Firefighter Rescues Woman, Has No Idea He Would Later Have A Daughter With Her

By: Lydia Iseh | Last updated: Sep 28, 2023

Beyond doing our jobs for the pay, we never can tell how far the impact of that work can go. Health workers and first responders go through a lot of stress while discharging their responsibilities. Yet, you can still notice grit and passion in some of them, which makes them go the extra mile. 

This is the story of one such individual who enthusiastically went about his work. But, on a certain night, diligence paid off for Marc Hadden and his family.  

Another Night in the Life of A First-Responder

Two days in the life of a first responder can be as different as the colors white and black. On some days, they are busy from dawn to dusk. 


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Meanwhile, on some other days, they have no emergency calls. On this cold evening in November, Marc and his colleagues got no calls all day. 


The Late Evening Call

Marc was having dinner at the fire station when the emergency phone rang. Firefighters are often called to put out fires and rescue trapped individuals. But this call was different. 


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The woman on the other end of the phone complained about stomach and back pains. Arriving at the location, Marc and his colleagues found the woman in labor. Before they could get her to the hospital, she gave birth in the emergency van. 

Looking to Add A New Member to the Team

While caring for the mother and child in the van, Marc suspected the woman to be homeless and took the baby to a nearby hospital for proper care. He did everything a father would do for his new daughter. 


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Having done the best possible thing for the baby and her mother, the team of firefighters returned to their station. 

Hello Follow-Up, Hi Adoption

Two days after the emergency van delivery, Marc rang the hospital to ensure the baby was fine. To his surprise, he was told the baby’s mum had put her up for adoption. Before this time, Marc and his wife have been trying to have another baby. 


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So, the information stirred a tingle of excitement in Marc, and he could not wait to arrive home before calling his wife. So, he called her at the school where she taught. 

Within 48 Hours, Marc and His Wife Had a Daughter

The Haddens agreed to adopt the little child and initiated the paperwork. Barely 48 hours after the adoption application, the baby officially became the Hadden couple’s daughter. 

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The baby was just five days old, and this made it seem like the couple just had a new baby. The Haddens agreed to name the child Grace. 


Profile of the Hadden Family Before Grace's Arrival

The Hadden couple had two boys, aged seven and nine when Grace arrived. 

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Almost in the twinkling of an eye, a family of four became five. Mrs. Hadden could not stop chattering about their daughter. She was already considering what it would feel like to watch Marc walk Grace down the aisle. Everyone was so happy! 


Every Boy Wants a Sister!

The happiest duo in the Hadden family were Grace’s two brothers. The joy could not be hidden, and the boys were quick to give their sister an alias — Gracie. 

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The Hadden boys tried to play with their sister at every opportunity and relieve mom of some babysitting responsibilities. As she grew, they were always there to give her a helping hand. 


The Universe Made Things Align

Gracie is five now, and her brothers are 12 and 14 years old. She will start kindergarten soon at the same school where her mother teaches. Mr. and Mrs. Hadden have told Gracie about her adoption story. 

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Instead of becoming gloomy because of the news, Gracie joyfully tells anybody who cares to listen about how her dad delivered her in an emergency van. 


Still Open-Minded About More Adoptions

The sheer stroke of luck by which Gracie came into the Hadden family has made the couple change their minds about adopting another baby. 

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The experience has been so amazing that Mr. and Mrs. Hadden started considering the likelihood of adopting yet another baby. Lending a helping hand has come around to fill the entire family with happiness. 


Sharing the Haddens’ Miracle Story on CNN

The story of the Hadden family was so interesting that word soon spread beyond their community. 

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It wasn’t long before CNN reporters showed up at their doorstep to get a firsthand account of how a man unknowingly delivered his own daughter. Marc Hadden was diligent in his responsibilities, and it paid off for his entire family.