TikTok Goes Viral When a Woman Who Makes $18/Hr Tells the World She’ll Only Date a Man Who Makes $400K

By: Riley Brown | Last updated: Mar 21, 2024

Woman Who Makes $18/hr Mocks Men With a Salary 10x Her Own

In a recent viral TikTok video, a woman wrote, “When I look up his salary and its under 400 k,” and then mouths at the camera, “What the f— is that?”

The video went viral among TikTok users when they realized that the creator only makes $18 an hour at her job working for a cafe, but apparently refuses to date a man who doesn’t make more than almost half a million!

What’s the World Got to Say?

The world is responding to @Tayy3455’s post with quite a wide array of opinions. Some are seriously harsh, like those that said, “400k a year and I’d settle for her?” and “A dude making half a mil and up is not looking at your direction.”


Source: @Tayyy3455/ TikTok

But if you check out the comments, the majority are simply laughing. But they are really laughing at her, not with her. 

Let’s Do the Math: $18/hr Is How Much Each Year?

One of the most comedic aspects of this video is that, apparently, @Tayyy3455 only makes $18/hr at her job. So how much less does she make than she’s expecting her future hubby to?


Source: Pinterest

Working a 40-hour work week, she would make about $37,000 annually, more than 10x less than what she’s looking for. Even with overtime, she’s not in the inner circle of the country’s wealthy elite.

Who Even Makes $400k?!

According to the IRS, only 1.8% of all Americans make $400k annually. Some CEOs, Wall Street bankers, high-end lawyers, and specialty surgeons might make this kind of cash, but it’s really rare.


Source: @yahoofinance/TikTok

In fact, the President of the United States only makes $400,000 a year! So unless this woman has her sights on the President himself, or another member of the 1%, she’s almost certainly out of luck. 

Is This Opinion Totally Warped, or Is it the Truth?

Although this video might just be another clip-of-the-week, it has us asking ourselves: Do women really expect men to be making millions, or is this just the opinion of one woman?


Source: @chiaraking/TikTok

While everyone assumes that it’s men who are holding women to an impossible standard, is it actually the other way around? Women around the world want more from men; it seems they might prefer to stay single than settle!