Moments When the Phrase ‘Beggars Can’t Be Choosers’ Was Absolutely True

By: Calla Conway | Published: Aug 16, 2023

You have probably heard of the saying ‘Beggars can’t be choosers’ thrown out in various arguments. The expression is relatively accurate and applies to several scenarios. A rough explanation is that as much as we would like everything to be free in life, we should understand that there is a limit to our dreams.

‘Beggars can’t be choosers’ describes the idea of you offering someone something. But instead of accepting, the individual turns it down or dares to ask for something else. Regardless of the gesture, such actions confirm some people’s colossal sense of entitlement.

Ideally, when offered a kind gesture or specific gift by strangers, you should accept it and be thankful. You never know what they had to sacrifice to make that gesture possible. If you were in need, remain grateful and don’t act like you did not need the help. Our article shows you how certain people think and why the saying ‘beggars can’t be choosers’ is correct.

Cheaper Price, Cheaper Work

Perfection is a significant consideration in almost all aspects of life. When it comes to an artist’s work, you should be ready to pay the total amount quoted by the artist. Individuals should understand that an item costs that much because the time taken to perfect it is significant, and the process is tiring. Regardless of the price, paying full price means you acknowledge their hard work. The artist may have taken hours, days, or even weeks to perfect the piece, but some people don’t want to recognize the creators’ efforts.



If a customer remains persistent that they want a lower price, it would only be right if you offered them cheaper work. It is unfair for the artist to accept a significantly lower price than the original despite having dedicated their time and effort to make an immaculate artwork. You should be ready to receive cheaper work if you want cheaper prices.


Exposure, Exposure, Exposure

The environment surrounding artists in the current society makes it hard for one to develop and maintain a successful career. Almost everybody wants to use your work and expertise but is not ready to pay you the appropriate amount. Some offers are ridiculously far from your original asking price, and they get offended when you refuse to accept their quote.


Some buyers even request free merchandise, arguing that they will provide exposure to the artist’s portfolio and other projects. The best way to deal with such buyers is to beat them at their own game. You can throw it back to their face and observe their reaction, which may help them understand why their reasoning is wrong.

Dating Prerequisites

Many factors come into play as you search for the right partner to date and marry. For most, it is never as simple as stumbling upon the love of your life and hoping for the best. You need to approach them, wow them, and make the necessary efforts to start your dating journey in reality.



You are more likely to understand that dating is serious as you grow older since you do not have time to waste. Thankfully, growing older also exposes you to tactics and strategies meant to help your dating life. Financial stability is a dating requirement for most women, but they should also understand not to expect it without providing something in return.

Up 'N Coming

Social media has created an entirely different revenue stream, with dozens of individuals making a living by doing various activities. TikTok and Instagram have changed the conventional advertising world and introduced a different view. The new and effective advertising tool thousands of organizations use social media influencers.


However, most of the time, companies reach out to specific influencers to promote their products. You should not tolerate individuals claiming to guarantee your business some exposure for free perks; exposure does not pay the bills. If you examine the shared screenshot carefully, you might observe that this individual is just after a free tattoo and is not a genuine influencer.

The Modern-Day Grinch

Facebook is a virtual space with thousands of daily users with different businesses and activities, and the number of crazy users keeps increasing. One primary purpose of the platform is to allow buyers and sellers to connect and make successful transactions through the Marketplace. You can view it as the new and improved Craigslist that is not limited to selling only.

Some buyers view an item for sale and love it but end up quoting an impractical purchase figure. As much as they want to sell you the item, they do not want their business to go into loss. It is their business that will suffer.


The scenario shared above clearly indicates how ignorant some individuals can be. Nobody cares if your kid’s Christmas is ruined because you could not appreciate the creators’ efforts by paying full price. The seller is not entitled to compromise their Christmas by accepting the burden of a stranger, regardless of whether they are a single mom.


Sorry Sir

Selling second-hand items is never easy because people love lowering prices too much. It is in our nature as humans, and sometimes we do not even consider the item being sold, its actual value, and other factors determining its second-hand price quote. It becomes even more challenging to sell these items through online marketplaces since there is no physical interaction between the seller and buyer.


Negotiations where you cannot see each other tend to be difficult and are more likely to fail. If the buyer tries negotiating down the price rudely, there is a possibility the seller will return the same energy. These markets allow the seller to indicate the asking price, and the final selling price should not be too low. If the buyer starts with a meager price, they might not even get a reply.


No Beggars, Thank You

You are spoilt for opportunities to market yourself and your brand in the current society, courtesy of social media and other online platforms. Unlike traditional channels, social media guarantees your business exposure to thousands, if not millions, of interested individuals. You should expect to take some risks to ensure your marketing efforts remain fruitful. It would help avoid entering into agreements with individuals who have nothing to lose as they will never be as dedicated as you.

Exchanging a free pair of sneakers from a successful business with Instagram likes is as disrespectful as it sounds. The two do not even compare, considering some of these shoes are worth more than $400. So instead of being rude after getting a response, find some money and buy the shoes you wanted. Maybe then you will get a discount or a negotiating opportunity.


A Different F-Word

There are different types of buyers. Some do not have the money to pay for services, and others can afford to pay. However, another group of buyers has the money to pay, but instead of paying, they take long routes to get free items. They might throw around ‘exposure’ to try and persuade you into providing your services for free.

Nowadays, freebies are the new F-word. The image above shows a conversation between a pastry chef and one of their customers trying to get free products and guarantees exposure. The entire situation was handled well; you can observe some hints of sarcasm and comedy. It would help if you never tolerated such individuals in your business environment. They do more harm than good to benefit themselves.


Pay Me Please

Some people love doing nice things to other people with no strings attached. Although these free services may not apply to everyone, it still helps to know that some people still find giving thoughtful. In most cases, the giver request for specific conditions to be met before giving the items out.

If someone is ready to give you something for free, why would you want to complicate things by offering to pay? Why not leave the free items for those who might need them and use your money to pay another vendor for the same services. Some people always find a way to twist things around and end up disadvantaging others. It makes no sense for the person giving out free rocks to pay the buyer and deliver them.


You Cannot Have It All

It is practically impossible to have your cake and eat it too. In the current society, people are ready to protest for almost anything without knowing the reason behind the protest. There is no wrong with fighting for what you think is right, but there are consequences to getting what you protested for.

If you do not want to give a specific company your money because their values do not align with yours, you should understand that you will not enjoy their services. In the shared photo, the individual wants to reap the benefits of the event but does not want to pay. It is among the many examples that are spot-on in establishing that beggars can’t be choosers.


Count Your Blessings

Not being satisfied with what you have is a mistake most of us make. Regardless of what you have, something will always get in the way of your happiness, but only if you let it. The tag ‘comparison is the thief of joy’ has never been so true. If you keep comparing your life to others, you are more likely to focus on the things you do not have instead of appreciating what you have.

The woman in the shared example is a true definition of what comparison does to your lifestyle. She is frustrated that homeless people were offered the blankets for free instead of appreciating that she could afford them. The fact that she focuses on the homeless people makes her not acknowledge that at least she has a home, takes care of her family, and is resourceful enough to buy herself two high-quality blankets.


Voluptuous Tree

The holidays are the best time to evaluate personal progress and celebrate your achievements. Holidays provide the ideal environment to relax and reflect on your career; the good thing is you can choose the experience. However, finding the motivation to celebrate might be more challenging if you are alone or have had an unsuccessful year. Finding the money to fund your holiday trip can also become tricky if solo.


With a click of a button, a community can collaborate and help each other. However, such actions can also help you realize the worst in people. There is no problem with providing help to someone who needs it, but that does not make it right to dispose of a gift from another person. Instead of appreciating the present and being thankful, the individual in our example got rid of it by donating it to someone else.


Fight! Fight! Fight!

Those who have had an opportunity to work in the customer service department understand how annoying it is to deal with irritating customers. Sometimes it is the customers who are on the wrong, but they make it seem like you are the bad guy. These customers might come to your store ordering inappropriate products, being rude, and blaming you for poor customer service.

As a buyer, you should understand that you are dealing with humans who have emotions. You cannot walk into a Subway restaurant, ask for 63-foot-long subs, and expect to be serviced immediately. The best customer behavior in such a scenario would be to call ahead and order, giving them enough time to process your food. If you did not call ahead, you should expect to wait for hours as your order gets processed by an irritated server.


I Hate My Free Stuff

It is not every day you get gifted things for free, so it would help to show gratitude if someone offers you a gift out of nowhere. Most of us tend to get disappointed, especially if it is something you do not fancy or need at the moment. Try to develop a caring attitude and understand that it is not the gift that matters but the thought of it.

Complaining about something you got for free must be the most selfish and heartless reaction. Accept and appreciate gifts from friends, family, and strangers, even when it is different. In the real sense, you are not entitled to express disappointment regarding free gifts.


Plus Gas?

To maintain a soft lifestyle in the current society, you might need more than one job. Because of this, ‘ side’ jobs continue to gain popularity. Most side jobs are small tasks you can complete during your free time without interfering with other occupations and responsibilities. They provide extra income, making all the hassle involved worthwhile.

$200 to drive someone around the city might sound like a good side job. However, using your gas for the trips will reduce the practicality and profit ratio of the job. Since we live in a free world, anybody can post whatever they like and comment on the posts whichever way we feel.


Make a Wish

As much as the internet is a good and productive environment, it is also flawed and dangerous. People tend to think they can use the internet to request things they would never ask in real life. These individuals seem to forget that the internet houses millions of individuals, some with not-so-good intentions.


It is unfair to the seller if you expect to pay significantly low prices because of your condition or situation. It takes a truckload of audacity to request a seller to sell you a $1300 laptop for $200 because of a health condition. The fact that some organizations can take such an offer does not make it compulsory for every seller to agree with your proposal.


You Want Payment

Social media platforms allow businesses to share their products and services with millions of people online. However, your brand is not guaranteed to reach all those people. Your marketing efforts will determine how many people come across your brand and their attitude towards what you offer

We have no issue with someone recognizing your talent, but they should be ready to pay you accordingly regardless of what stage your career is in. If the buyers are unwilling to pay, your conversations should not continue. We acknowledge the different starting points of everyones career, so if you need the money and exposure, you can negotiate. But it should be because you are comfortable and not because you were forced and had no other option.


Just Be Nice

We should all try and get rid of the sense of entitlement, regardless of whether someone owes you something or not. Sometimes, you might interact with a customer who has inappropriate requests but is very entitled.

Some inappropriate requests include free work, which is time-consuming and consumes resources. You are not entitled to a free piece of artwork just because the artist lives under their parents’ roof. The value of the piece of art does not depreciate because the person does not pay their rent. It is unfair to the seller and helps validate the saying ‘beggars can’t be choosers.’


Is It Available In Other Colors?

The issue of stray animals is a serious concern globally. Finding so many animals in different cities without a home and a guardian is heartbreaking. Some NGOs have dedicated their efforts to housing stray cats and dogs and finding loving caregivers for them.


Although the color is a significant consideration when making purchases, you should understand that it does not apply everywhere. Social media provides platforms for people to advertise animals looking for a good home and owner. The post above shows a Husky looking for a new owner. If you do not want a white Husky, skip the post instead of making insensitive comments.


A True Artist

Has a buyer ever pulled the ‘true artist’ card? If you are familiar with match-making apps, you understand that they do not work for everybody. Sometimes people feel entitled to your brand and services and compare you to other players to try and take advantage of your business.


As a buyer, you should understand that you are not entitled to anything, and it is not a must you buy your products from my stall. The seller in our scenario handled the buyer exceptionally well and did not lose their cool even after being provoked. An artist who does not care about money probably has a lot of money, but that doesn’t make them a ‘true’ artist.


What a Transformation!

The population of entitled individuals will shock you. Some people ask the most outrageous and ridiculous requests without fear or guilt. Moreover, they dare to get disappointed and let down after you refuse to do what they demand.

We are happy that you got an invitation to a Halloween party of famous person. However, you have no right to demand free hair and makeup from strangers. As exciting as the invite may be to you, make an effort to pay for the services as you prepare.



There is great potential to sell and market your business on social media platforms. These platforms allow you to display your work to the public and create an opportunity to communicate and negotiate with your potential clients. It is impossible to ignore the technology’s impact and the internet on business operations globally.

Since social media is open to all sorts of people, you may come across rude clients once in a while. Most seller-buyer interactions are friendly and fruitful. However, you can return the same energy if a client decides to throw shade because you have indifferent agreement terms. Some sellers might prefer ignoring the person to avoid damaging their brand’s reputation.


Is This A Joke?

Not everybody understands the concept of a business model and how it works. Considering how many people rely on business to make a living and pay their dues is alarming. One business aspect we should all understand is that you must pay for any service you get from someone regardless of your situation.

The screenshot above has several things that are not right. The band claims to take their operations seriously despite having not finished writing the nine songs in the album. It makes you wonder how they expect the producer to work on the album without all the songs. Editing music also takes a lot of time, and handling the project in two days will be overworking the producer, which might compromise


A Lot of Conditions

The ability to complete a specific task does not restrict you from rejecting the job. A good example is when looking for a job opportunity online. You come across many advertised options but do not apply to all of them. Some opportunities come attached to a mountain of requirements that might stress and complicate your life more.

Online platforms can provide you with some good deals if you are keen. The same platforms also contain opportunities you should walk away from because the work involved does not match the pay offered. It makes us wonder why some employers think it is right to do something like that.


Pleasure Payment

Selling a second-hand item online has a lot of challenges. One of the challenges faced by many sellers is buyers who are not severe. You may be selling a second-hand couch, and you initiate a conversation with a potential buyer. However, later in the discussion, the buyer was never serious about buying your item. It isn’t delightful after negotiating for hours only to find out they were playing around.

In the above situation, the buyer seems interested in the item until the last minute when they claim they cannot pay. We can only imagine the sellers after learning their time was wasted. Not only did they waste the seller’s time, but now they’ll have to find another buyer.


Grooming is Expensive

It is more expensive to groom your dog than most people might think. We came across a poster that gave a complete breakdown of the services involved to help customers understand why the pricing is high.

The reasons mentioned above explain why you pay that much to have your pet’s haircut. One significant reason is that your pet might poop or pee when getting groomed, and you will have to pay for the cleaning. If you have insufficient money to take your dog to a professional groomer, you should consider doing it at home yourself.


Nothing in Life is Free

Recent research proves that most rude customers are often entitled. One of the weirdest behavior you can witness from a customer is them feeling entitled to your products and services. It could be because they are famous, have a prominent profession, or have family relations with the business owner.

The lady in our example thought getting married to a military man would allow her to eat for free. Some restaurants offer discounts for men who serve, but the offer does not extend to their wives or family.