The Wonderful Surprise of Random Acts of Kindness

By: Riley Brown | Last updated: Jul 16, 2023

Just when you need a helping hand, one is there – amazingly, every day, people perform and receive random acts that show their deep kindness and generosity toward their fellow man. Whether helping someone across the street, helping to change a tire, or just a warm, loving smile, you can change someone’s life with a small act.

Read on about just some of these acts; it will restore your faith in humanity.

We Speak the Language of Kindness

This woman had a terrifying event on the subway, a place where people don’t usually interact with one another. Yet, one Chinese woman, who could not even communicate with her, rushed over to help.


Source: Pixabay

This act showed such generosity of spirit. The Chinese woman didn’t need to say a word; she just offered a kind heart and a warm hand, trying to calm and soothe. The final act of placing the hand of the woman who had fainted on her own heart was so beautiful.


He Jumped Off His Bike and Saved our Lives

A man they’d never met saved the lives of two little boys. A biker riding down a street saw a burning house and saw two little boys inside. Without hesitating, he just jumped off his bike and ran into the burning home to save the boys.


Source: @TheWhiteBrown/ Twitter

The biker was hurt but did not stop to worry about his own injuries.  He got the boys out of the house, got back on his bike, and rode away. There are all kinds of superheroes.

As Long as You Need

During times of trauma, each of us reacts differently. Some need to keep busy, while others need time to process. This woman’s mother had just died, and she needed to sit outside while others dealt with the details inside.


Source: Twitter

While the coroner was inside, a neighbor saw that something was wrong. She quickly brought over a cup of tea, realizing that this lady needed comfort. There were no questions or conversation, just caring. And the two had never spoken before this.

Teaching Kindness

Few things are as beautiful as a parent teaching a child to be kind. In this story, a woman with an injury was having trouble with her groceries. The woman behind her, standing with her little girl, whispered to the girl to help the injured woman.   


Source: @BerkowitzBT/ Twitter

The little girl jumped into action and helped the woman unload groceries from her cart. That beautiful scene of two people who don’t even speak the same language smiling at each other is heartwarming.

Making a Kid Feel like A Million Bucks

Six-year-old Harry was helping the contractor his mom had hired to build the family’s patio. Harry was so thrilled to help with the project, and the builder was amused to have such a good assistant.

Source: @steph_heathcote

What Harry never expected was to be paid for his work. He was so proud to receive ten pounds! He and his mom looked over the list of Harry’s tasks, which made them both laugh. The man’s kind words so touched Harry’s mom.


You’re Giving Me a What??

Susie, a single mom, got laid off from work, then her car broke down. She was desperate, and there was no way she could afford even a used car. So her friends commiserate with her. But one friend did even more.

Source: @SusieMadrak/ Twitter

One of Susie’s friends approached a woman she knew, whom Susie did not know, and told her the sad story. The friend, Marilyn, decided then and there that she had the means to help Susie and bought her a new car. 


Some Life-Saving Advice

A family inside a restaurant noticed a man standing outside the building for a long time. They didn’t think much of it until they got outside. That’s when the man approached them. What he told them was life-saving information.

Source: @CJPendragon/ Twitter

Noticing that the car had child seats inside, he told the couple that he could tell that their brakes were in terrible shape and that, as a mechanic, he’d replace them for free. His caring and generosity were overwhelming.


Anything it Takes

This woman was under incredible stress – trying to get IVF treatments and being diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer. Her IVF treatments alone would cost $10,000 through a private doctor. But, through the acts of kindness and selflessness of some medical professionals, she was able to have the treatment for free. 

Source: @AmNowincognito/ Twitter

There is now a healthy baby and mother, all thanks to nameless individuals who did what was needed to help.


Looking Good

At age 16, physical appearance is of prime importance. Teens put a lot of time and care into hair, makeup, and clothing and want to go out looking their best. So when they receive a compliment, their self-esteem shoots up, and sometimes it’s a moment they’ll never forget.

Source: @MiriBaker/ Twitter

This woman never forgot the random compliment she was paid in Times Square. She looked so good that the guy took a photo of her. And clearly, it still makes her feel good.


We’re Here for You, Sister

Women watch out for other women, especially women in vulnerable situations. Women tend to recognize when other females are stressed or not coping well, and often the reaction is to jump in and offer help.

Source: @kvknowsherfun/ Twitter

These two girls went to great lengths to get this woman home safely without incident. The woman and her dog were safe because two strangers stepped in. Who knows what would have happened without them?


I Hope You Find Peace

Some of the best random acts of kindness take place on airplanes. When you’re sitting next to someone for hours, and that person is clearly upset, isn’t it amazing how many others offer caring, a shoulder to cry on, or a sympathetic ear?

Source: @oujen99/ Twitter

What better prayer can you offer someone in distress than wishing them peace? That’s what this man did, and let’s hope she found it.


Just a Word of Encouragement

Many of us have been in airplanes with crying babies – either handling our own or tolerating the wails of other people’s infants. It’s a stressful and embarrassing situation, and you just can’t wait for the flight to end.

Source: @andizeesier/ Twitter

This couple must have felt drained after the flight, and let’s bet that their day was brightened considerably by the words of this older couple. It’s good to know that maybe you are doing something right.


We Need our Moms

No matter how old we get, there is always that need for a good old hug from Mom, reassuring and comforting. But, as a Mom, you can also recognize others who need a hug, and what a generous act it is to go over to that person and offer one.

Source: @rebecca_eh/ Twitter

The woman offered a warm hug and reassured the young woman that whatever was going on would be all right. Any Mom will do sometimes.


It’s on the House

Business owners are always worried about the bottom line, and rightfully so. Of course, it’s their job to keep the work flowing and generate revenue. But sometimes, acts of compassion are more important than payment of bills.

Source: @ericuman/ Twitter

This restaurant owner showed compassion to someone clearly sad, although he could not know what she was enduring. But his kindness reminded her of the mom she’d just lost. Sounds karmic, doesn’t it?


Will you Sit with Me?

One of the worst feelings a school kid can have is the loneliness of sitting by himself at lunchtime. This is especially tough when you are the new kid. This kid was so lonely he’d taken to eating by himself outside. 

Source: @KahlonRav/ Twitter

Not only did some schoolmates take it upon themselves to do a kindness, but the recipient was sweet enough to thank them. Just perfectly lovely.


Just One Smile

It’s amazing how important it is to smile at others. Most people go through their day with no expression on their faces as they pass other people. Unfortunately, that non-expression spreads quickly; soon, everyone around feels sad and lonely.


Source: @solsearcher365/ Twitter

What if the first person smiled at the next person? That infectious smile could carry on through the day until many people were feeling good. Smile at someone.


Just Say Hello

We often see people sitting alone in parks or restaurants and assume they want to be alone. Don’t be so sure. This man took it upon himself to approach an older man sitting by himself and was rewarded in untold ways.

Source: @swanabi/ Twitter

Not only did the younger man hear interesting stories about the older man’s life, but he provided the gentleman with the first proper conversation he’d had in a long time. How great to know you’ve done something so wonderful.


You Go First

Waiting in line at the grocery checkout can be tedious. This woman tries to make life a little less tedious for others by offering them to step in line in front of her. 

Source: @milhaus64/ Twitter

It’s a simple act and doesn’t cost anything. She wants to make someone else happy for no reason other than to create a little more warmth and caring in the world. We need more people like this!  


A Simple Act Can Save a Life

Women walking alone often feel vulnerable. This is because so many awful things can happen quickly, and we all read about these incidents. As a result, women must be super-cautious when out by themselves.

Source: @WonderKing82/ Twitter

Not only was this woman smart to approach a man to walk her home when she felt threatened, but what a great guy to agree immediately to help her. Here are two people who will never forget each other.


Paying it Forward

You never know when kindness will happen. Who would have thought that a young man buying a car would experience such an act of generosity? 

Source: @SWS_FASTLab/ Twitter

The seller saw a young man just starting out, probably having saved up his own money to buy his first car, and was most likely quite impressed. His first reaction was to do something to help this kid as he embarked on his future life. And that he did.


Quiet Generosity

Sometimes it’s the people who have the least who are the most generous, perhaps because they know how hard it is to get through life. For example, who would have imagined that a high school kid would also work as the school janitor just to help his family?

Source: @sqidslippers/ Twitter

Beyond this boy’s work ethic, he had a heart of gold. He was helping others anonymously by filling their parking meters. This is a kid who is going to make the world a better place.


Online Dad

The online world has lots to offer, some pretty awful and some pretty wonderful.  Here’s an example of the wonderful. This dad provides advice for kids without a dad. He makes short videos about the things kids encounter to help them figure things out.

Source: @Robl_Johnson6/ Twitter

We bet that there are many kids out there that tune in to Rob Kenney’s videos and are grateful for his advice.


Just Common Sense

Every daily act becomes a chore for pregnant women as the pregnancy progresses. It’s so lovely when you get help or consideration from others. The young man exhibits far more sensitivity for this woman than the businessmen.

Source: @cathinator/ Twitter

Likewise, caring for an infant is a daunting and confusing task. This woman got advice and reassurance and then cash for baby formula. 


I’ll Be Your Friend

We encounter opportunities for acts of kindness in the oddest places. But, unfortunately, we don’t always realize that the tiniest moments can give us a chance to do good. Sometimes it’s just a matter of being aware of what’s around us and jumping in when someone needs help.

Source: @nycbubbles/ Twitter

This kind woman may have saved a little girl from a tragedy. She knew what to do, and the smart child knew how to handle herself. She never forgot the woman’s kindness.



Sometimes our hearts just go out to people in need, and we can’t help but act. This woman was probably already soaking wet when the car pulled up next to her.

Source: @MotionDoc/ Twitter

But that didn’t stop the driver from simply opening their car door and handing her an umbrella.  Who would expect that kind of simple kindness in a big city? 


You are Special

Sometimes when we are at our lowest point, we need just one pick-me-up to make the day a little brighter. This older man didn’t know that the mother in this story was suffering; he just wanted to make a little girl happy. But he restored the mom’s faith, which is worth all the flowers in the world.

Source: @alisongreenberg/ Twitter

Come to think of it, maybe he did notice the mom’s anxiety. Either way, both mom and daughter walked out of that store a little brighter and more optimistic.


You Didn’t Have to Do That!

When someone goes above and beyond all expectations, we often don’t know what to say. Imagine an EMT noting that the older man who had fallen while mowing his lawn might need more than just a ride to the hospital.

Source: @aidenmartin69/ Twitter

But the EMT immediately knew what he was going to do. He returned and finished the mowing. The older man didn’t know him and would never see him again, but someone had gone far beyond what was needed, which is inspiring.


You’re so Pretty

Women these days are usually frightened if a man comes up to them with a compliment. The most likely response is to run away, hoping he doesn’t follow you. However, this woman had the opposite experience.

Source: @meganrosati/ Twitter

A stranger told her she was pretty when she felt awful. He kept walking. She felt more upbeat than she had in a long time.


Team Goodness

It’s inspiring and gratifying when your own good deed encourages another person to do the same. This woman decided to help someone, so another woman joined in, inspired by the act.

Source: @malika_imani/ Twitter

Who knows, maybe someone else in line added their own money to the effort. Either way, just making that small effort can remind others that little acts mean so much and can lighten someone’s load.


Let’s Dance

We can find opportunities to spread joy – acts of kindness are not always about helping those in need but also about sharing happiness. Remember that your own joy can affect those around you.

Source: @GentleLotusStu/ Twitter

This older man felt the young woman’s joyous mood, listening to her music, and couldn’t help but join in and twirl her around. Imagine how both must have laughed together and spread some joy to those around them watching the scene.  


Teach the Kids

It’s not always easy to teach kids how to do kindness for others in this harsh world. Mostly they learn by watching their parents and their peers. But this young man clearly knew what to do. 

Source: @sands654/ Twitter

This 10-year-old didn’t have to be told – he noticed an unhappy person on the street and felt in his heart that she needed a word of kindness.  Not only that, but he was mature enough to find something appropriate to say. You go, kid.


Body Positive

It’s common for people to feel ashamed of their bodies –with constant media attention on all the supermodels and other celebrities, people who are not svelte can feel sad. It’s even easier for others to make fun of physical size, which is always devastating and has lasting effects.

Source: @madamradams/ Twitter

These college friends sprung into action on behalf of the little girl being body shamed. Not only did they make her feel great, but they also got the offending kids kicked out. Amazing.


Glad You’re Here

Moving a family to a new country has its trials, even if you don’t need to learn a new language. The customs and culture are different, and each child will likely have their own difficulties adjusting.

Source: @allisonLantero/ Twitter

This kind lady recognized the new immigrants and knew they would have a tough transition. However, she wanted them to know they were welcome, and what better way to do that than with a loaf of bread? 


We’ve Got You

What a lonely, desperate situation this can be. You’re hiking, and you hurt yourself. How do you get back? Who’s going to help? Suddenly you fear the worst, and you’re in pain. 

Source: @kari_paul/ Twitter

Here’s one hiker who didn’t need to worry. A group of strangers hiking nearby carried her down the mountain, broken pelvis and all. Although she was in pain, she made it and will never forget this kindness.


What Else Could Go Wrong?

You never know when you’ll get a chance to do good. This poor young woman was living in a shelter with a toddler and needed groceries. Unfortunately, the stroller broke at the store, already full of bags.

Source: @jennforestor/ Twitter

As the young mother stood in the store weeping, not knowing what to do, someone offered her a ride back to the shelter. Not only that, but the woman happened to have a stroller in her truck, which she happily gave to the mom. 


One Kind Word

You see random people on the street, and you have no idea what their lives are about. Here’s a young man struggling to work and get an education. He is worn out, and it shows on his face.

Source: @danitheduck21/ Twitter

A woman looked at him and knew he was having difficulty and was distraught. Her simple words were all he needed to hear, and he never forgot that moment.


Thanks, Teachers

Most of us have no idea how hard teachers work, whether in the classroom or preparing at home. Yet, their influence, not to mention the content they teach, last forever in their students.

Source: @SarahBrennan101/ Twitter

As this group sat in a restaurant wearing their conference badges which identified them as teachers, they received a totally unexpected gift from a stranger, thanking them for what they do every day. He understood their importance in the world.


Doggie’s OK

When you take the time to communicate with others, which usually doesn’t take that long, you have no idea what an impact you make. This man had to give up his dog and was devastated at the loss.

Source: @jayjaywuddyasys/ Twitter

He was worried about how his best friend would adapt. But the new owners took a few minutes to tell him that his pal was happy in his new home—what a relief and a nice thing to do.


Just a Hug

It’s incredible how people sense the sadness in others and want to help. And one doesn’t need to spend money or a lot of time with that help- just one small gesture can do it.

Source: @ianistweeting/ Twitter

This woman’s dad was that kind of guy. Noticing someone in need, he knew what she needed, walked over, and hugged her. Clearly, that cheered her up as she left smiling. That’s the way, dad.


Lost in Translation

Traveling to a foreign country is complex. If you don’t know the language or have someone with you who does, you can have a hard time finding what you need. In this case, another English speaker stepped in to help.

Source: @grandsonstudio/ Twitter

Not only did the man translate for them, but he ended up paying for their room just to ensure they’d be ok. How wonderful is that? This couple got a wonderful welcome to Tokyo.


Snuggling with Teddy

During frightening times, sometimes we need the comfort of an old friend, even if that friend is a teddy bear from our childhood. This woman knew she wanted her friend with her in the hospital, but she didn’t know how sensitive the nursing staff would be.

Source: @bookoisseur/ Twitter

As soon as she woke up in recovery, there was her little friend.  The nursing staff made sure it was with her. It’s those little kindnesses that count.


Keeping an Eye Out

Living alone in a big city can be exhilarating and fun but also somewhat frightening. You are always on the lookout for shady characters and take extra care in where you go and how you get there.  

Source: @caitidh-22h/ Twitter

This woman was fortunate that some kind and caring drivers taking her home waited until she was safely in her building before they drove off.  Who knows if their presence helped, but it certainly made this young woman feel safe.


Kindness is Remembered

Being bullied is one of the worst experiences for teens. The bullies don’t realize the damage they are inflicting on the victim,  but the victim can be hurt and suffer for a long time from this treatment.

Source: Twitter

This man was shocked that his old friend from high school remembered him so fondly. And no doubt, the popular kid who befriended the bullied kid felt great about the kindness he showed many years ago.


Just in Case

The Middle East is a warm area of the world. But in the winter, some people find themselves suddenly unprepared for the change when the temperatures drop.

Source: Twitter

It is sweet that the people in this village hang coats for their friends and neighbors at the local bus stop. We imagine this has been a huge help to many chilled bus riders.


Thanks for What You Do

Many people in our lives just do their jobs and are somewhat invisible to us – they’re just there when they’re supposed to be, but do we notice them and take the time to appreciate them?

Source: @AccountingAsArt/ Twitter

A simple gesture of thanks can make these workers feel our appreciation. And we need to notice the quiet folks around us who make each day special.


Home Alone

Nothing scares a child more than finding himself alone in the house, not knowing where the adults are. This child had that frightening experience and did what any kid would do – ran to call for help.

Source: Twitter

How lucky was he that a kind stranger passed by and heard his cries? This kind man knew that starting a calming conversation would lower the child’s stress level. It worked, and grandmother came home, and the boy still remembers that stranger.   


Community Caring

What a great idea – an entire community sends a bouquet to a random neighbor, so everyone receives a gift.  This is a beautiful way to connect people, and everyone wins.

Source: @AITaylorNZ/ Twitter

The delivery represents more than flowers; it means that your neighbors want to get to know you and want to create a strong feeling of community and caring.


Great Moments in Baseball

For kids, sometimes the greatest moments in baseball involve going to the game and hoping against hope to catch a fly ball. So kids come with their gloves and just wait for the ball to come their way.

Source: @barstoolsports/ Twitter

This young boy was lucky – a man next to him caught a home run ball. The man then turned to him and noticed that he was wearing the home-run hitter’s tee shirt.  He immediately handed the boy the home run ball—what a moment.


Turning the Frown Upside Down

It doesn’t take much. Just noticing people in the street as you walk by, sense when something is wrong, and decide to do something about it. But, of course, not all of us are comfortable doing something like that.

Source: @COMMI3MARK/ Twitter

But this person did it. She saw someone crying, approached her, and said something to make her laugh. Imagine how this changed the sad woman’s day.  Who knows what she was going through, but for that moment, she was happy.


It’s Just Human Kindness

When someone needs a hand, it doesn’t matter what they look like, how old they are, or whether you think you might be offending them to help. So instead, we should just offer help and smile.

Source: @jocasta73/ Twitter

This man took the chance to help a woman. She was so grateful that he went out of his way to make her day a little easier.


Hope for the Future

How beautiful is it to see young people helping others without being asked and knowing there is no payback? Instead, they just want to do good in the world, which is so inspiring nowadays.

Source: @MikeMoyes4Riel/ Twitter

With all the news filled with negative reports about young people, violence, drugs, and other sad stories, some young people are doing the right thing and making the world a much better place.


Jumping in to Help

Some people don’t think for a second before stepping in to help. For example, this cyclist saw a blind man crossing the street and knew he might be in trouble because a bus blocked his way.

Source: @neevy101/ Twitter

Thankfully the cyclist was more observant than the bus driver blocking the pedestrian walkway. The bike rider jumped off his bike to save the blind person from a possible mishap. He probably didn’t put any thought into the act; he just did the right thing.


Roommate Kindness

These two young women had known each other for only one day. That’s all it took for them to find out that one of them had a birthday coming up. The other roommate jumped into action.

Source: @ShaelynCherie/ Twitter

Barely knowing each other, the other roommate got up in the middle of the night to bake cookies for her new friend. This was a total surprise and is the way to create lasting friendships.


Love Match

This story has all the makings of a movie. A woman is crying in a hostel lounge, a young man asks if she’s ok, and she tells her tale of woe. So what’s going to happen next?

Source: @RaeburnAlice/ Twitter

You’d think the two would end up together, but that didn’t happen. Instead, the sister of the crying woman went to find the young man to thank him, and those two married. One moment of this young man’s life paid off immeasurably.


This is For You

At our lowest moments, we can’t imagine that help will arrive. But, in this case, a young mother down on her luck was helped by a stranger who overheard her child. He wanted to help without embarrassing the mother.

Source: @tiana_smith/ Twitter

Pretending that she had dropped the money, the stranger found the perfect way to help. What a gentleman and a kind soul.


Well Done

Just when you think you’ve come across an awful person, something may surprise you. This man was doing the right thing, but the trucker behind him honked because he didn’t like what was happening.  

Source: @MrPaulBae/ Twitter

In the end, the trucker realized he was wrong and just wanted to thank the driver for doing the right thing. Clearly, the driver of the car was a bit frightened to be followed by a big truck, but in the end, it was all good.


The Pink Quartz

When we feel down, sometimes we try all sorts of remedies to brighten up – some work, and some don’t. We need to be open to anyone who tries to help us because we never know where the advice or comfort will take us.

Source: @emmabo/ Twitter

A stranger hands you a crystal to boost her confidence. Who knows if the pink quartz has healing powers – what is most important is that for this woman, the kindness of being given the crystal meant everything to her and still does.