The Wild, Wacky, And Wonderful Shoppers Of Walmart

By: Mia Williams | Published: Sep 12, 2023

Walmart is the definition of a one-stop shop. You can have your taxes and nails done, pick up everything on your grocery list, and meet some wild and wonderful characters – all in one place. Everything and anything you want is in this popular store. It even features plenty of things you don’t want to see.

Fair warning: This list of Walmart shoppers might contain images you weren’t prepared to see. But we recommend that you give these pictures of Walmart patrons a chance. Even the wildest characters have a relatable story behind them, so get set to be pleasantly surprised by the people of Walmart. 

Man's Best Friend

It looks like this man might have been trying to disguise his furry friend as a child. Dogs aren’t usually allowed in grocery stores but he didn’t want to leave his pup outside! The hat, glasses, and stroller don’t look to be doing a good enough job at disguising the animal. 


Security is already hot on his case. Next time, we recommend hiding the paws a little better. But that nose and those ears are always going to give him away. We love the effort.


On his Way to Outer Spce

While it may feel like you’re entering a different planet when you walk into Walmart, it does exist here on Earth. So we can’t imagine why this man is decked out in an astronaut costume. From head to toe, he has spared no detail in his ensemble.


The silver helmet perfectly matches his silver suit. And his shoes are really the prize of the whole thing! They’re chrome and even light up. This has to be one of the most impressive outfits we’ve seen so far.


Some people dress for comfort and others dress for fashion. As the saying goes, “beauty is pain”. And pain is what comes to mind when we think of rolling an ankle in these sky-high shoes.


When she looked at her shoe options in her closet, we cannot imagine what made her reach for these ones. They cannot possibly be easy to walk in. But we have to give it up to her for making the world her runway. Just another day at your local Walmart.

Wrong Way

This gentleman seems to have put his tank top on backwards. The question is did he do it on purpose to make a fashion statement or does he actually not know that he isn’t wearing it the right way. We assume he must be aware of the statement he’s making.


Not to mention, he has paired the statement piece with what look to be dress pants or nice jeans and dress shoes. This makes it a business on the bottom and party on top kind of outfit. Maybe he’ll set a trend and we’ll start seeing this look at every grocery store. Honestly, we hope that’s not the case.

Shopping In Style

This Walmart shopper made everyone smile. He decided to get his regular grocery haul complete with all the trinkets from his home, including a stuffed parrot, a flower, and a Captain America bag.

He deserves a Ph.D. for his creativity and decorating style. Who knew electric wheelchairs could look this cool? If you’re going to live life on wheels, you might as well do it in style. This is how the man rolls, and he is clearly doing it right.


How to Date at Walmart

It’s hard to meet people organically these days and dating apps aren’t for everyone. We have to applaud this man’s brazen boldness. This is one way to pick up women. Just write it is plain letters on your shirt.

However, we don’t know how smart it is to advertise your phone number out to the world. But this would be a great story to tell his kids one day if this was the way he met their mother. If you’re looking for love, Walmart is apparently the place to go!


They're Great!

We can’t blame anyone for shopping in their pajamas. It’s the most comfortable way to shop! So wearing slippers as you cruise down the aisles is fine by us. But we have to laugh at this woman’s choice of PJ shorts.

Kellog’s Frosted Flakes are not just really good. They’re great! We can only assume she picked up a box while on her outing. Tony Tiger would be proud to see her sporting his favorite cereal brand on her shorts.


Plunger Challenge?

Is there an online trend that is making people put plungers on themselves while in Walmart? Apparently, the rule is that you have to post a picture on social media for everyone to see.

If this is the next TikTok trend, we might all be doomed. This weird idea is similar to those who ate Tide Pods, but thankfully, less dangerous. What we don’t understand is why people consider the plunger challenge something to brag about. We must assume that they simply have nothing better to do. 


Happily Ever After

We can’t imagine why anyone would spend their wedding day in Walmart, but we’re sure these two have a good reason for making this choice. This couple kept their event so low-key that they simply headed to Walmart’s photo booth to have their wedding picture taken for only $4.

Simplicity is key. This may be strange for some who are used to Instagram-worthy pictures, but this newly married couple stripped away any unnecessary fluff and kept all the essentials in place. Love and Walmart are all you need. 


Traffic Jam

When you have to go, you really have to go. When this woman decided to take her scooter into the bathroom she definitely underestimated the tight corners. Also, did she bring her own scooter form home? This thing is huge!


We have to assume she caused a traffic jam in the bathroom. And this was almost definitely to the annoyance of many employees and other shoppers. At least she has safety in mind with that helmet strapped to her head. She doesn’t look all that concerned.


It's Called Fashion

We don’t claim to be fashionistas. But we recognize style when we see it. And we have to respect someone who knows what they like. This man is definitely making a statement with this bold red dress.

We like that he isn’t bothered by what anyone else thinks of him! And this seems to be a common theme with Walmart Shoppers. What we’re learning here is to wear what makes you happy.


Plastic Bags Are Not Toys

This mom was probably too busy to notice the plastic bag on her kid’s head. If she did see it, she seems remarkably unbothered by it. Just to be clear – plastic bags are dangerous to play with like this. You should never place one over your head.

Some believe this is an example of poor parenting, but we’re sure this mom snatched the bag away the moment she noticed what her kid was doing with it. Plastic bags are choking hazards and should be kept away from kids. 


2 Kinds of People

Here we have a perfect example of the different kinds of people you might find browsing the aisles at Walmart. The man on the left is wearing a robe that looks straight out of Lord of the Rings. Although he seems to have forgotten his shoes. Maybe he’s sleep walking?

The man on the right managed to remember to wear shoes but is missing a shirt. Instead he is sporting a bright pink swimsuit top paired with his jeans. Together, these men create one full outfit.


Interesting Headpiece

This has to be one of the most interesting accessories we’ve ever seen. To put pool noodles on your head is certainly a unique fashion statement. Although, we’re pretty sure this man did not have fashion in mind when he made this contraption.

We think the purpose of his makeshift headband is to keep people 6 feet away. This is definitely an effective way to make sure people don’t get too close during the pandemic. Major points for creativity!


Hair Care Or Nightmare?

Having long healthy locks is attractive. But this may be too much. Imagine the amount of shampoo you’d need to buy to maintain this beautiful hair. Though Walmart can provide this woman with all the hair care products she needs, a little haircut surely wouldn’t hurt.

Her lengthy locks might be a hazard. She could trip over her own hair or get it caught in a machine. Whatever her goal is, we recommend she trim it or at least tie it in a bun for safety’s sake.


Is This Performance Art?

It is unclear why this woman has been strapped to a pillar in Walmart. Is it because she is a shopaholic and her husband has had enough of her endless purchases? Or did her kids tie her up so she’d stop telling them they couldn’t have toys and chocolate?

Perhaps she is in the midst of a performance art piece intended to make a statement about capitalism. Whether she got on someone’s nerves or she is doing this for the sake of TikTok content, it is rather funny.


Nightmare Beings Needs To Shop Too

Sometimes, we think Walmart should screen the customers it allows into its store. Allowing someone who looks like they’ve stepped out of your worst nightmares to enter the store might scare away some customers.

Imagine seeing this figure staring back at you as you round the corner into the video game aisle. Would you run away or simply ask him where the dairy products are located? Given the menacing way he’s looking at the camera, we’d suggest backing away slowly and then making a run for it as soon as you can! 



We’ve seen photoshoots at the beach, in a park, in a house, or on a set. But this is the first time we’ve seen a photoshoot go down in a grocery store. This woman got decked out in her best cheetah print and took to the cheese aisle to snap some pics.

She has the pose down and everything. They do say models do some crazy things to get the right position and pose for the perfect photo. Laying across the cold cuts with a popped hip might make just the perfect profile picture.


Where Did This Man Come From?

Did this man step out of a Christmas party or a Halloween celebration? He is wearing a cowboy hat, so maybe he is a cowboy? But those shoes make him look like he escaped from Santa’s workshop. Is he a cowboy elf? Perhaps he’s an extra in the new Will Ferrell movie.

What is he doing in Walmart’s ornaments section? It makes more sense to believe he is an elf on an errand. Santa Claus may have told him to buy some Christmas ribbons.


Work It, Baby!

This man is such a character. He is also an avid fashionista. It takes a ton of creativity to combine the colors and clothes he is proudly wearing. He is also brave enough not to care what other people think. He is clearly slaying it!

He perfectly color-combined his orange long-sleeved shirt with similarly colored shorts. He then topped these with sunglasses, a classy hat, and as a finale, showed off how much fashion he can stomach – literally. 


Shop Until You Drop

This man took to heart the statement, “Shop until you drop.” It is unclear if he spent the entire day filling his cart. What is evident is how exhausted he seems to be. Indeed, he had no choice but to lie down and sleep in the middle of the store.

He may just be in the midst of a power nap. After his brief doze, he might feel recharged and ready to start shopping again. We all need a rest once in a while – let him sleep in peace.


Father and Son

Parents have to drag their kids to the grocery store all the time, to the absolute boredom of their sons and daughters. Grocery stores aren’t very fun to play in. So we completely understand this kid’s exasperation.

This man could have at least given his son a ride on the scooter! Why does he get to have all the fun? That floor cannot be very clean. We love the matching outfits though!


If Sam Eagle Became Human

Sam Eagle is a character in The Muppets. This man was probably so inspired by Sam Eagle’s looks that he decided to grow his beard the same way. The only thing that’s unclear now is the reason why he is in Walmart.

He might be looking for a razor and shaving cream to trim his neckbeard. He could also be looking for a mirror because he hasn’t seen his reflection for years. Either way, we wish him the best of luck.



There are tons of wacky ways people have chose to protect themselves from germs and illness. While we completely understand the urge to stay healthy, some of these tactics seem slightly ridiculous. We might be able to excuse the plastic bags over the hands if you don’t have hand sanitizer or gloves with you.


But a plastic bag over the head is more than ridiculous. It’s dangerous. We assume this man was using the plastic bag as a makeshift mask but this really ins’t a good alternative. It looks to be wrapped pretty tightly around his neck as well. Be careful!


The Kid Has Had Enough

Grocery shopping is boring for kids. But this grandma insisted that she bring her grandson with her. Apparently, the boy has had enough of looking at organic produce and meat, so he decided to use his head to make his grandma stop shopping – literally.

Kids only want to see the fridge stocked with food. They couldn’t care less how all those items got there. We wonder what grandma will do when she’s had enough of her grandkid’s antics.


What Does The Fox Say?

What will the fox say if you ask what it’s doing in Walmart’s nail care aisle? Would you even dare to ask, or would you rather just guess? Our guess is that he was at a cosplay event, got hungry, and decided to buy some snacks.

Props to his Tanooki Mario theme costume, though, because he nailed it perfectly. Our only critique is that the cute stuffed animal he has with him might be a tad overboard. Apart from that, we’re loving the look!


This Goat Is The G.O.A.T.

Here is another Walmart patron you would never expect to see. It is common for families to bring their pets to the store. Small dogs are even seen in baby carriages. But this woman wanted to stir things up. She did not just bring her pet – she bought her goat.

Plus, her goat is in a baby backpack. Either this is a special kind of goat, or she mistakenly thought she brought her baby with her but actually picked up a farm animal. We hope it’s the former!


Valentine’s Day In Walmart

Where else should you celebrate valentine’s day but in Walmart? To prove that love knows no limits, this man decided to dress up as Cupid and spread his version of love to Walmart shoppers.

His Cupid outfit comes complete with a sparkling antenna, wings, and heart-shaped glasses. He even has a bow, and those are (safe, suction-cap) arrows in his hand. With that gear, who doesn’t want to be hit by one of Cupid’s enchanted arrows? We just need to know which Walmart he frequents!  


Dressed To Impress

The star of this picture is certainly dressed to impress. They clearly feel very comfortable in this cozy-looking getup. Being yourself is important. Not caring what other people think is equally essential in life. Other customers are staring, but this person doesn’t care in the slightest.

The man wearing the cap doesn’t seem impressed. He looks more shocked than surprised. Is he in awe of this person’s bravery or is he jealous? Or does he think the gray dress isn’t flattering? We will never know.


Girls Just Want To Dress Up

Some women were born to dress up. They don’t believe in the art of dressing down. This Walmart shopper believes that if you are going to buy a can of beans in Walmart, that errand is always worthy of a gown and a killer makeup look.

This picture went viral because she wore her fashion sense loudly and proudly, complete with makeup, jewelry, and gorgeous lashes. Her outfit certainly fits her choice of cosmetics. If you’ve got it, as they say, you must flaunt it!


Horsing Around In Walmart

Walmart is like a box of chocolates from a joke shop – you never know what you’re going to get or if it’s going to be delicious or disastrous! This store did not know they were going to be getting a man at the checkout counter looking like a satyr.

Finding pants that will fit his legs may be a challenge. If he is looking for socks, finding ones that are the right size may require some special effort. However, we have to say, this is quite a cool look. It’s certainly unique!


Confused Customer?

Is this man another confused Walmart customer, or does he know what he is doing? Planning for a party is hectic. As shown by the iced tea products in his cart, he may have come from a party and was ordered to go out and buy more beverages.

It seems he had no choice but to go to the store in this outfit. Running out of iced tea probably counts as an emergency in his household. Being the man of the house, he’s got to do the right thing, whether he likes it or not.



This image isn’t quite what comes to mind when we think of a transformer but what else would you call. a vehicle like this? This car is so fitting for some of the Walmart shoppers we’ve seen here. It really does look as though they took a bunch of different cars and glued them all together.

They must have somehow lost the back of the original truck and someone attached a completely different bed to the truck. It doesn’t really look street safe to us but we aren’t car experts.


Hi, Mr. Leopard Guy

Leopard print will never go out of style. This guy has probably been slaying it with this outfit for decades. Though some believe his fashion sense may be a bit confusing, he believes his choices totally make sense.

His dungeon master vibe – seen on the upper half of his body – is perfectly paired with the wooden doll parts attached to his arm. This morbidity is balanced by the leopard skirt that screams of his love for the musical Cats.


Follow The Paper Trail

Everyone knows how it feels to walk out of a bathroom stall not knowing there is toilet paper stuck under your shoe. But this woman actually had toilet paper in her pants. The difficulty lies in how to tell this woman she has toilet paper trailing behind her.

In this case, not telling her seems better as it may save both of you from embarrassment. However, if you decide to take her picture without her knowledge, maybe you have an obligation to let her know about the paper trail? Just sayin’.


Blue’s Clues

It is easy to guess this woman’s favorite color. She is wearing her color preference loud and proud, from head to toe. If you think that’s about as much blue as one person can handle, take a closer look at her shopping cart.

It is not enough that she is covered in blue. She is also buying toys that have a blue hue. Whether the items are for her cat, dog, or child is unclear. What is obvious is that Walmart employees have dubbed her “Blue Lady.”


This Is How She Rolls

Walmart shoppers are a breed of their own. This woman is one example of a patron who doesn’t care that she came to shop with rollers in her hair. She may have forgotten to pick up some supplies while also forgetting to remove her hair curlers.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. This woman is waiting to achieve beauty as soon as her rollers do their job. Patience is a virtue, and it will only take a few hours for her hair to be done.


27. Too Lazy To Go To The Fitting Room?

Sometimes, Walmart is too lenient with its customers. It allows people to do anything they want. This man clearly did what he wanted to do, and he didn’t care what anyone else thought.

He also did not mind that there might be kids in the store. Instead of going to a fitting room, he decided to try on clothes in the middle of the store. Was he in such a hurry that he couldn’t make the effort to walk a few paces to an enclosed space, or did he just not care?


Gender Identity

This Walmart worker is standing her ground. She is announcing to the whole world – or at least to the shoppers nearby – how she wants to be identified. Cheers to her for making an effort to be true to her feelings. The world could use a bit more honesty.

We hope, though, that the sign is something she herself made and not a prank someone did for fun. Gender identity needs to be respected and recognized, whether one works for Walmart or not. 


America’s Next Top Model

Walmart is filled with people who love the skin they are in and who are not afraid to tell the world who they really are. This long-legged beauty is showing off a killer set of high-heels and equally fierce fashion sense.

This person could give even the most professional America’s Next Top Model contestants a run for their money with the way they are slaying in that outfit. Go out and work it, girl! The world is your oyster, and we are impressed.


Superwoman, Is That You?

Maybe this woman is aping Superman’s fashion sense, making the “underpants on the outside” look her own. She could also have been in a hurry. Perhaps she just forgot that underpants go first.

We always want to see the best in people, so we would like to believe that she is actually starting a new fashion trend. How fast this trend will become viral is anybody’s guess. Would you want to wear something similar? Either way, you have to admit, she’s a brave one. 


Short Shorts

Of all the ways to embarrass your kids, this is definitely one of the most creative. When daughters start to grow up and want to change their style and wear “short shorts”, dads usually push back. Bu this dad did it in a hilarious way.

He decides to wear the short shorts and effectively put his daughters off of the fashion trend. If there’s one place for a grown man to wear shorts and embarrass his daughters, it’s Walmart!


Jeans Plus Shorts Equals Jorts

This man is probably a fan of Jane Fonda’s fitness videos. Never mind if his getup is super 80s – the 80s are back in fashion! He is clearly rocking the headband and his jorts. What better time to get your basic household needs than after a jorts-filled workout.

Though working out in jean-shorts may be a bit difficult, cheers to him for the effort. His legs show that he is clearly doing his repetitions religiously. That’s more than most can handle.


The Value Of Motivation

A lot of people are going through body dysmorphic disorder. We should, therefore, be kind when we see those who are suffering from this condition. At times, Walmart customers wear clothes that might not be too flattering for their specific body type.

It’s best to let them be and spread the awareness that loving your body is critical. Taking care of yourself is an important step to feeling and being happy. After all, you only have one body, so you must treasure it.


Mixed Signals

This guy is sending us mixed signals. His philosophy in life seems to be expressed by his shirt, which says, “smooth talker, straight shooter.” We believe him. But his underpants are saying something different.

We will give him the benefit of the doubt and assume that he may have been drunk the night before and so mistakenly grabbed his girlfriend’s or wife’s underpants when he left for work this morning. Perhaps he just really likes pastel colors and an extremely tight fit – who are we to judge?



Something you don’t see everyday is a man dressed as Cupid. It might have been Halloween when he wore this to his local Walmart. Or maybe this is his clothing of choice. Regardless, the angel wings and white ensemble is sure shocking to us.

However, the Walmart worker in the back seems to be completely unfazed. We have to assume from the photos we’ve seen here that she sees this kind of thing all the time. Just another day on the job.


Need A Break?

Parenting can be difficult. It gets less hard if you have someone with whom to share your responsibilities. This mom and dad took a few minutes off from parental duties to have some fun.

Never mind that their kid is patiently waiting for them to stop playing and give him some attention. To be fair, the stuffed toy the parents will get – if they do win – will likely go to that kid in the shopping cart. At least we hope it does!


A Diaper-Wearing Ballerina

There is a lot to unpack in this picture. First, the man is clearly wearing a tutu. Does that mean he is a ballerina? Second, why is he wearing a diaper? Plus, why is he standing in the bucket aisle, and why does he look so confused?

Perhaps he’s worried because neither the purple nor the pink buckets will go with his aquamarine tutu. Is he going to attend a Halloween party, or is he doing all this for a dare? This is another of life’s mysteries that need to be solved.


That's One Place to Keep Them

When you don’t have pockets you are forced to get. a little creative. Most of us have probably left a set of keys, pair of glasses, or phone sitting on a shelf when we set them down to grab something. This man is not going to risk it.

He found the perfect pocket to keep his glasses while he scans the aisles. Effective, but very gross. There must have been a better solution than this one. We hope he didn’t forget they were there.


Boss Baby

This baby is safe and sound from germs, thanks to its mom, who is making sure no one gets to touch or even be near her child. You can never be too careful. Many first-time parents are shocked at how complete strangers will come up and touch their newborn baby.

COVID-19 ushered in a new era in which everyone stays vigilant against viruses and follows health protocols. The sign on this baby basket is an additional reminder that you must practice social distancing. 


Nail Care Or Nail Nightmare?

Is this woman trying to make it into the Guinness Book of World Records, or is she just too lazy to get a manicure? We will never know, but either way, she seems proud of her fingernails. It certainly is an achievement!

How she is able to shop comfortably or do basic chores with those nails is a mystery. Still, cheers to her commitment and dedication. Unfortunately, she’ll need to grow those nails a lot longer if she wants to break the world record. 


All Dressed Up

We imagine this man looked in his closet and was trying to decide what to wear but wasn’t impressed by any of his regular old clothes so he decided to go with this get up instead. We have so many questions that need answers.

Is this his usual Walmart attire? Has he worn this blow up outfit out in public before? How does he blow it up? We’re not sure we will ever get answers to these questions but we have to admit we like that he’s shaking things up. He knows how to stand out from a crowd!


No Need to Impress

Just when we thought we couldn’t be surprised by Walmart shoppers anymore, we see this! Now we aren’t surprised by her pajamas as we’ve seen hundreds of people sport their PJs in Walmart and other stores.


What took us by surprise was the towel on her head. She must be in a huge rush to feel the need to keep her wet hair piled up in the towel on her trip to the store. But by the looks of this picture she doesn’t have a care in the world or feel any need to rush.


A Whole Snack

What we’ve learned from Walmart shoppers is that we should all just wear what makes us happy! This man must have a deep love for food so why not wear it out? Fruit loops on top and pizza on bottom make this an incredible ensemble.

We have to love the bravery to wear such mismatched patterns. But you have to respect a man who knows what he likes. What we are dying to know is if he was buying fruit loops and pizza at Walmart this day.


Defeats the Purpose

Lots of people started wearing gloves during the pandemic to protect themselves from germs. After all, who knows how many hands have touched your cart or touched all the items in the store. It’s a smart move to keep yourself safe!

What isn’t a smart move is taking the glove off with your mouth! You’re completely defeating the purpose of wearing the gloves but putting all those germs right in your mouth. Gross!


Party Mask

The mask mandate for the COVID-19 pandemic inspired some pretty creative masks. Effective? No. But creative? We have to say yes! This man is wearing a birthday party hat as a mask and while it sure won’t prevent germs from spreading, it’s a pretty interesting idea.


Maybe he bought the party hat right there in Walmart and took it out of the box. More likely he happened to have one laying around the car and thought it would suffice as a mask since he forgot his at home. Whatever the case, someone should tell him it’s not working!


The “I Dos”

Of all the wedding venues, what would possess someone to get married at Walmart? We guess this store must have some sort of special significance to the couple. Maybe they met while scanning the frozen foods section.

Or maybe this is just somewhere they love to be. Regardless, we’re pretty sure you wouldn’t be able to find vows being exchanged in any other store but Walmart. We send our congratulations to the couple and hope they have a long and happy life together!


Interesting Pets

People’s pets tell us a lot about them. They even say dog owners tend to look like their dogs. But we don’t know what this pet says about this man. He seems to have a possum on his shoulder while he shops.

That long tail would definitely gross me out if I was a fellow shopper. Is this even allowed? We’re glad he has a furry friend to keep him company but I think we can all agree that rodents should stay out of the store.



Who in their right mind would take a bite of a piece of fruit and then return it in a grocery store. This one definitely has us thinking, “only in Walmart”. This person was hungry enough to sneak a bite but not hungry enough to finish the apple?


It could be that they just weren’t all that impressed with the flavor. Let’s just hope this was a child that snuck a bite behind their mom’s back rather than a full blown adult. We really will never know!


Crop Tops

We are noticing some themes as we continue to explore more and more Walmart shoppers’ outfits and styles. For one, many Walmart shoppers seem to dislike shoes. That floor can’t possibly be clean!

Also, they love their crop tops and short shorts. We admire his love for bright colors. The neon green certainly pops. Interesting that he was able to find a bracelet to wear around his ankle but not find shoes to put on. Accessories come first, I guess.



This man either really loves food or has one of the most unique tastes in accessories that we have ever seen. Having a spoon necklace is strange enough but to have one this big is really shocking!

Maybe he just wants to be ready to have a snack as soon as he’s hungry. Or he might be on his way to the world’s biggest ice cream eating contest after his grocery shop. We can’t be sure but if there’s any place to wear a giant spoon chain it is Walmart.


Riding Shotgun

In terms of Walmart shoppers, this couple might just take the cake for being the most romantic couple in the store. Whether they are just taking a joy ride together or shopping, we can appreciate this sweet moment of the two on the scooter.

We’re surprised they were able to fit the both of them on the scooter seat but they look to be making it work with ease! This is one way to make grocery shopping more romantic with your ride or die.


Diaper Mask

We’ve seen a lot of things used as a mask that certainly don’t make the cut. A diaper is now certainly being added to that list. Let’s just hope it’s a clean one. What made him think a diaper would make a good protector from germs?

We’re not sure. The old “holding your shirt up over your mouth” trick would probably be more effective than this. We have to assume he had better options than this so we can’t imagine how he came to the conclusion that this would work well.


Family Outing

This one is pretty cute! The whole family is dressed up as Pokemon characters and that little Pikachu might just be the cutest we’ve ever seen. We love the commitment here and that the entire family got involved.

We do have to wonder if this is their regular get up or if they were dressed up for a special occasion. Maybe Pokemon is their kid’s favorite show and so they do this on the regular. In any case, it’s pretty fun to see!


It Was the Dog

We do hope this was the work of a dog instead of a person but based on what we’ve seen so far, our hopes are not very high. We can’t tell if this box was ripped into or actually bit into and we’re not sure if we want to find out.

Apparently someone was either very hungry in the electronic aisle or very eager to get into a Playstation controller box. Likely the ladder. We don’t feel like we should have to say this but don’t eat Playstation boxes at Walmart.


A Southern Bell

We can only assume by this man’s get up that he is proud to be an American. The red, white, and blue kind of give it away. But someone should probably tell him his shorts are about 5 sizes too small.

Our absolute favorite part of the whole outfit is the wig and hat. He can really rock the blond! Overall, we rate his grocery shopping outfit a 6/10. If he found some shorts that fit him better he might improve his rating.


Getting Comfortable

If we’ve learned anything from the photos here it is that Walmart shoppers are pretty much comfortable in anything! In this case, this young lady felt perfectly fine wearing her face mask out to the grocery store.

We give her credit for multi-tasking. Taking care of your skin and grocery shopping at the same time? That’s called killing two birds with one stone. Never sacrifice your skin care needs, even if you need to grocery shop.


Makeup on Point

This unique look comes from a Walmart employee as opposed to a shopper. Apparently the Walmart staff is just as unpredictable and unique as the shoppers who come to the store. Maybe she likes this look because it is intimidating so shoppers won’t try to steal.

Or maybe it’s just the way she likes to do her makeup. Either way it is one of the most unique makeup looks we’ve ever seen. That’s the beauty of makeup, isn’t it? There’s something for everyone.


Keeping Him on a Tight Leash

This is taking the phrase “keeping him on a tight leash” to a whole new level. We’ve seen dogs on leashes. And we’ve even seen kids on leashes every once in a while. But we can’t say we have seen a man on a leash in Walmart before.

She looks all too happy to be bringing her boyfriend around with her. He doesn’t look quite as pleased. But if they’re happy we’re happy. Who are we to judge? I’m curious to know if he shares the leash with their dog at home or if this one is all his.


Pretty in Pink

Sometimes we have to wonder if people are trying to make the biggest statement possible or if this is really their style. Either way, we can see that this man loves the color pink. There is a lot going on.


The Santa hat is really the only part of this outfit that doesn’t match the color scheme. We can’t miss the 6 inch heels either. We like to call this outfit “Santa Claus meets Polly Pocket”. It looks like he also has some additionally pink items in the cart to put together another bright outfit.


Real Life Emoji

I guess this is the real life version of sending an emoji through text. She might just want to let everyone know her mood. She’s obviously happy. Or maybe she thought this was the kind of mask required to enter.


Truth be told she could be frowning under there and we would never know the difference. But we appreciate the emoji face and we can’t help that it puts a smile on our face as well. Maybe this is the new way to express emotion and she’s just ahead of the times.


In Her Own Bubble

While there have been lots of people using ineffective masks to protect them from germs, this lady has gone the opposite direction. She’s being extra cautious! We can’t be certain if she’s protecting herself from others or others from herself.

What we do know is that it must be difficult to shop around in this little bubble. Maybe this is just her usual routine when shopping at Walmart. We have to admit it’s the first time we’ve seen someone literally ziplock themselves.


The Sixth Element

Remember the Bruce Willis movie, The Fifth Element? The guy in the picture is, fortunately, not Bruce Willis but a man who seems to be copying the costume of one of the characters in the film, Leeloo.

We give him some points for effort, but all in all, he is not doing a good job. The least he could have done was create a better costume and not merely use materials lying around his garage. If you want to dress to impress, you need more than a mop and duct tape.