say Goodbye to Back Pain: Amazon Robots Take Care of Heavy Lifting 

Gone are the days of warehouse workers having to manually lift and move heavy products around. Thanks to Amazon Robotics, also known as Kivas, Amazon staff can now enjoy a much easier job. 


Source: Anthony Devlin/Getty Images

Kivas are capable of quickly and efficiently moving a huge number of products at a time. This means warehouse workers no longer have to do the heavy lifting and can instead simply sift through the stacks and send them on their way. Say goodbye to back pain and hello to a faster and easier delivery process!

Leave Your Chair Behind: Working at an Amazon Warehouse

Forget about sitting down if you’re looking for a job at an Amazon warehouse. Kyle, an employee at Amazon, told Mental Floss that sitting down is not allowed at any of the workstations. 


Source: Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images

Instead, if you need a break, you have to make a chair using the available totes or take a seat on the steps. Alternatively, you can always take a break in your car, which is usually the preferred option. So, if you’re prepared to stand up for the majority of your day, an Amazon warehouse might be the perfect place for you!

Battling for Lunch: Inside a Warehouse Cafeteria 

Charlee Mided has no shortage of stories to tell about the cafeteria at her warehouse. With limited microwaves, an army of hungry workers, and little time to spare, the cafeteria was no place to linger. 


Source: bukisa.com

“It was a war zone,” Charlee recalls. “You’d see people fight. The smartest thing to do was to pack something that doesn’t need microwaving, because that was killer.” With a cafeteria like this, it’s no wonder Charlee was so relieved when her lunch break was over!

Avoid Tardiness at Amazon – Here's How 

Are you an Amazon employee? If so, it’s important to be punctual and reliable – otherwise, you could be in trouble. Amazon uses a “points system” to track lateness and absence, and if your number goes above a certain threshold, you could be in danger of losing shifts. 

Source: Paul Hennessy/NurPhoto via Getty Images

An ex-employee explained on Reddit, that you may lose your shifts altogether when passing a certain figure on this “point system”! Fortunately, there’s still time to adjust your timekeeping habits and get back on track. Don’t let lateness cost you your job – stay aware and stay on time!


Take a Break, But Don't Abuse It! 

Working long hours can take a toll on anyone, especially when those hours are spent standing. That’s why bathroom breaks can be a welcome relief for many employees. Unfortunately, Amazon has made it clear that its staff can’t “abuse the privilege.”

Source: A Band Apart

According to BuddyWorld, the company closely monitors the use of restroom breaks to ensure its rules are respected. So if you’re an Amazon employee, remember to take a break, but don’t overdo it!


Race Against the Clock in Amazon Warehouses! 

Do you have what it takes to thrive under pressure? At Amazon warehouses, workers are put to the test with their countdown timers. Kyle, an Amazon worker, told Mental Floss that they have to grab an item within 6.5 seconds of it appearing on the screen. 

Source: Centropolis Entertainment

But it’s definitely not an easy task, realistically workers usually need 7.5 to 8 seconds. This intense race against the clock is known as “takt time,” a phrase derived from the German word Taktzeit, meaning “cycle time”. Sounds intense, could you keep up with the pressure? 


Charlee's Unique Amazon Experience 

Charlee had a unique experience working at Amazon. While she appreciated the group exercises that kept her limber, they made her feel like she was a five year old again. Safe to say she definitely had some mixed feelings!

Source: 20th Television

As she recalled to Mental Floss, “Every night, twice a night, when we showed up and when we came back from lunch we had to do calisthenics. Jumping jacks, reacharounds, swinging our arms.” Charlee’s Amazon experience was certainly one to remember!


Amazon's Unfulfilled Promises of 30-Minute Breaks 

Are Amazon warehouse workers really receiving the 30-minute breaks they’re promised? After all standing up for the majority of your day requires some much needed down time! We sure dont know if we are up for the task.

Source: Peter Endig/picture alliance via Getty Images

According to Kyle, the answer is a resounding no. He explained to Mental Floss that it takes five to seven minutes to walk to their cars or the break room, leaving them with significantly less time than they’re entitled to.


Meet Peccy - Amazon's Whimsical Mascot! 

Did you know Amazon has its very own mascot? Say hello to Peccy, the cheerful orange figure with the company’s signature logo forming his smile. Kyle, a warehouse worker, revealed that the employees there are awarded special Peccy badges to recognize their hard work. 

Source: Grant Lamos IV/Getty Images for AWXII

He also shared that the little guy has quite a following on the floor. Its nice to know that there is someone their to lift the spirits of the employees during their long and hard working days. So if you’re looking for some fun, why not join the Peccy fan club?


Amazing Benefits for Amazon Warehouse Workers - Except Amazon Prime! 

Working at an Amazon warehouse comes with some major perks! Kyle from Mental Floss revealed that Amazon employees are typically granted up to $100 in discounts on orders every year. 

Source: Robert Alexander/Getty Images

However, there is one benefit they dont get: Amazon Prime! That’s right, warehouse staff still have to pay for the service like everyone else. So if you’re looking for a job with fantastic benefits, Amazon warehouses are the way to go – except for Amazon Prime!


VTO at Amazon 

Are you looking for more flexibility within your work schedule? If so, Amazon might be just the job for you! With their “Voluntary Time Off” system, if things aren’t too busy at the warehouse, it’s suggested that you take time off and go home. 

Source: Amazon/YouTube

An ex-worker on Reddit confirms that the company will suggest you take some “VTO” when things are looking quiet as they do indeed employ a Voluntary Time Off system. No need to worry about rigid hours and the boredom of a quiet work day!


Get Rewarded for Going the Extra Mile! 

Working hard can now pay off in more than just a paycheck! Amazon workers can now earn amazing prizes for taking on extra shifts. As revealed by BuddyWorld’s YouTube video, the prizes include t-shirts, gift cards, Amazon Echos, gaming consoles, and even televisions. 

Source: Suzanne Kreiter/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

All you have to do is put in the extra effort, get yourself some extra shifts and youll automatically enter the draw to win some of these amazing prizes! We think thats an awesome incentive and is sure to make a any work day that bit more exciting!


Dress Comfortably at Amazon

At Amazon, you can forget about the traditional office dress code. Whether you prefer to go all out with a fancy outfit or lounge around in your PJs, you’re free to express yourself through your clothing without fear of judgment and ensure your comfortability is priority!

Source: Mark Makela/Getty Images

However, make sure to leave the open-toed shoes at home. For safety reasons, Amazon requires its employees to wear closed-toe shoes in the warehouses at all times. So, put your feet first and avoid any heavy lifting injuries!


Strange but True - Bizarre Orders Fulfilled By Amazon Workers 

Amazon workers have seen it all! From life-size Justin Biebers to adult toys, the incredible variety of products available on Amazon means no order is too strange for the warehouse staff. With items from the weird and wonderful, they’ve shipped everything imaginable.

Source: Amazon/YouTube

Charlee, an Amazon worker, shared that she had come across “more stand-up life-size Justin Biebers” than she could count! Talk about an interesting workplace! We can only imagine the other wild orders they must get. So next time you place an order on Amazon, just know that someone out there is packaging that up and sending it off!


Fun and Games at Amazon Warehouses 

Who doesn’t love a bit of fun at work? Amazon warehouses are no different, with Charlee recalling a story of a bubble-wrap machine going a bit wild! She told Mental Floss, “At Amazon warehouses you’d see people just sitting around popping bubble wrap”.

Source: Maclean TV/YouTube

“Everyone wanted to be on bubble-wrap detail!” It’s no wonder why – after all, there’s nothing quite like the satisfaction of popping a few bubbles! So next time you’re at an Amazon warehouse, don’t forget to take a break from work and enjoy a little bubble-wrap popping session.


Amazon's Innovative Communication Process 

Have you ever heard of a work issue being addressed publicly and in real-time? Well, Amazon has taken it to the next level! A Reddit user shared an interesting process that takes place at the entrance of the Amazon warehouse. 

Source: New Eve Media/YouTube

Every complaint, no matter how small, is written on giant whiteboards for all to see. Not only that, but the response from the company is written directly next to it. Talk about a revolutionary way to handle employee grievances!


Don't Mess with Amazon's Robots! 

Are you ready to join the Amazon workforce? If so, Donald has some important words of wisdom for you. According to him, any unauthorized interaction with the company’s robots is grounds for immediate dismissal. 

Source: Watchara Phomicinda/MediaNews Group/The Press-Enterprise via Getty Images

That means, no matter how tempting or curious the robots may be, it’s best to steer clear and mind your own business. So, if you want to make sure you stay employed, remember: no messing with Amazon’s robots!


Amazon's Warehouse Security Measures 

Have you ever wondered how Amazon ensures the security of their warehouses? Charlee, an insider, recently revealed the truth. According to her, if an employee is on the other side of the warehouse when lunch is called, they have to be scanned out in order to make sure no items are stolen. 

Source: Burak Akbulut/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images

This process can take up to fifteen minutes, leaving only a short amount of time for the employee to enjoy their meal break. Clearly, Amazon takes its safety protocols very seriously!


Exhausting Pace: Insight into the Reality of an Amazon Worker 

Are you curious about how much ground an Amazon worker covers in a day? You’d be shocked to know that it is a whopping 13 miles! A veteran Amazon employee interviewed by Mental Floss revealed that it is 1.3 miles per hour over a 10-hour period, and by the end of the day their legs are trembling like jelly. 

Source: Matt Cardy/Getty Images

It sure sounds like a sometimes grueling job that requires strength, stamina and dedication. Let’s take a moment to appreciate the hardworking individuals who make Amazon’s success possible!


No Music Allowed? Say It Ain't So! 

Say it ain’t so! Amazon warehouse workers have to go without the power of music while on the job. That’s right, earphones are banned on the warehouse floor. No more singing along to beloved tunes or jamming out to the latest hits. 

Source: Sebastian Gollnow/picture alliance via Getty Images

It sure could make shifts feel a little monotonous. Fortunately, there are still plenty of other ways to make the time pass. Maybe a bit of conversation with the co-workers or a coffee break. Anything to help break up the day!


Amazon Makes New Employees Feel Welcome with Orange Vests! 

Starting a new job can be overwhelming, but Amazon is making the transition a bit smoother by introducing an orange vest for recent hires. This way, if they need help, their colleagues can easily identify them. 

Source: Scott Lewis/Flickr

An employee shared this in the comments section of a BuzzFeed article, showing how Amazon is looking out for its workers. With this kind gesture, Amazon is ensuring that new employees feel welcome and supported.


Say Goodbye to Unnecessary Packaging - Here's Who's Really to Blame! 

You’ve probably experienced the frustration of receiving an Amazon order at your home in bulky packaging. But who’s really at fault? Contrary to popular belief, it’s not the workers on the warehouse floor. 

Source: Punjabi America Wale Vlogs/YouTube

Alex explained to Mental Floss that computers make the decision after employees scan each order. While workers can dispute the occasional call, the company doesn’t want them to make a habit of it. So, the next time you’re unimpressed with your order’s packaging, remember who’s really to blame.


Don't Let Your Amazon Order Fall Through the Cracks! 

Are you waiting for an Amazon order but it hasn’t arrived yet? It’s likely that it’s just on its way, but there may be a chance that it got left behind. According to an ex-worker on Reddit, forgotten items are sometimes left on the ground in Amazon warehouses. 

Source: thisisbossi/Flickr

Meaning that your package could slip through the cracks if you’re not careful. To make sure your order arrives safely, keep an eye on delivery updates and contact customer service if necessary.


Amazon Warehouse Shifts Explained by BuddyWorld!

Are you looking to join the Amazon team at their warehouses? BuddyWorld has some insights that could be helpful. In one of their Youtube videos they explained the process of securing permanent work within the company. 

Source: Mark Makela/Getty Images

It turns out, all you need to do is start with a seasonal contract and then ask for more hours once you’ve settled in, leading to a permanent contract. With BuddyWorld’s tips and tricks, you can easily unlock the permanent schedule you’ve been dreaming of!


Extra Work Shifts at Amazon! 

Do you dread when an extra work shift is imposed on you? Well, at Amazon, you don’t have to worry about that! According to BuddyWorld, warehouse workers are not forced into taking any additional shifts if they don’t feel comfortable. Isn’t this fantastic news? 

Source: Amazon/YouTube

At Amazon the choice is yours – no need to take on additional hours unless it works with your schedule. No matter how busy or hectic life gets, there’s always room for flexibility and understanding from employers. That’s why people love working at Amazon – it’s a much needed breath of fresh air in the workplace!


Healing Through Ice and Aspirin - Charlee's Story 

Are you feeling a bit under the weather at work? Amazon has got your back! Charlee told Mental Floss that their onsite medical team is like having your own personal school. From providing an ice pack to aspirin. 

Source: Nickelodeon UK/YouTube

They’ll assess any aches and pains with a simple 1-10 rating system, to ensure you get the best care possible. So if you’re ever in need of some TLC while on the job, just head over to your Amazon nurses – they’ve got you covered.


Safeguarding Health and Safety at Amazon Warehouses 

At Amazon warehouses, safeguarding health and safety is a top priority. With Human Resources workers on the floor throughout shifts, they can offer employees helpful advice on how to stay safe and avoid injuries. 

Source: Amazon/YouTube

This proactive approach keeps the workplace safe and allows employees to do their jobs in a secure and comfortable environment. So if you’re looking to work at Amazon, know that your health and safety is always taken seriously.


Change Amazon's HR for the Better! 

Are you tired of Amazon’s HR taking ages to respond to your queries? Do you feel like your requests are falling on deaf ears? If so, you’re not alone! According to the findings of a BuddyWorld’s report, this is a common experience for many employees. 

Source: Klaus-Dietmar Gabbert/picture alliance via Getty Images

Allegedly the department takes forever to reply to requests or complaints and sometimes even ignores them all together, Yikes! Why not make a change and demand better HR practices from Amazon?


Working at Amazon: The Reality of Broom Duty 

Do you think working at Amazon is all glamor and glory? Think again. When an employee “fakes” an injury at their warehouse, they arent just sent home, instead they usually get assigned to the dreaded ‘broom duty’. 

Source: Clean Restorations/YouTube

As Charlee told Mental Floss, “That’s only good for the first hour. Twelve hours of pushing a broom is the most mind-numbing thing on the planet. But that still doesn’t prevent people from faking.”


Claim Your Very Own Locker at the Amazon Warehouse! 

Are you an Amazon warehouse employee looking to store your belongings in a convenient, safe place? Look no further! Amazon provides lockers for their staff, but the best part is that you don’t need to be assigned one – if you find an empty locker, you can claim it as your own! 

Source: Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Just take down the door digits and inform your superiors – it’s that easy! Put away your worries and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with having your very own secure locker at the Amazon warehouse.


Uncover the Truth Behind the Role of a "Problem Solver” 

Are you curious to know what it takes to be a “problem solver” at an Amazon warehouse? It’s not as daunting as it sounds! As a problem solver, you’ll be assessing issues on the floor, fixing them, and offering advice to help others avoid similar mistakes. 

Source: ANDREW YATES/AFP via Getty Images

It’s a job that requires quick thinking, problem-solving skills, and the ability to communicate effectively. Sure sounds like a rewarding position. So, if you think you have what it takes, why not give it a shot!


Working Alone or with a Team? Amazon Warehouse Jobs Revealed 

For anyone curious about what Amazon warehouse jobs are like, a Reddit user recently revealed the differences between two of them. Picking and loading jobs are both available at Amazon warehouses, but those who prefer to work with people around them should go for the latter. 

Source: Amazon/YouTube

Loading presents more opportunities for interaction, while picking can be a “lonely and depressing” job with no one to talk to. So, if you want to work in an Amazon warehouse, consider carefully which job is right for you.


The Shelving System at Amazon Warehouses! 

Are you curious to find out what an Amazon Warehouse looks like? Get ready to be amazed! A Reddit user recently revealed, “There are literally thousands of shelves full of little cubby holes. Each cubby hole is filled with an assortment of items”.

Source: Sean Gallup/Getty Images

You could find anything from a book to a 1993 Barbie VHS tape, or even a pair of moccasins. Every day is a new adventure! Get ready to explore the unending possibilities at Amazon Warehouses!


Make Shift Changes Easier with Amazon 

Do you work in a place where changing shifts is a hassle? Worry no more! Amazon has made it easier than ever to sort out all shift changes. All you have to do is post a request online and wait for the green light. 

Source: Quinn Rooney/Getty Images

If it’s feasible, you’re good to go! With Amazon, changing shifts is as simple as it can get. We think every company should incorporate this easy and stress-free solution to shift changes!


Is Amazon's Quota System Putting Pressure on Warehouse Workers? 

Do Amazon warehouse workers have to meet quotas? According to an ex-picker who shared their experience on Reddit, the answer is a handsdown yes. The picker described how they had to grab two large yellow plastic bins, place them on a double-decker shopping cart, and fill them with items their scanner told them to find.

Source: Matt Cardy/Getty Images

They highlighted that at their best they were to pick 120+ items per hour in order to just meet the quota – a hard task to keep up with. Are Amazon’s quotas putting an unnecessary amount of pressure on their warehouse workers?


No Cell Phones Allowed - The Amazon Warehouse Rule 

Are you guilty of sneaking a peek at your phone during a work shift? If so, you won’t get away with it at Amazon! According to Charlee from Mental Floss, the company has a strict policy against personal electronic devices on the floor.

Source: INA FASSBENDER/DPA/AFP via Getty Images

Any worker caught with one will have it confiscated until the end of the shift. So, if you’re employed at Amazon, be sure to keep your phone tucked away until the day is done! Reminds us a little bit of school days!


Unlocking the Power of Zebras: A Secret Weapon at Amazon Warehouses 

Amazon warehouses utilize a powerful tool to ensure that employees are performing their best – the zebra. This digital device serves as a monitor to keep track of workloads and alert managers when performance starts to dip. 

Source: Matt Cardy/Getty Images

Thanks to zebras, Amazon workers are able to stay on top of their job and remain productive, while managers can ensure that no one slips through the cracks. This powerful tool is truly a secret weapon that helps Amazon warehouses run like never before.


Do Your Part and Support Your Local Pet Store! 

Next time you’re tempted to order some kitty litter from Amazon, think of the warehouse workers that have to move these heavy bags around! Instead, do your part and support your local pet store. 

Source: Auscape/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

Not only will you get the same great products, but you’ll also be giving back to your local community. Plus, you can show your pet some extra love with an in-person visit! Make a difference and shop local this season.


Free Medical Vending Machines for Amazon Warehouse Workers! 

Forget having to schlep your own medical supplies to work; Amazon warehouse workers can now get their over-the-counter medication from the comfort of their own workplace! Talk about easy access.

Source: Punjabi America Wale Vlogs/YouTube

Alex, an Amazon worker, informed Mental Floss that they have free medical vending machines that dispense individual dosage packets of medications like Advil, Tylenol, and Tums. It’s no wonder that Amazon employees have access to these helpful machines, given the physical demands of working in a warehouse.