The Wackiest & Most Shocking Guinness World Records

By: Mia Williams | Published: Sep 09, 2023

In the early 1950s, a higher-up at Guinness Brewery had an argument while out hunting. He and his hunting buddy disagreed over what was the fastest game bird. Long before the days of smartphones and Wikipedia, this type of data was hard to find – even reference books left it as a mystery.

That hunting argument gave rise to an idea: write a book of wacky records that people would find interesting. The first edition of The Guinness Book of World Records came out in 1955. Since then, it has been published on a regular basis and introduced a growing audience to the world of the wild and wacky. In honor of these zany facts, let’s take a look at some of the world’s wackiest world records.

World’s Longest Fingernails

Most people cut their fingernails a few times a month but others let them go for a few months – or years. Although there is no known limit to how long they can grow, Chris “The Duchess” Walton is known to have the longest fingernails according to Guinness.


In the 2011 picture above, Walton’s fingernails had a combined length of nearly 20 feet! On her left hand they were 10.2 feet, and on her right hand was 9.7 feet. They took around 18 years to grow.


Most Big Macs Consumed

McDonald’s famous Big Macs have been a culinary hit since they came out in 1968. Created by early employee Jim Delligatti, the burger featured three pieces of sesame seed buns mixed with two beef patties, signature sauce, and veggies.


Guinness World Records

As you can tell by the name and ingredients, it’s a massive meal. So, who has eaten the most of them? That honor goes to Wisconsin resident Donald A. Gorske. In 2018, he ate his 30,000th one – after nearly 46 years of eating them daily. 

Oldest Wingwalker

Wing walking, for those who don’t know, is the act of standing on the wings of an airplane as it flies through the air. Most often they’re strapped in to avoid any potential injury. Regardless, it’s a pretty intense activity that seems to be a young person’s game.


At least most of the time. However, don’t tell that to Thomas Lackey. Born in 1920, Lackey became the world’s oldest wing walker when he strapped himself to the top of a plane at the age of 90!

Most Piercings

When former nurse Elaine Davidson got her first piercing back in the early part of 1997, it was a transformative experience – so she got more, and more, and more. By May of 2000, she broke the Guinness Book of World Records for most piercings – a total of 462!


However, she didn’t stop there. By January of 2019, her total number of piercings reached 11,003. She not only holds the record for most piercings, but also the record for holding that record longest!

Holding a Table With Your Teeth While Walking

This might sound like an odd record to break – and an odd record to make in the first place. Who thought of it? Regardless of where the idea came from, it has arrived and brought plenty of competitors.

Guinness World Records

The winner, however, is a man from Luxembourg. Georges Christen managed to chomp down on a 26-pound table and then walk with it for 38.8 feet. One more important detail – he did this while a 110-pound woman sat on the table!


Passing a Metal Coil Through Your Nose and Mouth

Circus goers might be familiar with the trick of passing a snake through your nose and out your mouth. It’s both fascinating and gross at the same time. Well, get ready to take it to the next level with metal coils.

Guinness World Records 

The Las Vegas sideshow performer Andrew Stanton is a master at that rare art. In March of 2012, Stanton took a metal coil measuring 11 feet and 10.91 inches and placed it through his nose and out his mouth!


Most People Hula Hooping at One Time

Most people remember hula hooping as a kid, teen, or adult. It’s a fun activity that you do alone or with some friends. Sometimes, however, you do it with thousands of friends – especially if you’re trying to make it into the Guinness Book of World Records!

That’s what happened at Thammasat University stadium outside of Bangkok, Thailand one day in February 2013. For seven minutes straight, a total of 4,483 people hula hooped together to make a world record. Now that’s teamwork!


Most Spoons on the Human Body

If you’ve ever wondered how many spoons you can put on a human body, well, we are proud to let you know that you’re not the only one! One person, in particular, has thought about it long and hard and decided to master it.

Etibar Elchiyev currently holds the world record for putting the most spoons on a human body. The picture above shows him in Tbilisi, Georgia in December of 2011 when he managed to hold a total of 50 spoons on his body. 


Longest Direct Body Contact with Snow

How long do you think you could stand in direct bodily contact with snow? No warm clothes or hats, just a bathing suit at most? Most people guess a few minutes before they would want to warm up.

Jin Songhao, however, spent over 46 minutes in direct contact with snow to set the world record in January of 2011. Not only that, he surpassed himself years later. On a Chinese Reality TV show in 2015, he managed to stay submerged in ice for 115 minutes. 


Largest Batch of Cantonese Fried Rice

In February of 2013, a unique culinary record was set by a group of 52 chefs located in Costa Rica. Working together, they fried up nearly 3,000 pounds of Cantonese rice in a massive cooker (as you can see below).

Rather than a plastic spatula, they opted for metal shovels to mix and churn the rice until it was ready. When it was ready, they were able to feed over 7,000 people! We just hope that everyone was hungry. 


Throwing Chain Saws

This is definitely not something we recommend at home – leave it for the professionals. Now, many of us have tried juggling tennis balls, golf balls, or (in moments of daring) some eggs. However, how many have tried juggling chainsaws?

For understandable reasons, not many. Of the few who have mastered it, Milan Roskopf is high up on the list. The Slovakian-born juggler made it into the record books in June of 2009. He managed to juggle three chainsaws a total of 62 times!


Most Naked Riders on a Theme Park Ride

Who doesn’t love theme parks? The thrill of the roller coasters as they loop, curve, and dip is enough to get anyone’s adrenaline going. For some, however, that’s not enough. They need the extra thrill that comes from riding roller coasters naked.

That’s right – naked roller-coaster riding is a Guinness World Record. One day in early August 2010, a group of 102 naked riders took to a theme park in southeast England to set the record. Well done – now put on some clothes! 


World’s Largest Onion

Onions, like most vegetables, come in a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes. There are the spherical ones and the bulb-shaped ones, the red ones, and the white ones. Most weigh a few ounces to (perhaps) a pound. However, are there any outliers?

In short, yes. Pete Glazebrook, a famous vegetable grower in northern England, is shown above holding a 17-pound onion! That made the record books back in September 2011. He also holds the record for heaviest potato and cauliflower.


Most Simultaneous Facial Masks

There’s something fascinating about large groups of people doing the same thing at the same time. Sometimes that’s synchronized dancing or people clapping along at a football game or music concert. Other times, it’s people applying facial masks at the same time.

So, what’s the most amount of people who have put on a facial mask at the same time? That honor goes to the 1,213 people who met in Taipei on July 28, 2013. For 10 minutes, they all shared that experience.


World’s Longest Mustache

If you’ve ever grown a mustache, then you know that it can take a lot of maintenance. Most people get annoyed somewhere along the line and end up trimming it for convenience. Ram Singh Chauhan, however, never did that.

Guinness World Records

Chauhan kept his mustache growing for 40 years before the Guinness Book of World Records decided to see how long it got. When they measured it in March 2010, it was 14 feet long! It takes an hour of daily grooming to maintain.


Most Wins for Best Beard and Mustache

Since 1995 or so, the World Beard and Mustache Championships have been held every two years at locations across Europe and the US. The competition is broken into three main categories – mustaches, partial beards, and full beards.

Guinness World Records

Perennial competitor Karl-Heinz Hille has won the Imperial Partial Beard/Kaiser Beard category a total of 6 times and overall best beard a total of two times. In 2011, that combined total of 8 wins brought him the world record. A stylish win!


Most Rubber Ducks

Did you ever collect baseball cards or beanie babies when you were a kid? If so, then you’ll understand the joy that people get from collecting a large number of toys or objects. For some, that joy carries on into adulthood as they expand their collection.

Guinness World Records

In 1996, Charlotte Lee (pictured above) started collecting rubber ducks. Over the next 15 years, she amassed a total of 5,631 ducks! She makes sure they’re all adequately displayed behind glass containers in her “duck room.”


Biggest Star Wars Memorabilia Collection

Ever since the first Star Wars film came out in 1977, it has been a huge hit. Some megafans aren’t content just watching the films – they want to collect anything they can about it. Former Wall Street Journal employee Steve Sansweet is the king of mega fans.

Guinness World Record

At his appropriately named “Rancho Obi-Won”, Sansweet won the Guinness World Record with 93,260 items of Star Wars memorabilia. However, that’s far from everything – he estimates his entire collection is closer to 500,000!


Most Gurning Wins

Gurning, for those who don’t know, is the art of making a very distorted face – and in Britain, it’s widely celebrated! In fact, they have a venerable tradition called the Egremont Crab Fair that has been celebrating gurning (among other things) since 1267! That makes it one of the oldest fairs in the world.

Guinness World Record

Anne Woods, the woman above, has won the World Gurning Championships a total of 27 times between 1977 and 2010. We just hope her face doesn’t get stuck that way!


Popping Eyeballs Outside Their Sockets

Some people can wiggle their noses and ears, others (like Jim Carrey) have tremendous control over their eyebrows. Claudio Paulo Pinto’s unique ability is popping his eyeballs outside their sockets.

Pinto currently holds the Guinness World Record for popping them out the furthest. As you can see in the picture above, Pinto has the ability to pop his eyeballs up to 0.3 inches (7 millimeters) outside their sockets! He claims it doesn’t hurt and he’s been practicing since he was nine.


Most Costumed Dogs

Pet owners love to dress up their dogs in cute bows, light jackets, or winter gear. As we’ve also seen from some of the above posts – for example, the “most simultaneous facial masks” – there are plenty of group activities that can lead to Guinness World Records.

One of those activities is “most dogs in costumed attire,” and it was set in 2010. That year at the Dogtoberfest in Dunedin, Florida, a total of 426 dogs were decked out in various costumes to create this record.


Most Days Buried Alive

The thought of being buried alive is a nightmare thought for most people. However, for the fakir (religious ascetic) Zdenek Zahradka of the Czech Republic, it’s a challenge! The picture below was taken after he finished beating the record.

Zahdradka – whose name means “Little Garden” in English – laid down inside a wooden coffin for a total of 10 days! That’s six days longer than the previous record. The only connection he had with the outside world was through a ventilation pipe that allowed him to breathe. 


Largest Samba Dance

Samba, for those unfamiliar with it, is a music and dance style that’s popular in Brazil – so popular, in fact, that in 2007 it became a cultural heritage. Samba has been around since at least the early 20th century and has grown considerably since then.

To celebrate Guinness World Records Day in 2010, a group of people decided to undergo the world’s biggest samba dance. The Mocidade Independente de Padre Miguel, a Samba school in Brazil, hosted an 800-person dance that lasted five minutes!


World’s Biggest Bagel

Although the bagel was created by Polish Jews many hundreds of years ago, its popularity has spread far outside that community. Nowadays, bagels can be found on nearly every continent on earth. They can be found at fast-food restaurants and sandwich shops filled with cream cheese and other delicacies.

At the New York State Fair in 2004, Bruegger’s Bagels stunned the audience by baking the world’s largest bagel. At a record 868 pounds, this behemoth had to be hauled on a special lift. 


Most Bees on Your Body

Most people want to stay as far away from bees as possible – their potential sting isn’t worth the risk. She Ping, a Chinese beekeeper, isn’t like most people. Instead of running away, he decided to stand very still and have bees cover his entire body.

How many bees? In April of 2012, he managed to stay still while 331,000 bees (73 pounds) stayed and swarmed around his body. This beat the previous record of 59 pounds and left many bee-phobic people terrified!


Longest Mohawk

The Mohawk hairstyle goes back a long time (perhaps a few thousand years), but it’s most commonly associated with punk music in the 1970s. The strand of hair in the middle is often seen as unwieldy, but how big can it get?

Well, the Japanese fashion designer Kazuhiro Watanabe decided to find out on his own. In September 2012, his mohawk was measured by the Guinness World Record committee and found to be 3 feet and 8.6 inches tall.


World’s Biggest National Flag

If you’ve ever helped to unfold a national flag before hoisting it up the flagpole, then you’ll know how large they can get. Often it takes two or three people to get the job done – but have there ever been national flags that took a lot more than that?

Yes. In 2013, some 200 people in the Romanian village of Clinceni worked together to create the world’s largest national flag. When displayed, the Romanian flag measured 1,146 feet long by 744 feet tall!


World’s Largest Aquarium

The S.E.A. Aquarium, or Marine Life Park, in Singapore is an impressive building by any standard. As part of the Resorts World Sentosa, it features over 100,000 animals that come from over 800 different species.

Stretching over 20 acres, the largest tank has 18 million liters, and the total volume of water for all tanks is 45 million liters! Alongside that, there’s a massive viewing panel (118 feet by 27 feet) that makes you feel like you’re underwater. 


The Hairiest Family

Congenital generalized hypertrichosis is a rare disease that causes people to grow an enormous amount of hair all over their bodies. What’s even rarer is to have multiple family members with the same condition.

Guinness World Records

That’s what makes Victor Gomez, Gabriel Ramos Gomez, Luisa Lilia De Lira Aceves, and Jesus Manuel Fajardo Aceves so special. All four family members have the same condition. Scientists have taken notice and the family has helped them in studying what the genetic causes of the condition are. 


Longest Career as Ice Cream Man

In 1947, the 10-year old Allan Ganz joined his dad to sell ice cream. He continued on for the rest of the 1940s, 1950s, and 1960s. In 1977, roughly 30 years after his start, he purchased his own ice cream truck and began driving it around Peabody, Massachusetts.

Guinness World Records

He continued selling ice cream throughout the 1970s, 1980s, 1990s, and early 2000s. By 2014, Ganz made it into the Guinness World Records. His 67-year career as an ice-cream man is the longest in history!


Largest Suitcase

In 2006, the Guinness World Records determined that the suitcase below was the largest in the world. The massive piece of luggage was shown in Guangzhou, China as part of the 100th Chinese Export Commodities Fair.

It measures 5.9 feet tall by 3.9 feet wide by 1.6 feet thick, and as you can see, requires a few people to move it around. Although impressive, it’s not the most useful bag to bring with you to the airport. 


Most Tattooed Senior Woman

Born in 1937, British woman Isobel Varley got her first tattoo at the age of 49. She attended a tattoo convention at ​​Hammersmith Palais in London and decided to give it a go. Soon, she was hooked. Over the succeeding decade, she spent over 500 hours under the tattoo gun getting over 200 different designs.

At the time of her death in 2015, roughly 93% of her body was covered in ink. Basically everywhere but her face, ears, and soles of her feet. 


Most Bridesmaids at a Wedding

People wed in all different kinds of ways. Some prefer small private gatherings with close family, others a larger ceremony with aunts, uncles, and friends. Others, like the Sri Lankan couple Nisansala and Nalin, prefer Guinness World Record size celebrations.

When the two got married in Negombo in 2013, they had a total of 126 bridesmaids, 25 best men, 20 page boys, and 23 flower girls to wish them well. This beat out the previous record-holder – a Thai wedding that featured 96 bridesmaids.


World’s Longest Kiss

A quick peck on the lips or cheek takes less than a second. A longer “we haven’t seen each other in a while” kiss might take a few seconds. But, what about the longest kiss ever held?

Guinness World Records

That honor goes to the Thai couple Ekkachai and Laksana Tiranarat. At a 2013 Ripley’s Believe It or Not event, the duo managed to hold a kiss from February 12th to February 14th! In total, it was a 58 hour, 35 minute, and 58 second smooch.  


Longest Arrow Shot with Feet

If you’ve ever used a bow and arrow, then you know how difficult it can be to hit the target. Lining it up perfectly and letting it rip doesn’t always work out. So, what about doing it with your feet?

Guinness World Records

Despite its seeming impossibility, theater and circus performer Brittany Walsh has managed to do it. After nearly 11 years of practice, she mastered the art. In 2018, Walsh used her feet to pull back an arrow and shoot a target that was nearly 40.5 feet away!


Largest Ball Pit

In 2013 at the Kerry Hotel in Shanghai, China, a unique event was held. As part of a “Pink October” campaign, organizers put on a conference to raise awareness about breast cancer. To do so, they decided to create publicity by making the world’s largest ball pit.

That meant putting one million green and pink balls inside a giant pool that measured 82 feet long and 41 feet wide. They raised awareness of a serious issue while nabbing a Guinness World Record. 


Largest Mosaic Made of Corks

In the latter part of 2008, the Albanian artist Saimir Strati was collecting and gluing corks – a lot of them. After 392 hours of work (14 hours a day for 28 days), Strati finally completed “Romeo with a crown of grapes playing the guitar while dancing with the sea and the sun.”

The cork mosaic is the largest in the world. It measures roughly 42 feet long by 23 feet high and includes 229,764 corks! Now that’s some dedication – and a lot of wine.


Largest Christmas Ornament​

Christmas ornaments are a big deal for holiday goers all over the world. They love to decorate their trees with colorful balls, candy canes, and Christmas lights. Usually, they are made small enough to dangle from the tree, but have any massive ones been built?

Absolutely! In 2008, the company Joska managed to create a very unique decoration – a glass ornament that was 25.6 inches in diameter and 44 pounds in weight. Pretty impressive! That being said, we don’t recommend putting it on the Christmas tree. It would fall and shatter instantly. 


Most High-Kicks

When you’ve got an audience, you have to show off and wow them. Take it from the Moulin Rouge dancers of Paris who set the record for ‘most high-kicks by a single chorus line.’ They broke the old record – a measly 450 kicks.

These talented women raised the bar at 720 kicks. Let’s do the math – that equated to 30 ladies doing 24 high kicks each. Good job, ladies! Keep reading to learn more of the craziest things people have done to set a world record.


The Most Protected Hair

To ordinary people, insurance is an investment to protect their family’s health and future, but for the rich and the famous, insuring personal assets such as their legs, waist, and tongue can be necessary for their careers. Troy Polamalu – a Pittsburgh Steelers safety – secured the title for ‘most highly insured hair.’

The football star also serves as a spokesperson for Head and Shoulders. Did we mention his trademark locks are insured for the staggering amount of $1 million dollars? For Troy, every curl matters!


Biggest Human Rainbow

Rainbows symbolize new beginnings, equality, and a vibrant future, among other positive things. When around 31,000 students and faculty members in the Philippines united to create the biggest human rainbow, the world was overjoyed!

Seeing thousands of learners and teachers gather together to spread the message of love is more than enough to brighten up one’s mood. Nothing beats that. How could you not smile with this massive human rainbow? Kudos to these people who poured out their hearts and time to make this amazing record possible.


World’s Smallest Cow

It’s no surprise that children can grow taller than their parents. There are times when a child is mistaken as the mother and vice versa because of a stark height difference. Check the photo below that features Swallow, a tiny cow from the West Yorkshire region of northern England.

Guinness World Records named her the world’s smallest cow. The sheep-sized bovine measures approximately 33 inches from hind to foot. What’s more, all of her nine calves have grown bigger than her! Standing next to her is her youngest. Don’t they look amazing?


The World’s Smallest and Tallest Dogs

What happens when the tiniest and tallest dogs meet? The former is the size of a bagel, while the other weighs more than the football star Eli Manning. The famous canines met and sized each other up in Central Park after being named the world’s tallest and tiniest dogs.

Boo Boo, an adorable female Chihuahua, measures four inches tall and weighs just two pounds. She joined a photo op with Giant George, a Great Dane who is 43 inches tall, with a weight of about 245 pounds.


The Largest Key Card Hotel

Professional “card stacker” Bryan Berg launched his 400-square-foot Key Card Hotel at the South Street Seaport. Made with over 200,000 Holiday Inn key cards, the amazing key card hotel has a life-size room, lobby, and bathroom.

What’s more, the 34-year-old creative also secured the title “World’s Tallest House of Freestanding Playing Cards” back in 1992. Interestingly, he has been asked to break his own record a couple of times since then. To do better than your best is more than amazing!


The Biggest Group of People in Their Underwear

How do you defy cold weather? Take it from a party of 116 ladies and gentlemen who gathered to support Fair Trade’s ‘Pants to Poverty’ cause. Interestingly, this cool group wears nothing but their underpants!

With that said, they made history as the Guinness World Record holders for the largest gathering of people in their underwear. They achieved their feat at the St. Pancras railway station in London on November 13. What can we say? These young men and women are cool, bold, and brave!


World Speed Dating Record

Have you ever tried speed dating? If yes, how did you feel about your exchange of rapid-fire chatter with potential romantic partners? Take a look at the photo below, and you’ll agree that the experience can be fun and exciting.

On Feb. 14, 2008, Sydneysiders in Australia rehearsed for the biggest speed date attempt in the world. At Bondi Beach, thousands of Australian residents got ready to set a world record for the biggest speed dating event, which was held at the same time in major cities around the country.


The Biggest Bouquet

Can you imagine being greeted by the biggest bouquet on your special day? Sure, some of us have received large bouquets but not as massive as this birthday bouquet that earned a world record.

Seen in the image is Sri Chinmoy, an Indian meditation teacher, in awe of the countless roses he received for his 73rd birthday in 2004. The world’s largest bouquet was a present from Ashrita Furman. The lovely blooms surely brightened up the big day of the popular spiritual leader.


World’s Biggest Tow Truck Parade

How do you spell New York in a very impressive way? The New York towing industry knew they had an edge as they attempted to set the world record for the biggest tow truck parade.

In fact, more than 400 tow trucks gathered at Shea Stadium and rumbled to Floyd Bennett Field at Gateway National Park. The result? Clear and colorful, the words “NEW YORK” were spelled out thanks to giant trucks in different colors that lined up for the world record.


Longest Computer Keyboard Typing Session

Since there’s a record for the fastest typist using a typewriter, it only made sense for a new record to be created for typing on a computer. In an attempt to set the first world record for the longest period of instant messaging on a computer keyboard, Norman Perez sat and continuously typed at his computer for four days!

Following the rules particularized by Guinness World Records, Perez was allowed to take a five-minute break every hour. Kudos to the incredible focus and stamina of this 24-year-old guy!


The Youngest Person to Scale Mount Everest

To reach the peak of the tallest mountain is an incredible feat for professional and aspiring climbers. For Jordan Romero of California, it was an important achievement as it made him the youngest person ever to climb Mount Everest! The 13-year-old boy climbed the Earth’s highest mountain with his father and three Sherpa guides.

He beat the previous record of Nepal’s Temba Tsheri, who was 16 years old when he arrived at the summit. These teens are inspiring in so many ways!


The Biggest Jigsaw Puzzle Made of Tents

While the majority of the world records are standards you’d expect –  like the world’s tallest and shortest person – others are downright zany. To become an official record holder, this person arranged 900 tents on a beach in Qingdao, Shandong province in China. The feat was completed in October 2012.

The result? A brand new Guinness World Record for “the largest jigsaw made of tents.” The beautiful jigsaw puzzle was in the form of a giant Chinese dragon. People will always find a way to be creative and resourceful when world records are at stake!


Largest Gathering of People Wearing Sumo Costumes

Here’s another strange category that was invented to secure a title in the Guinness World Records. In June 2010, a large group of runners dressed in inflatable Sumo costumes and ran through Battersea Park, London. The aim was to raise funds for a charity that will benefit children’s education.

It’s a win-win situation! They set a record for the largest gathering of people dressed as sumo wrestlers, and they were able to help raise the quality of education.


Largest Wine Flute

The picture below shows members of the Marynissen Estate Winery filling a four-foot-tall flute with wine during an Icewine Festival in Niagara Falls, Ontario in January 2011. More than 30 Ontario wineries poured twenty-seven liters of icewine into a massive version of an ice wine flute.

In doing so, they set a new Guinness World Record for the largest wine flute. Thankfully, no one tried drinking all the wine in the flute. They may have set a new world record for most wine consumed in one sitting, but they likely also would have ended up in hospital!


Tallest Aerial Tightrope Walker

Fear of heights, anyone? Not for Samat Hasan of China, who successfully set the world record for aerial tightrope walking after failing in a previous attempt. As seen in the photo, the 24-year-old stuntman walked on a tightrope in Zhangjiajie, Hunan province on April 25, 2009.

He balanced on a 700-meter rope with a 1.2-inch diameter, set at a 39-degree gradient. Balance, focus, strength, and stamina were all essential to his success. Though we’ve seen some odd ones so far on the list, this truly was an incredible record.


The World’s Loudest Bark

Did you know that dogs are some of the most fascinating noisemakers on Earth? Their barks are not all created equal, but they have the ability to set a world record. As a matter of fact, a golden retriever named Charlie holds the Guinness World Record for the loudest bark.

Registering at 113.1 decibels, Charlie’s major achievement proves that Golden Retrievers do bark very, very loud. Nevertheless, these dogs are adorable and friendly to humans. If you have a pet dog like Charlie, you must be a proud owner.


Most People Receiving a Facial Massage

We don’t know anyone who does not like getting a facial massage. It’s a refreshing skincare treatment after all. In May 2015, 1,000 customers were treated to a rejuvenating beauty treatment at a sports center in Jinan, China.

The all-women group was given half an hour of facial massage that earned them all a Guinness World Record for the biggest group of people having a beauty treatment in the same area. We hope we can join this organized activity soon!


The World’s Most Expensive Dessert

This one is dedicated to all the dessert lovers out there. The researchers of Guinness World Records identified the world’s most expensive dessert – the Frrrozen Haute Chocolate ice cream sundae, with a price tag of $25,000.

The sundae is made using the world’s most expensive cocoas and was added to the menu of New York’s Serendipity-3 restaurant in November 2007. The dessert is decorated with edible gold and white diamonds. It comes with a gold spoon to complete the decadent experience! What can beat that?


Largest Collection of Sneakers

Jordan Michael Geller is the proud owner (and world record holder) of Shoezeum – a shrine to Nike that includes every model of Air Jordans ever made. In the photo, he can be seen happily posing with his collection of Nike Air Jordan Retro sneakers.

Researchers at the Guinness Book of World Records recently certified that Geller’s Shoezeum had earned the title for the world’s biggest collection of sneakers, with over 2,500 pairs. Nike must be thrilled about Geller’s accomplishment.