TikToker Shares Secret for Skipping the Line at Target, Sparking Heated Debate Online

By: Stephen Thompson | Last updated: Oct 27, 2023

Everyone can relate to long lines at a shopping mall, especially in stores where customers frequently visit.

Stores like Target are usually filled with many people, so long lines are expected. A TikToker recently shared a brilliant way to skip long lines and check out quickly.

The Hack That Broke The Internet

The video posted on TikTok with the caption “Otherwise, I’m putting it back” was captured by Camo @camocamille, who discovered and shared the new hack.


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Some branches of Target have Starbucks inside them. Due to the long line, this woman decided to use the in-store Starbucks to check out.


Mixed Reaction On The Internet

Her actions have caused mixed reactions on TikTok, with some just realizing the hack and others outraged because she had shared a well-kept secret.


Source: TikTok

So many people had even called it impossible, and rightly so, because not a lot of Target stores have this option. Other users were in disbelief that they had this option and never knew.

This Hack Doesn't Work at Every Store

This hack has been proven to be a valuable tip, but it depends on the cashier at Starbucks and if they are free to help with the checkout process.


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Some employees at Starbucks may decline to help and redirect you to the line at Target. The comment section had many people sharing their experiences at different Target branches.

A Flood Of Comments

After the video was posted, the comment section was flooded with comments saying, “Noooo, don’t tell them,” another comment said, “Don’t give the secret,” and more. Comments like these got the most likes.


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This means that this had been a well-kept secret until now. Someone commented, “And that’s why my local Walmart and CVS both put signs up saying we can’t do this anymore.”

Ripple Effect Of The Secret Hack

Now that this line hack is out in the open, it may be chaotic for the Starbucks branches that operate within the Target stores.

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The video has garnered over a million views and a lot of comments. It is unclear if Starbucks and Target will withdraw the option due to this.