TikTok Goes Viral When a Woman Who Makes $18/Hr Tells the World She’ll Only Date a Man Who Makes $400K

author photo or placeholder By: Riley Brown | Published: Nov 15, 2023

Woman Who Makes $18/hr Mocks Men With a Salary 10x Her Own

In a recent viral TikTok video, a woman wrote, “When I look up his salary and its under 400 k,” and then mouths at the camera, “What the f— is that?”

Source: @Tayyy3455/TikTok

The video went viral among TikTok users when they realized that the creator only makes $18 an hour at her job working for a cafe, but apparently refuses to date a man who doesn’t make more than almost half a million!

What’s the World Got to Say?

The world is responding to @Tayy3455’s post with quite a wide array of opinions. Some are seriously harsh, like those that said, “400k a year and I’d settle for her?” and “A dude making half a mil and up is not looking at your direction.”


Source: @Tayyy3455/ TikTok

But if you check out the comments, the majority are simply laughing. But they are really laughing at her, not with her. 

Let’s Do the Math: $18/hr Is How Much Each Year?

One of the most comedic aspects of this video is that, apparently, @Tayyy3455 only makes $18/hr at her job. So how much less does she make than she’s expecting her future hubby to?


Source: Pinterest

Working a 40-hour work week, she would make about $37,000 annually, more than 10x less than what she’s looking for. Even with overtime, she’s not in the inner circle of the country’s wealthy elite.

Who Even Makes $400k?!

According to the IRS, only 1.8% of all Americans make $400k annually. Some CEOs, Wall Street bankers, high-end lawyers, and specialty surgeons might make this kind of cash, but it’s really rare.


Source: @yahoofinance/TikTok

In fact, the President of the United States only makes $400,000 a year! So unless this woman has her sights on the President himself, or another member of the 1%, she’s almost certainly out of luck. 

Is This Opinion Totally Warped, or Is it the Truth?

Although this video might just be another clip-of-the-week, it has us asking ourselves: Do women really expect men to be making millions, or is this just the opinion of one woman?


Source: @chiaraking/TikTok

While everyone assumes that it’s men who are holding women to an impossible standard, is it actually the other way around? Women around the world want more from men; it seems they might prefer to stay single than settle!